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logo Tvil


Daily rent of apartments for rest and trips in Russia and soon will be in Ukraine.
Private sector for leisure and travel in Russia.
It's easier and cheaper to go to Egypt or Turkey than to Russia.
But there are many places in which it would be interesting to go, we just do not know all the possibilities.

Convenient search on the map from Yandex. We can specify our requirements:

  • area or direction, eg. Rest on the sea, rest in the Altai, ski resorts ...
  • choose the price range interesting to us (of course, the cheaper the easier the housing),
  • search with a filter: bungalow, cottage ... refrigerator, Internet, TV ...
Suggested accommodation - hotels, houses and apartments. So you can find very inexpensive.


Registration allows you to remember the history, collect photos and videos, share them, which helps you choose the place for your next trip.
You can sign in using VK, Moi Mir or Facebook.

Payment methods

logo Pasporta Servo

English - Esperanto reliable sitee.

Uses: OpenStreetMaps.


Pasporta Servo

International guest service.
You can stop for free or for a symbolic fee.
This is the service of the World Youth Esperanto Organization (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo). So the knowledge of the international language of Esperanto is compulsory.

By the way, it is not difficult to teach it. Simply start. Especially if you do not know other languages. It is much better not just to spend the night, but to talk.


Uses: OpenStreetMaps.


The site is before America's auto travelers.
America is a nation on wheels. My friends in the US said that in America you must have a car. My friend from Sweden planning a trip to the US was looking for where to rent a car. By the way, one of my friends from Canada was traveling to Europe (he comes from Great Britain). He bought a used car in the UK and traveled all over Europe. Then he returned and sold the car. So it turned out cheaper.
That's the idea.

We know that a trip can be a huge challenge or an exciting journey. Here you need to find good restaurants (inexpensive, but who know how to cook), where to stay for the night and where to stop to look something.

The main thing on the site is a map: classic routes along the US roads, examples of trips, unusual places.

Of course, on the map you can find cities in Russia and other countries, but here the information is much more scarce, raw.

iTunes Android

logo Sputnik


Owner: Rostelecom, state sitee.

Uses: OpenStreetMaps.


The state search engine of Russia, created by Rostelecom.
Develops into the portal, that is, it will build up other services to facilitate the provision of public services to citizens.

Why is it needed and how is it different from existing search engines? Filtering, that is, protecting the user, is the official version.

Filtering includes protecting children and adults from any porn, aggression, spreading drugs, calling for violence ...
Or rather, it is not a filter in the usual sense. There are soon only proven and allowed sites. That is, on request you will get much less than other search engines.
It will be convenient if we are looking for official information. But if we need to download something, then go to Yandex.

Unusual menu, instead of the usual Search, Pictures, Videos, Maps ... we see Search, News, Maps, Convenient Russia, My Home, Medicines, Finances
Maps use the open card service base OpenStreetMap (details).

The TV program allows you to watch a number of TV channels right away, which is nice:
The database is used with ZABAVA

  • NTV
  • Culture
  • Channel 5
  • Russia 24
  • Carousel
  • Russian Public Television
  • RBC
  • The first entity
  • A-ONE
  • My joy
  • Mother and child
  • Country
  • MusicBox TV
  • RT
  • TDK
  • Education
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda
  • iTunes

    logo Nomadlist


    Uses: OpenStreetMaps.


    Find your best place to live, work, and play.
    Nomad List is the biggest crowdsourced database of cities in the world analyzing 250,000+ data points to help you choose where to go next — and when you arrive, it connects you with 41,721+ nomads there.
    You can see the most ranked cities on the map, and then see the information in detail: Internet speed, weather, air quality, health, racial tolerance, entertainment, quality of life.

    Find Your Nearest Postbox


    Uses: OpenStreetMaps.

    Simply put in your postcode (top right) and find the post boxes nearest to you.

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