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STSI of Russia

The site contains addresses, phone numbers, work schedule, and other contact information of 920 traffic police departments.

How it works

  1. We go to the site and get to the list of Russian regions, choose a region,
  2. choose a city
  3. We receive information - the phone, the timetable for the appeal for various reasons.

logo STSI



The official website of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate allows not only checking the debt, but also the rights and the vehicle (useful when buying).

  1. Check for unpaid fines based on vehicle data
  2. Checking the driver's license
  3. Vehicle check (suddenly wanted)


Vehicle check by VIN.

Checking is done on request.

  1. Checking the history of registration in the traffic police.
  2. Checking for participation in the accident.
  3. Checking the presence in the search.
  4. Checking the presence of restrictions.
  5. Information about finding the vehicle in the pledge.
  6. Information on liability insurance.
I checked my car and the cars of a number of acquaintances.
By registration everything was right. The year of manufacture is shown, the number of owners by year (without names) ...

But it showed on an accident only after 2018.
Maybe in Moscow earlier.
Each accident is detailed, not always correctly, let's say I had a small accident, but they also wrote down the glass and so on. Significantly more than it was in reality.

As for pledges, the arrest of cars ... everything is correct. They write when, what and to whom they should, indicate the phone of the initiator of the restriction.
By the way, on normal sites for the sale of a car, your ad will not be missed if the car is pledged, arrested ... Checked other sites and applications . They simply use the traffic police base. So why not overpay, look here.


Checking for unpaid fines from vehicle data.
A simple form, enter the car number with the area code, as well as the series and registration certificate number.

In Russian

Driving license on the traffic police website.
In fact, you will be redirected to the site of the State Service.
They already wrote in the news that the rights can be obtained through Internet.

  1. have not yet been provided The possibility of payment through Internet, because it will have to be done.
  2. You need to bring a photo.
  3. It is necessary to undergo a physical examination and get a certificate.
  4. Well, you need to get the rights themselves.
What can be done via Internet?
  1. Get the list of required documents.
  2. Find out how much it will cost me.
  3. Print the receipt.
  4. Download regulatory documents.

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