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Videos on the site

You want to organize a videoalbum on your site or just post on the video page, like on this one. Just use video hosting, fill in your videos, and just put video players. It will not take you anywhere, nor traffic. Great!

There are 2 leading videohosting, because the most common and more convenient.
However, many offer their player, on this page I just introduced these different players, and you choose:

  • which player you like best, which is more convenient
  • YouTube and have HD (high quality video) functions,
  • go to the photo hosting service (detailed description) and see how convenient it will be for you to use it to store the video
  • if you have an account on Google or, it may be more convenient to store it there
  • Try a couple of places and compare.

reliable site

Used: YouTube.
address: Russia, Moscow


Video hosting and video search.

Video search

Currently, the system indexes the contents of nine videohostings:
  1. VIDEO Mail.Ru,
  3. Loadup,
  4. LiveInternet, Myvi,
  5. Video.I.UA,
  6. Some of the Russian-language users' videos on,
  7. Metacafe.
The work of the service is based on the use of the mechanism and index base of the search engine GoGo.Ru, the developers of which were the first in the Russian Internet to offer users a video search.
The number of indexed videos in the database of the service currently stands at about 835,000 files.
The value of this indicator is continuously growing, thanks to the appearance of a new video on already indexed resources, the addition of previously not covered video hosting sites to the database, and also by improving the search engine for videos posted by Russian-speaking users on foreign resources.

Video Hosting was the first to make it possible to publish and view HD video.

Limit on the video - 5 Gb.
You can download from a computer or from a link from the Internet.
There is a possibility of creating albums.
Judging by the fact that I have not rarely met pirated films - there are no filters and no restrictions on copyright.

Hosting organized video broadcasts, but only several times with official organizations - Talk and Putin, etc.


Sign up
  1. Click on Share,
  2. then click on HTML code,
  3. the already highlighted code appears on the form, it is copied.
If you are not satisfied with the size, then click MORE. A video player will appear, and below it select the sizes in the drop-down list.

Select the appropriate one and copy the code again from the form in step 3.

iTunes Android


On the player, choose the airplane on the right.
In the window that appears, select Embed and copy the code from the form field.

iTunes Android