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  1. советуем-куда-поеха - Советуем, куда поехать отдыхать - Where to go to rest.
  2. - Tur pogoda - Tourist portal about the weather and recreation.
  3. - - Travel blog.
  4. - Ezdili-znaem - Reviews about travel and trips.


Tourist portal in Europe.
If dreams of a European city have already completely taken possession of you, be aware that through Internet you can order everything - up to city tours and tickets to museums. Go to the site, type in the search box and the name of the city in Latin, press r - and before you open an extensive excursion program.
You will only choose a date range and make payment.

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Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Rosturizm
Used: Yandex.Maps.

address: Russia

The purpose of the portal is obvious - the development of national tourism. That is, here we can choose where to go and what to see in Russia.

You can choose where to go on the map. Here, only what can interest the tourist and nothing else is noted.Even in small towns I found a lot of interesting to tourists.

Naturally, we can choose your route, places for visits, but it's good to clarify. For example, on the map there are indicated the dispensaries of the closed type, only for workers of the enterprise or places are not present or in the winter fountains do not work.

Site about vacation at seaside resorts, especially in the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, Abkhazia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Georgia.

Here you can find and book accommodation around the Black Sea and Azov coasts, as well as in Montenegro. The database presents all categories of housing: from large hotels to private apartments and rooms.

The Photos section will help you to see in detail all this or that resort, its nature, beaches and all major objects.

The forum is a place where people leave their reviews about cities and hotels, restaurants and entertainment, share opinions and advice.


The recommended service, guide and guide to the cities of Russia. The goal is to help the city's guests navigate the terrain and find something necessary or worthy.
That's why it's a mobile app that recognizes your location and offers you something, Something interesting or necessary (where to eat) nearby.

Actually all this extensive base is also on the site. It's more like planning a visit to a certain city.

If we visit any particular city, we already have the reason for this visit and we already know what you can visit. This service will help you find "what else to visit."

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Guidebooks provide the widest choice of ready-made routes.
By going to one of them online, you will get detailed information about all stops with links to their own sites.

If you are not yet determined with the country, Where you want to go, you can find yourself a "tour of interests", simply selecting your favorite pastime from the extensive list of hobbies.

address: Russia
Information about the most popular countries that tourists choose for a beach, sightseeing holiday, as well as for a ski holiday at different times of the year.

Descriptions of the most interesting sights, addresses of visa centers, tables of distances between cities and brief phrasebooks.

From the points presented on the site, you can create and publish your own travel itineraries, leaving detailed descriptions and reviews along the way.

Gear Shout

News and equipment reviews.
The goal is to inform readers about various novelties of sports and military equipment, clothes, footwear and various technologies for sports, active recreation, travel, tourism and survival from the most famous companies. We are for a healthy lifestyle.


A travel site that shares interesting itineraries, detailed travel guides, interesting news, useful tips and other practical information that travelers will definitely need.

A project for adventurers, adventure seekers, and those who are tired of standard and boring routes, obligatory meetings with the tour operator’s guide at the hotel and shopping for “exclusive” excursions at inflated prices.

You will learn how to book cheap accommodation abroad, how to fly to Europe, how to spend a weekend in Paris, with only 100 euros in your pocket. Our travel guides will help you plan your route, as well as tell you where and what you can save in a particular country, about free entertainment and interesting places

Jetset Weather

Choose trips by weather.

How it works

  1. It's very simple, go in and see where it is warm now. However, you can choose the temperature filter yourself (warm, hot, cool ...).
  2. You can set the time, region.
  3. We will be offered a series of photos showing the city, country, temperature (sunny, overcast ...) and prices.
  4. If you are interested in something, click to get some more detailed information.


A lively, continuously updated and updated guide to practical information for tourists.

About countries, resorts and hotels first-hand.
It has material on all matters of interest to travelers.

Every day our experts add something new to it - true travel pros who know everything about their" destinations and generously share their personal experiences.

Smarter Travel

Expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories, and timely travel news to feed your passion for seeing the world before, during, and after your trip.


A travel portal and tourist guide where you can find everything: from trips to the farthest corners of the world to useful travel articles.

Here you can buy a tour, share your impressions of the trip, find a travel companion, or prepare for a trip.

Purpose: to help travel agencies and tourists to find each other. We do so that tourists always have access to current trips, and travel agencies can organize travel for a wide range of clients.


Professional tourist portal.

This site is more for a more advanced user. There are news, quotes and a lot of information in the tourist business.

Here you can determine how economically sound, and therefore reliable tour operator.

address: Vietnam
This is a site with useful articles that will be interesting to know the tourist about Vietnam.
  1. Cities
  2. the islands of Vietnam,
  3. sights,
  4. transport,
  5. where to stay.

Travel Planner.

Traveling is easy and inexpensive. Read guides, reviews and tips - they will help you plan any trip.


Shop hot tours.

The site is for informational purposes only.

Up-to-date information, including the cost of the tourist product, can be obtained from the managers of the company on the phones indicated on the website.

France, with love for Paris

About Paris and France.

address: Russia


The site was created in 1999 as a thematic industry information portal.

More than a million pages of current tourist information: descriptions of countries, resorts, hotels, attractions; reviews, tips and photos of tourists; articles, photo stories and tourism news; offers of landlords and travel agencies, train schedules and tourist routes.

The content of the site is formed from the author's editorial materials. Also, speaking as an information broker, published materials users - tourists and representatives of the tourist industry.

Portal about tourism.

Information about countries, travels, hotels, as well as current offers on tours from tour operators and travel agencies.

Industrial Business Network

Excursions around the world, booking excursions.

How it works

  1. we set the budget,
  2. type of excursion (walking or car, overview, historical, thematic, children, excursion, photo session ...)
  3. Excursions, reviews, photos, tour price and guide information.
  4. Pay and print a voucher,
  5. see the list of required documents (passport, visa, ... if needed).
Read the information on how you can refuse From the excursion and how soon to return the money. If there are less than a week, it will not be possible to return everything.


The most readable portal about Finland in Russia.
  1. Comprehensive information on all types of tourism in the country of Suomi
  2. fresh announcements of the most interesting and vivid events in the cultural life of Finland
  3. valuable tips and advice to Russian tourists
Every day we talk about the diversity and richness of Finnish culture.

Also through the site you can fully organize a trip to Finland.

This site tells you everything you could ever want to know about almost any city in USA.