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All Google services

  1. - YouTube search history - Search history on YouTube.
  2. - YouTube views - History on YouTube.

Channel Statistics

  1. - Whatstat - Looks like Socialblade, but for Russian channels. Correctly shows the estimated income of Russian-language channels.
  2. - Socialblade - General information on the dynamics of views, subscribers on the channels, a selection of top channels, indicative data on the earnings of the channel.


  1. - Recover lost access to your Google account or YouTube - Recover your account if you forgot your password or username, what else is there? To us here.

Optimization and promotion video

  1. - Keyword Planner Google AdWords - Search for new keyword ideas and ad groups.
  2. - Keyword Tool - Keywords and topics that people search on YouTube. More than 750+ keywords from YouTube are free.

The official blog

  1. - Official YouTube Blog - Official YouTube Blog.
  2. - YouTube Creator Blog - The official YouTube blog for video creators.
  3. - YouTube Engineering and Developers Blog - For developers.
  4. - YouTube Trends - Blog for developers.



The user is offered:
  1. short videos, full-length movies, streaming.
  2. Official and artisanal.
TV Channels offer broadcast via YouTube (extremely rare) and a news archive.

Movies are offered to watch mostly paid, there are free, and pirated, but in very different capacities, often in low and live may not last long.

Videooblogers - like TV channels, use streaming and as an archive.

News - there are news stories, not just TV channels.

Education, instructions - for example, lessons on the use of software products or in general lessons.

Official accounts - as a rule, serious sites (not only sites) can get an account, and here to keep high-quality videos describing their field of activity, site operation, etc.

Amateur videos, there is usually a porridge, mostly of poor quality and interesting only to close friends.

When we use, we can share videos with friends on our social networks, add to favorites on your YouTube account. The more we use, the more our YouTube feed becomes suggestions and recommendations. So we find more interesting.


Sign up Humanity video store.

Upload your videos and view others by topic and category.
Limit: movie up to 20 Gb, time limit 15 minutes. But it will be easily removed if you did not violate anything and confirmed your account by mobile phone.
After registration confirmation you can upload video up to 128 GB, up to 12 hours.
Record video via webcam. Download from mobile phone - send videos using MMS.


  • WebM - video codec Vp8 and Vorbis audio codecs
  • MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV - usually support h264 and MPEG4 video codecs, as well as the AAC audio codec.
  • AVI - many cameras create videos in this format, usually using MJPEG video codec and PCM audio codec
  • MPEG PS - usually support MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio codec
  • WMV.
  • FLV b> - Adobe-FLV1 video codec and MP3 audio codec are used.


Audio files (MP3, WAV, etc.), as well as image files (JPG, PNG, etc.) can be converted to rollers with slideshows.


  • assign a rating of one to five stars;
  • send to a friend for review;
  • save to favorites stored in your YouTube profile;
  • send a video to a group (this is something like clubs for interests);
  • leave your comment on those
  • write in your blog about this video with the ability to play it on your page, and get a link to the video and send all contacts from your IM client;
  • look similar, in the opinion of the service, videos;
  • look at other videos of the user;
  • complain about a video that does not meet your moral standards.
Optimized for different mobile phone models.
Requirements - built-in video streaming (RTSP/3GP and H263/AMR).

It remains to add that such a successful project was bought Google for more than one and a half billion dollars in Google shares.

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