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Video education


Moscow State Institute of International Relations, University of Foreign Affairs Russia.

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reliable site

Owner: Google
Used: YouTube.
address: USA


North-West State Correspondence Technical University.
Open educational channel.

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reliable site

Owner: Google
Used: YouTube.
address: USA


The Global Lecture Hall, where anyone who needs general information about university courses or additional knowledge of a particular subject, can watch educational videos posted by the most prestigious universities in the world, and even participate in their discussion.

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reliable site

Owner: MSU
Used: YouTube.
address: Russia, Moscow

Moscow State University on YouTube

Moscow State University - MVLomonosov Moscow State University.


Online education from scratch. With the participation of
Education is paid, not long and not expensive, with a practical part and guaranteed employment.
  1. Web developer
  2. Java programmer
  3. Python programmer
  4. Android programmer
  5. iOS programmer
  6. Frontend developer
  7. Game developer
  8. Interface designer
  9. Ruby programmer
  10. C# developer
  11. System administrator
  12. SEO-specialist
  13. Software tester
  14. PHP programmer
  15. Webmaster
  16. SMM manager
  17. Internet marketer


The site is primarily for programmers and other techies.
More than 1,500 lectures on computer science. Among the lecturers are employees of Apple and Microsoft. Plus rare courses: reading some little-known English poets or a concert of Karnat music (one of the main genres of Indian classical).

Academic Earth

Classes of leading educational institutions: Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale.
Free of charge and without SMS.
The site contains about 1,5 thousand lectures on astronomy, biology, economics, mathematics, political sciences .


Open educational portal.

Here you can:

  1. watch educational films on various topics;
  2. attend lectures at leading Russian and foreign universities;
  3. Visit a prestigious scientific conference or a popular science lecture on a topic of your interest;
  4. in the section "School" - to see the best examples of teaching complex school topics.


A social network for medical professionals.
Recorded on video operations, lectures, conferences.


Many free training courses that will help to gain new knowledge and improve professional qualifications.
Most of the material is not video, but gradually more and more video appears.

Popular courses

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Fundamentals of local networks
  • Programming language PHP
  • C++ programming language
  • Microsoft Windows for a beginner user
  • Linux operating system
  • Programming in Java
  • HTML Fundamentals
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Accounting