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Owner: RBC, reliable site.


RBC TV channel

The leading Russian TV channel business subjects.

logo Hosting Center

Hosting Center

The biggest hosting provider is Russia, good speed.
The only one with protection from viruses. 4 control panels to choose from (although the LC panel is not very functional and you will have to work through the support service, which means it is slower).
There is a possibility to double, triple, quadrate the tariff. So the volume of the site on virtual hosting can be increased to 40 Gb.
The increase in tariffs is free of charge, the reduction is paid.


The support service reacts quickly.
Free call in Russia, chat, Of course email. But all very formally, mechanically.
I'm not answering your question, but in general or sent to the control panel, where you have to guess what you should do. So you need to insist, clarify questions, duplicate: by email, by phone and chat (most of the time the chat does not work).


  • Do not transfer the site from another hosting (you have to do it yourself).
  • The support service responds with cliches, it's very difficult to understand the person who is here for the first time.
  • No refunds. For return it is necessary to write a letter by mail with a request to return the funds. Then they say that they did not receive any letters, they demand proof that you sent a letter, a photocopy of the passport ... In short, about 3 months was spent on a refund, with constant reminders.
  • It should be noted that there is a serious limitation on the number of files. For example, the tariff for 10Gb - restriction - 30 000 files. At a similar rate for Jino - 200 000 files. I was employed 80%. It is clear that the Hosting Center did not fit me.
Personally, I have very untidy impressions. I will not return.

Payment methods

logo RBC Real Estate


Owner: RBC, reliable site.


RBC Real Estate

Sale of real estate in Moscow, Moscow region and some regions Russia And Abroad.

News, information, ratings ... all the same RBC.

The site will help you to decide who wants to invest in real estate primarily in Moscow or abroad.

  1. apartments in apartment buildings (primary and secondary market);
  2. suburban real estate (cottages, villas, land plots);
  3. Commercial real estate (offices, shops, warehouses).

logo RBK Money


Owner: RBC, reliable site.

RBK Money

The RBK Money payment system has its own internal instant exchanger. Registration in the system is simple.

But first of all, you can accept payments in more than 30 ways, which eliminates the need for an exchanger.
For this, the buyer does not have to be registered with RBK Money.

Learn more >>



Owner: RBC, reliable site.

Social bookmarking for memory.
Purchased by RBC.
A convenient service that allows users to store bookmarks on Internet, share and share bookmarks with friends and acquaintances.

On Memori, you can:

  • Store your bookmarks on Internet. This gives you the ability to access your collection of bookmarks from any computer. At work and at home, in Russia and in South America, you will always have at hand your collection.
  • Share and share bookmarks with friends, acquaintances, co-workers.
    Having an account on Memori, you will just need to give your friends a link to it and your bookmarks (not closed by prying eyes) will tell for you about your Interests and favorite sites.
  • Find new interesting sites and like-minded people who have collected a curious collection of bookmarks for you.
  • Organize bookmarks using tags. Surely you already know that the "tags" are the keywords you have chosen, which allow you to organize your bookmarks. Instead of the usual creation of a folder and the placement of bookmarks there (as it happens in the browser), on you assign to each bookmark several keywords or phrases that describe it in the most convenient way for you. As a result - subsequently you can easily and quickly find any link in your collection.
  • Assign a "degree of privacy" for each bookmark, that is, which tabs will be visible to all users, and which ones only to you.
  • Conducting group operations with bookmarks, that is, you can delete and change the openness/closedness of the bookmark, I do not process each one by one, but in groups. This feature distinguishes from most bookmarking services.

logo Auto News


Owner: RBC, reliable site.


Auto News

The site can be of interest to car owners who are interested in what happens in the car industry. RBC has channels for receiving news, so the site is interesting and authoritative.

The site can be useful to those who want to pick up a car for purchase, here test drives, club, reviews, novelties. You can immediately buy a used car.

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