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logo Bravica

English - Russian reliable sitee.

Uses: OpenStreetMaps.


Google Maps, Yandex and Bing in one place.
The service is not as good as the above.

Choose a city and look.


Scams Trave


Uses: OpenStreetMaps.

Most Common Travel Scams.

Fake tickets, fake policemen, unreasonably expensive tour guides ...
The principle is that others do not step on the rake that you have stepped on. And vice versa.

Everyone can leave a warning on the map of deception, so that others can see.

logo The borders of Russia 1462-2018

Russian reliable sitee.

Uses: OpenStreetMaps.

The borders of Russia 1462-2018

Interactive map of Russia with a time scale.

You can turn on the PLAY and follow how the map of Russia has changed over the years, the historical events of the viewed time will be described on the right.

You can press a pause and stop at a certain year. You can simply drag the slider with the mouse at the desired time.

Filters allow you to add or remove information, a background map ... to see more clearly what interests us.

You can zoom in to a map like a regular OpenStreetMaps card.

Pretty convenient and clear.

English reliable sitee.

Uses: OpenStreetMaps.


Worldwide public transport facilities on a uniform map.

Here airports, trains, metro, monorail, light metro, bus stops ....

The card is open and evolving. More details are routes, airports ... where there are more active Internet users. This is first west and major cities.

Public Transport Lines

English reliable sitee.

Uses: OpenStreetMaps.

The map shows the lines of public transport that have been entered into the OpenStreetMap database.

That is, this is an OpenStreetMap map with superimposed public transport lines.

Control just zoom. First, we see the routes of intercity transport, as the city approaches, we see intracity transport.

There are filters that disable the map and we see only the routes, or makes the map pale.

logo Citylines

English reliable sitee.

Uses: OpenStreetMaps.



Map of the world metro.
You can choose a city in the search form or in the list, the zoom will not work.

This is an open map and is created by the whole world. Therefore, not everything is noted, for example, the Metro of Moscow is there, but it is empty. Probably because we have enough good Moscow metro cards, so it is not in demand.

Filters allow you to disable subway lines.
It is possible on a time scale to examine how the metro looked like, how it developed.

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