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How it works?

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Answers to all questions How ...?
- Daily electronic journal.

Every day the site publishes new articles-answers to all questions that begin with the words How ...? (For example: How to choose ...? How to do ...?). As of June 17, 2007, the site contains 1502 articles on the topics: How to choose?, Home and Family, Auto&Moto, Business and work, Entertainment, Love, How to do?, Computer, Internet, Miscellaneous, Sports, Children.


The leading video site "How to do."

More than 100 thousand educational films. The resource uses materials created by a huge (more than 8 thousand people) network of "experts" in various fields.
Actually it's quite simple to become an expert - just declare yourself as such, choose a specialization and fill in a short questionnaire.
Viewers estimate The usefulness of the videos on the usual "five-star" system, which makes it possible to watch the best of them in the category of Top rated.


Encyclopedia of life.
VideoJug contains the world's largest film library of training videos, filmed by professionals. There are already about 15,000 videos here, and they touch almost all areas of life - from cooking to creating Hollywood special effects. Users actively comment on the video, so you can evaluate its usefulness even before viewing.