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Earthquakes on the world map in real time.

Earthquakes on the world map in real time.

The cadastral map.

The public cadastral map for Russia online.

This is a certificate of real estate objects and units of cadastral division. Here you can get information about the full cadastral number, address and area of ​​the property, entered in the GKN.

It is also possible to obtain information about the divisions of the territorial agency Rosreestr and the branch of FGBU "FKP Rosreestra", servicing the real estate object, indicating the unit name, address and telephone number of the reception office.
From the information window containing information about the selected object, it is possible to form a request for information from the State Committee for the Defense of the USSR in order to obtain legally relevant documents. The information on the selected objects is provided in a pop-up information window. To do this, go to the Portal of rendering public services Rosreestra, selecting one service from the list on the "Services" tab of the information window.

Public cadastral map.
Information and parameters of real estate objects that have passed the cadastral registration procedure and are registered in the Unified State Register (UGRN).

Information and parameters of real estate objects that have passed the cadastral registration procedure and are registered in the Unified State Register (UGRN).

The Public Cadastral Chart is freely accessible and maintained in accordance with the principles of openness and accessibility, it is constantly updated and contains up-to-date information.


  • What is a Public Cadastral Map?
  • How to use the Public Cadastre Map?

Wheelmap -
Online map, which marked the availability and inaccessibility of public places and toilets for disabled people.

A card for wheelchairs, so you can translate the name of the card.
Actually, this is an online map, which indicates the availability and inaccessibility of public places and toilets for disabled people.

The map on the site is available for mobile p

Official maps dressings by companies.

Map of refuellings.

Search by region, fuel type, gas station or simply at the address.
Plus official information on promotions, ads, products ...

F4-group -
OpenStreetMap 3D.

A map of the whole world in 3D.
The OpenStreetMap database is used, which also indicates the number of storeys of buildings, which helped to create a map in 3D.

There are no photos of buildings on maps, which would simulate reality, but it is faster loaded and covers the whole world, even small settlements, due to this number of storeys, the ratio of buildings is quite correct and recognizable.

OpenStreetMap Wiki -

Great Escape -
Interactive map of the choice of places of rest.

Interactive map of the choice of places of rest.

How it works

  1. We go to the site, he determined our geographical position and suggested the airport of departure, as well as the currency. Airport and currency can be changed.
  2. We set dates, our budget, filter on visas, places by popularity.
  3. Get directions, mouse over or click and get more detailed information on the selected direction.

Free Campsites -
Free campsites on the map.

Free camping sites are often the most beautiful and peaceful campsites.
They are also well kept secret and can be hard to find.
Search a map of free and cheap campgrounds, many with photos and reviews.
This is also a platform where you can share places you've discovered.

Streetpew -
Interactive map of Ireland for tourists.

Interactive map of Ireland for tourists.

On the map are primarily Christian shrines.

ÖPNVKarte -
Worldwide public transport facilities on a uniform map.

Worldwide public transport facilities on a uniform map.

Here airports, trains, metro, monorail, light metro, bus stops ....

The card is open and evolving. More details are routes, airports ... where there are more active Internet users. This is first west and major cities.

Forebears -
Find out how many people with your last name in the world.

Find out how many people with your last name in the world.
You can find out how many cities in the world with the name Moscow, Paris, London ....

Enter a query with the name of the city, name or surname.
See the prompts, choose what suits us.
We get results by country, on the map, popularity scale by year, transliteration ...

OpenCycleMap -
OSM Cycle Map.

Urban transport routes on the map.

Wiki site for collection of all transport routes.

In addition, there are recommended routes, how to get better.
The site is young, the base is still small.

OpenPisteMap -
Ski Card from OpenStreetMap.

OpenPoiMap -
Open map with filters.

A map with filters for the most convenient organization search.
On the right, you can choose what you want to see on the map by category.
In the top menu, you can make a selection by groups, mark all at once, or remove all marks.

If you notice an inaccuracy, you can go to the source of the map source - OpenStreetMaps in your account and correct the errors.

OpenStreetBrowser -
OpenStreetMap with organizations on the map.

OpenStreetMap with the organizations on the map.
The main convenience is the filters, we see only that the nm is interesting.
The main inconvenience is that the menu offers everything that is on this section of the map and what is not. For example, if you do not have a public transport in the village, this menu item will still be present.

  1. We go to the map, select the required portion of the map,
  2. In the menu on the left we select a group of leisure, services, transportation ... and then a subgroup,
  3. get selected on the map, it can be a cafe, bus stops ... you can select several groups.
The question arises - how to add an organization to this site? - You need to add to the site OpenStreetMap, and OpenStreetBrowser uses its database. -

One of the best maps on mobile.
It uses a database open maps OpenStreetMaps, which are made by the world, so it is the most updated and most complete schematic map (no satellite images).

Maps can be downloaded and used offline.
Made simple, clear and easy.
Easy is probably the key word, because these maps take up remarkably little space.
Easy doesn't mean empty, the maps are very detailed.
I used it on foot in Turkey, Peter.

Of course there is a navigator, very handy, you shouldn't get used to it.
With a voice and the necessary information on the screen.

Bitcoins on the map -
Global database on Bitcoin reception sites.

Global database on Bitcoin reception sites.
We can find the nearest ATM, bar, shop or night club hosting Bitcoin!

Open the card.

The Russian part of OpenStreetMap.
The site is somewhat similar to the original one, but here you can choose the maps - Bing Snapshots, Cosmosnimki, Bicycle Map and a number of more.

This is convenient because the original OpenStreetMap does not

OpenStreetView -
OpenStreetMap made its like panoramas from Google.

OpenStreetMap made their semblance of panoramas from Google. Only here are not panoramas, but photographs.

Calculation of distance, travel time, fuel consumption, laying routes.

Calculation of distance, travel time, fuel consumption, laying routes.

How it works

  1. We indicate the point of departure and destination, if desired, an intermediate point (you can specify up to 7 intermediate points). < li> Get the distance in km, travel time.
  2. Get the estimated cost of gasoline. We can change the consumption per 100 km and the cost of a liter, so we get the amount for our car.
  3. In parallel, we get the route on the map.

BugMeNot -
Protection subscription.

The American branch of our Internet holding group.
Do you constantly get sites that want you to subscribe to them?
And you do not want to spend time on this and especially to shine your email.
If this is about you, then BugMeNot is for you. Instead of creating new logins, BugMeNot shared logins with thousands of sites that can be used.

How does it work?

  1. Go to,
  2. we enter the URL of the site that picks up subscriptions,
  3. we get login and password.

Eightydays -
Multi-city Travel.

Multi-city Travel.

How it works

  1. Specify the approximate dates of our planned trip,
  2. specify the place of departure (usually your city),
  3. choose a place to visit from a small list (initially Schengen countries and everywhere else are offered),
  4. Then we are sent to the map with more detailed information regarding the tour.
I did not like a little choice. But if someone can arrange a well-designed tours in many places, try here. The main thing is if the price builds.

Many Maps
All in 1 card.

Started with 5 maps in one place, now:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Yandex.Maps
  3. OpenStreetMap
  4. 2GIS
  5. Bing Maps
  6. Yahoo Maps
  7. Kosmosnimki
  8. Wikimapia
  9. ProGorod
  10. Visicom
The fact is that there is no uniquely better map.
On one map, one city is more successful and more detailed, another city is more successful than another city.
The convenience is that you Do not need to skip the windows.
We choose the right place and just click on the other maps and see how it looks there. It is not necessary to look for this place on each map again, they are synchronized.
You can select 'Dual view' - 2 maps on one page. You can work with 2 maps at once.

In addition to map communication, you can also select a place on the map by default and mark a point on the map. This point will be on all maps at once.

Saves time much.

Vici -
The Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity.

The Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity.
The site, in addition to the interactive map, which essentially serves as a menu and navigation, there is a database with photos and information.

Runivers - Russian Borders
Interactive map of Russian history

Interactive cartographic Internet project "Borders of Russia 1462-2018".

Dynamic map of Russia for each year from 1462 to 2018 with area calculation of all acquired and lost territories. "RUVERS" together with the Laboratory of Historical Geoinformatics of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences and NextGIS company presents the project "Borders of Russia 1462-2018".

This cartographic project contains data on the geographical location of Russia's political borders and their changes over the last five and a half centuries. The most important function of the project is the possibility to choose any year in the interval 1462-2018.

The map shows seven different statuses of the territory of the Russian state: main territory of the state, territory under the protectorate, territory in vassal dependence or sphere of influence, leased territory, territory in joint ownership and disputed territory.

For each year, the area of Russian territory has been calculated. Its maximum increase took place in the second third of the XVII century as a result of its promotion to Siberia. Outstanding long-term process of Russians' penetration to the east in small groups can not be considered an ordinary movement of state borders and is difficult to map. In this connection, the record for Russian history growth figure (2.07 million square kilometers) is only provisionally dated on the map to 1634.

Fixation of rights to Alaska at the end of XIX century. The fixation of Alaska rights at the end of the XIX century "added" Russia another 1.5 million square kilometers. The largest losses occurred in 1917 and 1991. - The largest losses occurred in 1917 and 1991. 1.4 and 5.2 million square kilometers.

The ruler of Russia, who added the most land, is Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov. Under Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, most of the territory was lost.

Graphs of changes in Russia's territory for publication

The published dynamic map showing changes in boundaries in the past is intended to become a cartographic base for historians who use GIS technologies to solve various research problems.

2GIS maps.

Electronic directories and a map of more than 200 in 3D online large cities. Maps of large cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, as well as some cities in some countries (Czech Republic, Chile, Cyprus, Italy, United Arab Emirates ...).

  • Variants of travel by car.
  • Ability to work with GPS.
  • Ability to make Skype calls directly from the directory.
  • Upload additional layers -
  • files with additional information (sights and city history, list of Wi-Fi points and Webcams with their location on the map, and others).
  • Tools for measuring the distance between map objects.
  • Search on the selected map fragment.
  • Add notes to the directory and map.
  • Posters for theaters and museums.
  • Does not require access to Internet.
  • Ability to install plugins.
  • Automatic updating of the data (with the appropriate settings).


Long-distance transport schedule.
Transport on the map in real time.

Navitrans.Info -
Urban transport routes Smolensk on the map.

Smolensk city transport routes on the map. The entire passenger transport of Smolensk is equipped with the GLONASS system equipment and connected to a single monitoring system.

We choose the route of a bus, trolleybus or tram and look at the map.

Update goes wrong often, as on similar sevises, because the transport does not go, but jumps. That is, it does not seem to move, then it is ahead at a decent distance.

2GIS widget
2GIS map to your site.

2GIS map to your site.

Traffic jams on 2GIS
A well-known map, which was the leader before the advent of Google and Yandex maps.

A well-known map, which was the leader before the advent of Google and Yandex maps.

On the map you can select the mode with traffic jams.
In addition to the usual highlighting of roads in green-yellow-red colors, the map also marks the closed sections of roads, repair sites and traffic accidents.

Temples, Cathedrals, Churches on the map.

Temples, Cathedrals, Churches on the map.
Easy to navigate, find and click to get the official name, address, contact information, opening hours, links to the site to the group in social networks..

360Cities -
Panoramic views of many cities around the world.

Panoramas of many cities of the world.
The name of the site of "city 360" means "cities by 360 degrees."
Very decent quality of the panorama.
Among other things, there you can order a panorama or learn how to make yourself. Not everyone can do it, but everyone can learn how to do it.

Pogoda Turtella
Interactive weather map.

Interactive weather map.
The map allows you to see the temperature of the air and water at the resorts.
You can look at it by months.

The site uses the same database as

Rain alarm
Weather on the map.

Site of the State Meteorological Service.
Works in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands), Slovenia, Croatia, UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Iceland, USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, The Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina.

The first thing a site does is determine your geographical location. However, you have the opportunity to specify the city manually.
There is a Russian language.

It shows the situation visually and lively in real time.

360Cities Mars panorama -
Panorama of Mars.

The site 360cities has a panorama of Mars, shot by the rovers Curiosity.
This is the 3rd official and 100% reliable service Ticket.

This is the 3rd official and 100% reliable ticket sales service.
Its distinctive feature is a wider choice of means of payment and comprehensive service.

That is, you want to go abroad and use the travel agency, because there Everything is so complicated:

  1. you have to buy tickets for train or plane,
  2. order hotel,
  3. issue visa.
You can do all this on the Ozon website without leaving home.
Visa processing services are provided only in conjunction with the hotel booking.

Payment methods

Receiving a ticket

When buying a ticket for trains from 001 to 899 numbering, It takes. It is enough to produce a passport, because the place is bought in your name. Thus, there is no need to queue at the cash register.

In other cases, when buying a ticket, information can be printed out, or you can rewrite the 20-digit ticket number. Then you need to transfer it to the cashier and get a ticket.
You can call and find out beforehand whether it can be done at your railway station.


For this you need to contact the railway cashier (not via Internet). The money will be returned to the plastic card.
The fee for the operation when returning to the ticket office of JSC Russian Railways is an unused travel document (ticket), ordered and paid for on the site, is 99 rubles. 30 kop. From each place regardless of the date of the ticket.

Newspaper Archive -
Incredible base of old newspapers 1607-2017.

OurAirports -
Airports on the map.

World airports on the map.
Service on Google maps.

More than 440 000 airports of the world, passenger reviews, top best.

Performance Food
Preparation and delivery of healthy meals using natural foods.

Preparation and delivery of healthy meals using natural foods.

On the site choose your own diet from

  1. Life - Premium nutrition rations for sports and everyday life.
  2. Health - Health foods for people who need special care.
  3. Personal - Your own personal nutrition tailored to your needs.
.Then choose gender, type of diet (sports, weight loss...), you can choose the calorie level.

Look at the prices and if everything suits you - go ahead.

Elements Maps.

Fires map.
The SFMS system is an information service of operational monitoring of natural fires, developed by the Russian company ScanEx RDC.

The goal is to provide access to the result for everyone.
The project is focused on the unprepared user and on experts. As a basic component of the service, a technology based on the algorithm for automatic detection of fires on the "thermal" channels of satellite imagery MODIS is used (for more details, see the detection of fires according to MODIS data).
The monitoring area includes the entire territory of Russia, The territory of neighboring countries falling into the zone of visibility of the SCANEX network of receiving stations.

The main tasks of this service are the speed of reporting information on fires and its wide availability.
To this end, all data is laid out on the geoportal, which provides a convenient view of these data and related thematic information. Additional information includes: weather forecast, peatlands borders, borders of burnt out areas, borders of reserves and national parks.
Please contact us with suggestions, comments and wishes - we are open to negotiations and partnerships for the development of remote fire monitoring projects And early detection.
The strategic objective of our project is to further improve the detail and reliability of operational data and to create public monitoring tools, conducted by a wide range of users, based on satellite imagery and other sources of observations.

Сovid Controls -
The purpose of the site is to show on the map where the situation with Covid is safer.

The purpose of the site is to show on the map where the situation with Covid is safer.
Here tourists can choose a country to visit.

Here you can see the statistics and just orientate yourself by color.
Say, a number of countries are immediately removed.

Then you can click on the countries and get more detailed information.

My Food
Service for the delivery of ready-made and tasty rations for every day.

Service for the delivery of ready-made and tasty rations for every day.

Works in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Kaluga, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Tula and Tver.

You will prepare and deliver food to your home at a convenient time and place in the morning.


CLASSIC - the usual dishes.
Lineup includes 4 programs from 3 to 6 dishes each.
The menu includes the usual classics of world cuisine - sausages, nuggets, pancakes, pies, cheesecakes and ...
Delivery every 3 days.

TRAVEL - restaurant-level food with national dishes from 143 countries.
The lineup includes 5 programs each ranging from 3 to 7 courses.
The meals are designed for those who prefer restaurant food and culinary masterpieces:

  • fish delicacies (salmon, mackerel, perch, herring),
  • meat delights (rabbit, lamb, duck, etc.), fresh seafood (calamari, crabs),
  • soups, drinks,
  • desserts
  • ...
For each day there are from 4 to 7 dishes per day + drink, depending on the size chosen.
Delivery in days.

Visit Norway -
Useful websites about Norway.

A wonderful site about Norway for tourists.
The website provides information on several ways to plan your trip to Norway. Try using our search engine, which offers thousands of options for your choice.

You can decide where to go and where to stay.
You can find ways to relax cheaper (Norway is an expensive country).
Find out the weather, determine the route on the map. We are watching the exchange rate.
Bus transport in Norway.
In addition to buses on the site, there is a lot of information about hotels, cottages ... and rest in Norway.

Visit Norway -
Map of Norway.

What can be good after all these advantages?

There are no Panoramas.

  • Detailing to houses.
  • Norway is a mountainous country, because the relief is indicated.
  • High-resolution satellite imagery.
  • You can build a route (only in Norway), along the way you will find hotels, restaurants, attractions ...
The map is worthy, worth a look.

geOps -
Public vehicles of the world on a map.

Public vehicles of the world on a map.

Another map that uses the base OpenStreetMap.

On the map you can see the red dots, by clicking on them you can get the route of the transport with the schedule and you can watch the vehicle finding in real time where there is such a possibility.

Lardi-Trans -
Determine the distance.

The determinant of distances. Russia and Europe

City 1:
City 2:
City through:
Minimum time
The minimum distance
Use reserved
routes for freight transport
Do not leave the country
Exclude ferries

Organizations on the map.

View, compare, search on the map, favorite places and markers.

The service allows you to view and compare multiple sources of satellite and map data.

Satellite imagery:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Yandex.Maps
  3. Bing Maps
  4. ESRI
  5. Cosmosnimki

Map Plans:

  1. Yandex.Maps
  2. Google Maps
  3. 2GIS
  4. Wikimapia
  5. OpenStreetMap
  6. OpenTopo
  7. Cadastre

World Weather
Water temperature on the map.

Public transport of St. Petersburg
Urban transport routes on the map.

City transport Petersburg online. Enter the portal, choose the number of your bus, then mark the stop on which you are, and immediately get Data, after how many minutes the arrival of the machine of the route you want is expected. The information on the movement of vehicles is based on data from the GLONASS navigation instruments - they are as accurate as possible, and the traffic is calculated taking into account the traffic situation.

Ecological maps.

The map of points of recycling.

On the map only the largest city.

You can help the planet with a simple action! Do not throw away garbage, return it for recycling.
And where - our interactive map will tell you.
Type your address in the search box and find out which recycling points are nearby.
They are divided by types of recycled materials: paper, glass, plastic bottles, old electronics, clothing and more.
Complete the form and you can add information about any item that is known to you, but it is not on the map.
Be sure to leave feedback on the recycling point and give it a rating.
Give things a second life!

World Sea Temp -
Water temperature in the resorts of the world.

Water temperature in the resorts of the world.
Interactive map all over the world.

You can look at the water temperature for today or what it is basically, by months.

You can look at the interactive map or on the menu: resorts, countries, seas.

Liveuamap -
Interactive map of military operations in Ukraine.

Interactive map of military operations in Ukraine.

FlightConnections -
All flights worldwide on a flight map.

All flights worldwide on a flight map.

Everything is simple, click the airport on the map and you will be shown all flights from this airport.
We click on one of the directions and get information on the nearest flight, you can book a ticket, or yo

Nomadlist -
The best cities for life and remote work.

Find your best place to live, work, and play.
Nomad List is the biggest crowdsourced database of cities in the world analyzing 250,000+ data points to help you choose where to go next — and when you arrive, it connects you with 41,721+ nomads there.
You can see the most ranked cities on the map, and then see the information in detail: Internet speed, weather, air quality, health, racial tolerance, entertainment, quality of life.

Global Incident Map -
Maps of hazards, disasters.

A global map of incidents and disasters.
On the map you can see what disasters are happening at the moment and where.
You can see everything at once or thematically, for example:

  1. Forest fires,
  2. Presidential Threat,
  3. Terrorism,
  4. Earthquakes,
  5. Accidents,
  6. Trafficking,
  7. Drug trafficking,
  8. ...
Click on the topic and see only incidents of this kind, below is the list With the date and time.

Such as to Yandex and but simplistic design, it is easier to load.

Similar, as on Yandex and but simplified design, it will be easier to download.
All of them take data from one source.
So we choose more convenient design and additional functions.

Yandex.Weather on map -
Weather on the map.

One can look at the weather situation in the region, the country or in the world at a glance.
Approach, delete and get a general or more detailed forecast.

Meteum technology compares traditional forecasts with weather stations. She sees repeated mistakes and uses MatrixNet's machine learning method to detect statistical patterns in them. So a set of rules is formed, allowing you to make a more accurate prediction.

Weather can be viewed at the current time, as well as the forecast for the selected date.

Hike & Bike Map -
Cycling, with a "night" layer from OpenStreetMap.

Good draw the map of Krasnoyarsk, Vologda, Kiev, Abakan, Achinsk, Kansk, and Norilsk.

A well-drawn map of Krasnoyarsk, Vologda, Kiev, Abakan, Achinsk, Kansk, Norilsk and a number of neighboring settlements. The houses are drawn in volume so that the number of floors is visually understandable.

Search by organization, service, address ...

The base of the organization is attached to the map, shops, enterprises with an address, working hours and contacts.
Very detailed maps.

Scams Trave -
Most Common Travel Scams.

Most Common Travel Scams.

Fake tickets, fake policemen, unreasonably expensive tour guides ...
The principle is that others do not step on the rake that you have stepped on. And vice versa.

Everyone can leave a warning on the map of deception, so that others can see.

Pasporta Servo -

International guest service.
You can stop for free or for a symbolic fee.
This is the service of the World Youth Esperanto Organization (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo). So the knowledge of the international language of Esperanto is compulsory.

By the way, it is not difficult to teach it. Simply start. Especially if you do not know other languages. It is much better not just to spend the night, but to talk.

People's Catalogue of Orthodox Architecture.
Churches and monasteries of Russia and the world.

Churches and monasteries of Russia and the world.
Catalog of Orthodox structures - descriptions and author's photos of Orthodox monasteries, temples, cathedrals, churches, chapels.

The goal - to collect the most complete possible historical descriptions and photo-records of all the Orthodox churches in Russia and around the world.
And also to popularize Russian culture, Orthodoxy and will help travelers, local historians and people interested in Russian history and culture.

More than 5,000 contributors have gathered information on more than 50,000 sites of Orthodox architecture, including more than 65,000 articles and about half a million photos.

Temples can be found on a map (Yandex, Google, or OSM to choose from) and go to the temple description page, chapel ...

MapQuest -
More online maps.

Get where you need to go with the MapQuest turn-by-turn GPS Navigation app. Whether it’s using voice navigation for walking or driving directions or exploring points of interests on the map, MapQuest has the tools you need to navigate the United States and Canada.

Map and Navigation Features:

  • Search and explore nearby p
  • Up-to-date satellite imagery and maps
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking and driving directions
  • Real-time traffic updates to help you find the fastest ways to your destination
  • Live traffic cameras so you can view road conditions before you hit the road
  • Optimized routing to help save you time, gas and money
  • A speedometer so you can compare your current speed to the speed limit along your route
  • Favorites so you can store locations, like your home and work addresses, for quick-and-easy maps and directions
  • Alternate route choices so you have multiple options to get where you need to go
  • Route settings that help you avoid things like highways and toll roads
  • Multipoint routes so you can include more than just one stop
  • Planning: create routes starting from somewhere other than your current location
Do More than Get Directions:
  • Search and explore nearby points of interests like restaurants, bars, gas stations and hotels, with our layers bar
  • Find great hotel deals and book them through MapQuest
  • Feed your inner foodie and discover new places to eat: browse menus, make reservations and order food through OpenTable and GrubHub points of interest
  • Save money by comparing prices of nearby gas stations
  • View local weather so you can plan ahead
  • Car broken down? Directly access on-demand roadside assistance for help
  • Get directions on-the-go with our corresponding Android Watch app

Windy -
Webcam on the map.

Webcams around the world.
Here you can find a webcam around the world on a Google Maps map.
I must say that Google Maps uses this database.
There is a Russian language.


  • search for a webcam on a 3D map - Google Earth,
  • add webcam,
  • popular webcams,
  • new webcams,
  • search by tags,
  • webcams with video function, accelerated shooting - in a few seconds we will see this place throughout the day,
  • blog,
  • community,
  • there is an API, you can display webcams On your site,
  • or just the HTML webcam code, as you see below.

Black map of Belarus
Map of chasteners, corrupt judges and propagandists.

Map of chasteners, corrupt judges and propagandists.
With the help of BlackBook you can find out if there are any outcasts living near you.

Smart transport
Trolleybus on the map.

In the Arctic Murmansk, the trolleybus is like a small miracle, that's why all trolleybuses of Wi-Fi have been equipped for the 50th anniversary.
Besides that, we made a decent site where on the map in the online mode you can see where each trolley bus is in real time.

Someone can just have fun, and someone will be useful when the traffic goes seldom.

You can select all routes or choose just the right ones.
Google map is used, but the main city map is OpenStreetMaps.

VesselFinder -
Vessels on the map in real time.

A system for finding ships.
Most ships are equipped with this ship echo sounder.
They transmit data in real time via transponders to receivers.


  • Real-time tracking of over 200,000 ships every day
  • Ship search by Name, IMO number or MMSI number
  • Ship movements history
  • Ship details - name, flag, type, IMO, MMSI, destination, ETA, draught, course, speed, gross tonnage, year of built, size and more
  • Port search by Name or LOCODE
  • Port Calls per ship – time of arrival and stay in ports
  • Port Calls per port – detailed list of all vessels Expected, Arrivals, Departures and currently In Port
  • My Fleet - add your favourite vessels to "My Fleet," synchronised with your VesselFinder account
  • My Views - save your favourite map views for quick navigation
  • Ship photos contributed by VesselFinder users
  • Simple, Detailed, Dark and Satellite maps
  • Weather layers (temperature, wind, waves)
  • See Your Location feature
  • Distance Measure tool

  • Hitchwiki -
    Hitchhiking encyclopedia.

    Hitchhiking encyclopedia.

    Hitchwiki is a collaborative website for gathering information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap ways of transport. It was inspired by Wikipedia and by Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. At some point it was left abandoned by its founder, and found and adopted by Guaka. As a hitchhiker you're encouraged to read and write this guide, by adding your knowledge, improving existing articles and starting new ones! Anyone is allowed to edit - you just need to log in.

    Hitchwiki is gathering all sorts of relevant information about good hitchhiking spots, knowledge about hitchhiking possibilities in different countries, general know-how about what to pack and when to go, what to eat, and how to stay safe.

    Just click edit at the top of an article, make your changes and click Save page. A good article to start editing or writing is probably your home town. To create new articles you can add and around the title of the new article, in some other article, on your user page or even here on the main page. Save the page, click on the red link and start writing a new page. Be bold about editing, just do it! If it feels a bit awkward, you can practice in the Sandbox.

    Relief Map -
    Interactive relief map of the world.

    Interactive relief map of the world.
    You can turn on/off the rivers, roads, countries, grass, forest, tundra, sands, swamps, glaciers without reloading ...

    ADS-B Exchange Radar View -
    Planes on the map in real time.

    The largest source of flight data in the world. The service was born out of a need for unfiltered flight data, and that means the platform does not censor any information regarding the flights. You can use it to track all sorts of private and even military planes in the air and at any airport. Hobbyists, researchers, and journalists can use the platform, but commercial users will have to make payments for a commercial license from ADS-B Exchange.

    How Does ADSBExchange Work?

    ADSBexchange works by collecting data from volunteers. In order to share flight data on the website, you will have to get a Raspberry Pi, an SDI, and an Antenna. These will cost you between $100 and $200. You can get the hardware from the usual electronic vendors like Amazon and eBay, and you can purchase it from the ADSB Exchange store. Because of the nature of the task, volunteers are encouraged to get feeders that require minimal maintenance. The items should also be designed to stay active in harsh environmental conditions.

    PastVu -
    Old photos on the map.

    The map and many archive images on it.
    The service is actively developing, but already now it has a huge database of pictures from all over the world, which can be downloaded at maximum resolution, and read related information that is important for historical photos.
    After all, when we see an old photo, questions arise, but what kind of building is it, and what kind of people are there, what is going on here ...

    The authors have done a titanic work and we can participate, and we, if we We still have old photos of our city or other locality.

    OpenSky-Network -
    Planes on the map in real time. There are audio recordings of ATC negotiations.

    The OpenSky Network is a non-profit association based in Switzerland that provides open access of flight tracking control data.[1] It was set up as a research project by several universities and government entities with the goal to improve the security, reliability and efficiency of the airspace. Its main function is to collect, process and store air traffic control data and provide open access to this data to the public. Similar to many existing flight trackers such as Flightradar24 and FlightAware, the OpenSky Network consists of a multitude of sensors (currently around 1000, mostly concentrated in Europe and the US), which are connected to the Internet by volunteers, industrial supporters, academic, and governmental organizations. All collected raw data is archived in a large historical database, containing over 23 trillion air traffic control messages. The database is primarily used by researchers from different areas to analyze and improve air traffic control technologies and processes.

    Stamen Maps -
    Create watercolor maps of your favorite places.

    OpenRailwayMap -
    Detailed online map of the world's railway infrastructure.

    All public transport (railroads, subway, streetcars...).
    The map does not include airways, monorails, and maglevs.

    In fact, all the leading online maps have railroads, but they are marked somehow secondary and monotonous.
    This map shows the railroads clearly. In addition, there is a distinction between major railroads and local ones.
    For example, there are railroads that only carry raw materials to a factory or fuel to an airfield.
    Now we have a large number of large factories, enterprises, ports .... And naturally, branches of railroads are being built to them, and quite decent sections.
    On normal maps, such sections are not indicated. here are indicated.

    When you zoom out of the map, the secondary sections disappear and we see only the main sections of the railroad and only when you zoom in you can see everything.

    There is a filter to help you know the speed, electrification ...

    TaxovichkoF -
    Taxi ordering.

    Taxi ordering.

    • Taxi from 33 rubles.
    • Filing in St. Petersburg - from 5 minutes.
    • Free Wi-Fi.
    • Baby car seats.
    • Charging smartphones.
    • Payment by card in a taxi.


      • Locate the user.
      • Online tracking of cars on the map.
      • Automatic cost calculation.
      • The exact time of the car feed.Additional features when ordering a taxi:
        • Information about the driver and the impact on the rating.
        • Add favorite routes and addresses.
        • Popular addresses and closest objects.
        • Create pre-orders for later.
        • The ability to link an alarm to a trip.
        • Order a taxi to a friend’s number from tel. books.
        • Receive requests for forgotten things.

    Internet Archive -
    Internet Archive.

    A non-profit organization founded in 1996 in San Francisco.
    The archive collects copies of web pages, graphic materials, video, audio recordings And software.
    The archive provides long-term archiving of collected material and free access to its databases for the general public. The declared goal of the Archive is the preservation of the cultural and historical values ​​of civilization in the era of Internet technologies, the creation and support of the electronic library.
    The size of the Archive - 3 petabytes (1 pet Byte=1000 gigabytes, more accurately 1024 gigabytes), will soon increase to 5 petabytes.
    It contains 85 billion web pages.
    The Archive Server is located in San Francisco, mirrors - in the New Alexandria Library and Amsterdam. From 2007 the Archive has the legal status of the library.

    Wayback Machine

    Archive service

    It's interesting to see how some site looked before, and maybe what my site looked like?
    True copies do not contain all the pages, once without pictures, the site of Yandex blocked its history.

    That is, do not require too much from the site. Archive, it is the archive. And it's hard to follow the progress of Internet, not what to save. So, how lucky.


    Internet Archive -
    Hosting for music on the site.

    You can download and get the player code. After uploading, you will not be able to delete anything. The service is open and your player will be available to others.

    You can download several files at once, then there will be 1 player and a list of files that we want to listen to on this player.

    The service is not friendly with the Russian language.

    Internet Archive: Wayback Machine -
    Internet Archive, the history of the World Wide Web.

    Internet Archive, the history of the World Wide Web.
    Here you can see how the site looked before and what it did.

    The archive contains more than 100 terabytes and more than 10 billion pages of the network since 1996. It's interesting to see how some site looked before, and maybe what my site looked like?
    True copies do not contain all the pages, Then without pictures, the site Yandex blocked its history.

    That is, do not require too much from the site.
    Archive, it is the archive. And it's hard to follow the progress of Internet, not what to save.
    So, how lucky.

    Find Your Nearest Postbox -
    UK mailboxes on the map.
    Simply put in a postcode in the form and find the post boxes nearest to you.

    UK mailboxes on the map.
    Simply put in a postcode in the form and find the post boxes nearest to you.

    Simply put in your postcode (top right) and find the post boxes nearest to you. -
    Sounds of nature on the map.

    Sounds of nature on the map.
    Free and without ads.

    • We select a place on the map and get a description of the sounds and the type of terrain: forest, tropics, meadow, desert, pond ...
    • We listen to a video up to 10 minutes or a live broadcast (as lucky).

    MarineTraffic -
    Ships on the map.

    MarineTraffic - ships on the map in real time.
    There is a Russian language.


    1. Google map schema,
    2. Google satellite photo map,
    3. OpenStreetMap.
    Of course, a lot of information. A normal person does not need that much. I do not know why I need a paid account, I have enough free of charge.

    Here information on the ships, they are highlighted in different colors

    Lights (at sea) -
    Interactive map of lighthouses.

    Карта онлайн
    3D map and navigator for your smartphone.

    3D map and navigator for your smartphone.
    You can view the map in 3D.

    On the map instead of houses there will be gray rectangles, which differ in height depending on the number of floors.
    The site announces a mobile application, which is not referenced on the site, there is no application in other places, it seems it is not ready yet.

    Allen Coral Atlas -

    Crowdmap -
    Nuclear safety.

    An open source project to create a network for monitoring radiation meter readings. So far, the results there are not as noticeable as on other projects, but the availability of the source code makes it possible to use their developments.

    Interactive map of Russia's landfills.

    Interactive map of Russia's dumps.

    The map was created and supported by the United Russia party within the framework of the "General cleaning" project.

    Taxi on the map
    United Taxi Service.

    Single Taxi Service - Taxi on the map.
    There are applications for mobile. The service is free, it does not plan to pay.
    By the way, paid services are often closed - not all went economically.

    You can search for a taxi on the map, or you can go to the list.
    Not every city is represented, Can be added. That is, the database is not bad, but nevertheless the site is in the process of filling.

    Scribble Maps -
    Map to the site.

    ScribbleMaps allows you to draw on a Google map.
    You can draw pretty freely, look at this clip from the author.
    Then you can paste on your site.


    Site for those who ride. In summer, on a bicycle, roller skates, skate. In winter, skiing, skating or snowboarding. Or vice versa.

    And this site is for those who do not just ride, but ride openly. That is, does not hide the fact that he skates. On the contrary - he regularly keeps in touch with his movements. And it adheres to like-minded people. Better, of course, if like-minded people. Can, in general, forbid registration for the male sex?

    Using Katushkin, you can:

    1. Find someone to ride with.
    2. Where to ride.
    3. When.
    4. On what.
    5. And how.
    6. And also:
    7. Learn everyone by reading

    Multimaps -
    Online maps for fishermen and yachtsmen.

    Online maps for fishermen and yachtsmen.

    How is it different from simple online maps and satellite imagery?

    • depth map
    • wind map
    • Ice conditions (for lovers of ice fishing).
    Just borrowing, it becomes immediately clear that these are special cards, and not just Yandex maps.

    Bicycles on the map.

    Cool vyponen site. The main advantage of the card is that there is a choice through which card to look.
    The fact is that there are places that are better shown on Google maps, others on Yandex Maps, and some on Openmaps.
    Here You can jump from card to card, without having to search for the required place again, they are connected.
    A good search on the map.

    Well, there are separate routes on the site, etc. A decent site for cyclists.

    Windy -
    Interactive weather map.

    Interactive weather map.

    Real-time rendering

    • Direction of movement of air masses,
    • cloudy,
    • air temperature,
    • rainfall
    • ...
    Weather alert settings for a given location.

    FreeMap -
    Map for pedestrians, covered part of the UK.

    Bike Share Map -
    Bike Share Map shows the locations of docking stations associated with bicycle sharing systems from 400+ cities around the world.

    Bike Share Map shows the locations of docking stations associated with bicycle sharing systems from 400+ cities around the world.
    Each docking station is represented by a circle, its size and colour depending on the size and number of bicycles currently in it.
    The maps generally update every few minutes.

    There is a version that replays the last 48 hours of colour and size changes.
    In many cities, an ebb and flow of cycle commuters can be seen.
    Bike Share Map is complemented by a UK bikeshare news blog, Bikesharp.

    Retromap -
    Old maps. The site is just super.

    Old maps.
    The site is just superious.

    Every possible old map is collected.
    You can find maps by cities, or you can press Select a map and get the explorer as in a computer with folders and subfolders.
    Choose the required from and get:

    You can visually select a map. The base is incredible.

    When we select a map, we get to an interactive map, like Google or Yandex.
    However, why like Google or Yandex? - There are both Google and Yandex.
    Also there is a map of Bing, Wiki and OpenStreetMaps and a photo from the Google Maps satellite.
    That is, you can look at the old map, and then jump over to Yandex and immediately see how the map looks today.
    And you can make 2 Windows and look in parallel.
    You can choose maps by years.

    Just keep in mind, here old maps are tied to modern interactive map services, but they do not cover the whole earth. Each map on its own area.
    Some maps cover more space, and some less.
    Some have a higher resolution, some lower.
    We will be lenient and will treat with understanding.

    Reit- und Wanderkarte -
    Map for pedestrians and horseback riding, Europe.

    TopOSM -
    Map for pedestrians and horseback riding, USA.

    Routes Maps Routeplanner -
    Planning, saving and viewing routes on maps.

    OpenRouteService -

    OpenOrienteeringMap -
    Orienteering Style.

    Map of fire-fighting water supply.

    Nominatim -
    Geocoding - assignment of geographic coordinates to map objects and data records.

    OpenSnowMap -
    Ski resorts map.

    Geoportal Roscosmos -
    Roskosmos Geoportal.

    A map from Roscosmos based on OpenStreetMap.
    Of the features so far, I see that when removed, the earth turns into a globe like Google maps.

    Water Sensor
    Warm water map.

    Warm water map.
    Interactive map, covers only the Black Sea. Temperature of the whole coast - Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania.

    Data are taken from automatic buoy stations.

    The map has links to webcams. It is possible to look in a mode of real time.

    Navigator with the ability to view maps through mobile and online.

    Navigator with the ability to view maps through mobile and online.

    Maps cover Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
    Detail to home only major cities.

    The map shows traffic jams.

    OpenStreetMap -
    3D Map.

    OpenStreetMap is a free project for the joint development of public maps and diagrams of cities, streets, roads with the help of manual or automatic data entry, as well as obtaining data from portable GPS-receivers.
    The project site runs on the MediaWiki engine, similar to Wikipedia.

    Maps are licensed under the free license CC-BY-SA 2.0 (for CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, Which is used in particular for Wikipedia's text content, the project has not been transferred, but version 2.0 is compatible with it, and OpenStreetMap has nothing to do with the Wikimedia Foundation.

    I found the plans of many cities that are not in Google maps, or Yandex.Maps.

    The 3D globe

    renderer works directly in the browser using WebGL.

    OpenTopoMap -
    Open topographic maps.

    Open topographic maps.

    Free topographic maps based on OpenStreetMap data with a digital elevation model (SRTM).

    The project site has the ability to download maps of regions for Garmin devices.

    supported by the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

    VeloMesto -
    Bicycle map of cities in Russia and the CIS. Велосипедная карта городов России и СНГ.

    Bicycle map of cities in Russia and the CIS.
    More than 4500 bicycle places in more than 300 cities of Russia, CIS and abroad.

    Bicycle parking lots, rentals, service centers, bicycle stores and other places useful for cyclists.
    Users can add new places and leave reviews.

    Private sector.

    Daily rent of apartments for rest and trips in Russia and soon will be in Ukraine.
    Private sector for leisure and travel in Russia.
    It's easier and cheaper to go to Egypt or Turkey than to Russia.
    But there are many places in which it would be interesting to go, we just do not know all the possibilities.

    Convenient search on the map from Yandex. We can specify our requirements:

    • area or direction, eg. Rest on the sea, rest in the Altai, ski resorts ...
    • choose the price range interesting to us (of course, the cheaper the easier the housing),
    • search with a filter: bungalow, cottage ... refrigerator, Internet, TV ...
    Suggested accommodation - hotels, houses and apartments. So you can find very inexpensive.


    Registration allows you to remember the history, collect photos and videos, share them, which helps you choose the place for your next trip.
    You can sign in using VK, Moi Mir or Facebook.

    Payment methods

    Future of Life Institute -
    Declassified US Nuclear Targets. -
    One of the leading portals for tourism.

    One of the leading portals for tourism.
    Here you can pick up and buy plane tickets, book a hotel and book a car.

    You can search for on the map.

    Protected Planet -
    Reserves on the map.

    Reserves on Google's map.
    There is no Russian language on the site, but the map has a Russian version.
    The authority of the information is indicated by the fact that the service is supported by international organizations under the auspices of the UN UNEP, UNEP-WCMC, International Union for the Conservation of Nature ...

    The service is supported by such companies as British Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon mobil, Repsol, Statoil and many others ...

    So it's not a one-day site with a database of questionable sources. On the contrary, we can be sure of the correctness of information and the development of the project. IABIN Import process

    RoadTrippers -

    The site is before America's auto travelers.
    America is a nation on wheels. My friends in the US said that in America you must have a car. They do not ask "do you have?" "My friend from Sweden planning a trip to the US was looking for where to rent a car. By the way, one of my friends from Canada was traveling to Europe (he comes from Great Britain). He bought a used car in the UK and traveled all over Europe. Then he returned and sold the car. So it turned out cheaper.
    That's the idea.

    We know that a trip can be a huge challenge or an exciting journey. Here you need to find good restaurants (inexpensive, but who know how to cook), where to stay for the night and where to stop to look something.

    The main thing on the site is a map: classic routes along the US roads, examples of trips, unusual places.

    Of course, on the map you can find cities in Russia and other countries, but here the information is much more scarce, raw.

    Planefinder -
    Aircraft on the map.

    The system accepts callsigns for commercial and private aircraft, their status and much more.
    The website also has information on the departure time, route, photo.

    You can click on the airplane and you will find information about the route, plane a

    What is my IP -
    To find out your IP address.

    Find out your IP address.

    Meilleurs Agents
    Real estate of France on the map.

    The real estate of France on the map.
    Service on Google maps.
    The cost is marked with color for clarity. That simplifies the search for housing according to our budget.
    If you click on any place, we will get more detailed information.

    Visicom -
    More online maps.

    Online maps of Ukraine, no images from space, but the advantage over Google.Maps - detailed maps of Ukraine.


    • You can specify a search,
    • measure the distance,
    • route,
    • search in the directory,
    • insert the map into the site, as you see below.

    Booking tickets on the site is made in real time (on-line).

    Booking tickets on the site is made in real time (on-line). With On-line booking on our website you reserve reservations in the booking system. The ready reservation is sent to the operator of SIA 'DAVS Agency' for registration of air tickets. Booking of air tickets on the site is carried out on flights of all Russian and international airlines to all destinations, as the search system is integrated with several reservation systems. Pre-booking, issuing tickets, refunding tickets is strictly in accordance with the rules that the airline establishes.


    airtickets delivery

    Electronic air tickets are delivered by e-mail, air tickets on TCH forms can be delivered by courier in the following cities:
    • Moscow within the MKAD
    • Zhukovsky
    • Domodedovo
    • St. Petersburg
    • Novosibirsk
    • Khabarovsk
    • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
    • Sochi
    The cost of courier delivery is 150 rubles.

    Return of air tickets

    • Return of the issued air tickets, regardless of how the tickets were booked, are made in accordance with airline regulations.
    • Agency fees for voluntary return of the client
    • In case of a refund of air tickets, you must notify our operator as soon as possible so that you can Was to cancel the ticket with the least their losses.

    Statistical Atlas -
    Atlas of visual statistics of the USA.

    Atlas of visual statistics of the USA.
    On the map and scale you can see how the US population is distributed among the states, by nationality, which nationality dominates, what kind of nationality people are in which state they emigrate.
    How much people speak English and at what level. For example, the Germans learn the language better, the Russians in the middle.
    Income statistics, etc.

    Quite detailed statistics on many topics.
    In addition, you can view statistics by state.

    Tickets map.

    We set the departure point, the approximate time of departure, only direct or not, with or without visa, one way or both, the length of stay (approximately) and the maximum amount.
    As a result, we will get where much will cost.
    There is a help mode (with prompts).

    USGS -
    Elements Maps.

    Earthquake map in real time.
    The service is maintained by the US Geological Survey.

    There is a time-based filtering.

    Citylines -
    Map of the world metro.

    Map of the world metro.
    You can choose a city in the search form or in the list, the zoom will not work.

    This is an open map and is created by the whole world. Therefore, not everything is noted, for example, the Metro of Moscow is there, but it is empty. Probably because we have enough good Moscow metro cards, so it is not in demand.

    Filters allow you to disable subway lines.
    It is possible on a time scale to examine how the metro looked like, how it developed.

    OmnesViae -
    The Roman Empire on the map.

    Interactive map of the roads of the Roman Empire.
    There is no Russian version.
    The map is stylized as an old one.

    You can specify a route.


    Virtual Gulag Online Museum -
    Information about Gulags, people's testimonies, household items, panorama, 3D tour.

    The specific of the map is that it shows not only the Gulags, but also the places from where people who were sitting in the Gulag were from.

    The site was created by Czechs and concerns primarily prisoners from other countries, primarily Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary.
    That is, it opens a little-known page of the Gulag.

    Here you can find information about Gulags, people's testimonies, household items, panorama, 3D tour.

    Gulag History Map -
    A replenishing database on the history and geography of labour camps operating in the USSR from 1918 to 1960.

    A replenishing database on the history and geography of labour camps operating in the USSR from 1918 to 1960.

    On the map there is a time scale on which it is possible to see visually both the general picture, and local.
    You can choose a year or turn on the player.

    The map is interactive, you can zoom in on your region and see what was there by clicking on a specific Galaag, we get more detailed information on this particular camp by years - the number of prisoners, what were doing.


    ERRA -
    Regional Association of Energy Regulators.


    Search for a place on OpenStreetMap, sends photos, gives out contacts of shops.


    OK Live -
    Create the broadcasts and watch created by others.

    Watch the broadcast

    We choose a place on the map and see the active points where the translation is currently in progress. Any user can use any language he owns regardless of geographic location. But just as the classmates network is primarily Russian-speaking, almost everywhere we will meet Russian speech.
    Depending on the selected section of the map below, the players are available on this map, so it's more convenient to choose.It can be a person who wants to communicate, or maybe an entrepreneur advertising his product or store.
    If it's just a person, it's unlikely that he is broadcasting anything, rather he expects communication, you can get acquainted. Unlike the chat roulette, here you can choose the interviewee, seeing it and selecting from others. And if this is your city, you can also agree on a meeting.

    Create broadcasts

    Create broadcasts from your mobile phone in your profile in Classmates and in groups from the OK Live application.The recording of the broadcast will be available for subsequent viewing by users of OK Live and the social network. Classmates.
    The recording will be stored indefinitely, so think what you are showing.

    Collect viewers to communicate on the air

    OK Live will tell your subscribers that you are live, and will show your broadcast in the "Subscriptions" and "Maps" ribbon. If your live broadcast attracts the attention of the audience, it will automatically appear in the "Popular".
    Friends and group members will see new broadcasts in their personal tapes on all screens of the social network of Classmates and will receive additional notifications about the start of live broadcast.

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