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Owner: Twitter,

Twitter Account Verification

The program for verification of accounts started in 2010 and soon after the start it was closed due to a large number of applications. Twitter simply does not have enough resources to continue checking all accounts. In this regard, verification now occurs only in a manual mode, mostly public and Twitter partners and advertising companies receive verification.

The verified (authentic) account looks like this:

Twitter Account Verification
English - Russian

Owner: Twitter,

Uses: Twitter.

Learning words

The downloaded dictionary.
The Twitter format allows you to quickly and easily get new words.

logo Twitter

English - Russian

Owner: Twitter,

Uses: Twitter.


The first and main microblogging. Unfortunately, there is no Russian version of the interface, but you can also write in Russian.

The following is about uniqueness and popularity:

  • Twitter founders are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • The word Twitter was added to the 30th anniversary edition of the Collins English Dictionary.
  • Twitter is the weapon of the opposition.
  • Twitter has signed a contract with the studios Reveille and Brillstein Entertainment for the creation of a television series (reality show), the action of which will take place around this site.
  • Samsung released a widget for Twitter, which literally brought the world of microblogging to the TV screen.
Twitter is a free social network that is a microblogging system that allows users to send short text notes (up to 280 characters), Using the web interface, SMS, instant messaging services or third-party client programs.

There is a possibility of 'follow'. Just choose any Twitter party you like, click the Follow button, and all the posts of this blogger will appear on your page. Usually no permission is required.

What is the phenomenon of Twitter?

In such a short time, he got into the 20 most visited sites, many leading companies have got Twitter? What is its zest? At a time when everyone is frantically looking for a new idea, know-how. It would seem that nothing can be more interesting than social networks. Suddenly, there is an absolutely simple service with short messages and it already wants to buy Google.
  1. Simplicity - it's very easy to write there, you do not need to enter it, once you enter and then you do not need to enter anything, everything is extremely simple and obvious.
  2. Custom Design - it's easy to customize the design.
  3. Laconism - I am a very busy person and do not like reading blogs where a person can pour out his soul as much as he likes. But the limitation of 280 characters (шт the beginning 140 - SMS size) makes it be concise. I connected (follow) myself Yandex and now I can quickly learn their changes from the first hands.
  4. SMS - you can send messages via SMS (while for USA), but there is our clone where you can Use SMS.
  5. Integration with Facebook, Blogger, Myspace (the world's leading social network) - write a message on Twitter and it's on your Facebook wall ...
  6. You can put a widget, Like from us and your twitter automatically appears on your website, blog. You can put a nice widget made on a flash or plain text on HTML that fits into the design of your website or blog. Widgets can be taken here.
That is, the main thing is simplicity and integration. In this case, no advertising.

Integrated with Twitter

Twitter Effect

We see in the figure that
  1. the information first appears on Twitter,
  2. after 1.5-3, 5 hours the information appears on news sites,
  3. after 2.3-5 hours on radio,
  4. after 2.7-7 hours on TV,
  5. in 8 hours in newspapers, magazines.
Well, most importantly - we started Twitter (ph4ru), subscribe :).

In Russian

Визуализация развития Twitter

English - English

Owner: Twitter,


You can also broadcast your tweets on Facebook or on your website.
Everything is simple, clear, obvious, in Russian. We select, configure, shape, color ... There is nothing superfluous.

English - Russian

Owner: Twitter,

Twitter Lite

Twitter gets additional features, convenience, but loses some of the old appeal - supriprostoty and ease.
It becomes noticeable to those who are still not very fast or expensive Internet.
This version of the site was created for such users.

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