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Planning furniture

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Owner: IKEA

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Furniture planning.
If you are going to buy furniture from IKEA, you probably can't do without this planner.
However, in other cases, this planner can also be useful.

Here you can see how the furniture will look in the picture.
In doing so, we can pick up doors, handles, countertops, sinks, faucets, appliances. And immediately see what it will look like.
Then you can plan the furniture in more detail and schematically.
You set the size of the kitchen, and then you pick out the tables and cabinets. You can drag and drop, select dimensions from those offered ...
And then you can order.

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Do you have any funds for a designer? Then you come here.
First try yourself, at your service several options for experiments.
You can upload photos of your apartment and work purposefully.

Well, play and enough, for the cause.
Proceed To the design, for us: appliances, countertops, floor and ceiling coverings, furniture, tool boxes, decor, bathroom and kitchen utensils, lighting, wall coverings and finally windows. All these categories, of course, are divided into many more subcategories. In general, there is something to choose from.

You can save the finished project, there is also an opportunity to create a list of selected things so that you can quickly start working.
It did not work out, do not despair, you will be offered several options.
And if it turned out, you can share it, put it on the audience's court. They will discuss you, point out mistakes, notice successful finds.

There is still a chance to win the contest and you will make a design by Robert Verdi. What is needed for this? Within 100 words, describe why you and no one else deserve his attention, then earn the best marks from the already mentioned community. Yes, and get $1000 in the load.


One of the best programs for planners in 3D online.
There is a Russian language.
Distributed under the BSD license - open source.

Good video explanations. It is clear, as for the 3-dimensional graphics, it is difficult to understand through the dry text, it's easier to see once and everything becomes easier.
Intuitive interface.
The result can be embedded in the site, as shown below. There is a demo where you can spoil a ready-made layout.

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A site for modeling a whole floor or a house.

In my opinion, the easiest to use and study site for modeling apartments.
We used it when we bought a dishwasher and looked for where it could be pushed.
In two- and three-dimensional space. In addition to ordinary furniture, you can add items: a kettle, a lamp ...

One interior plan can be made for free.


An editor that allows any person to fantasize about what his room or cherry orchard will look like.

Homestyler is so cute and the easiest to see on the subject that, subjectively, it seems to be working faster. And nothing superfluous. Only an interior editor, a gallery of custom interiors (there are 20 thousand of them there, use it for profit) and a folder for storing your own. The editor is generally the best among the brethren; Which is a single button View in 3D, which seamlessly transforms the drawing into a scalable three-dimensional model that has nothing in common with the not-so-successful 3D preview on the same Mydeco. A large library of abstract, non-brand scenery, furniture and landscapes. In it there is a layer for creating a pool, and a nice little thing like a dummy laptop or books that you can throw on the table. Plus, all this is compatible with Mac OS (where Stolplit does not work).

As for the usefulness of Homestyler, this is not yet for our life.
Dacor kitchens and other brands, furniture and items which will soon appear there, Are designed primarily for American buyers. In general: light, clear toy, tetris for lovers of home comfort with beautiful details - more is sometimes not required. To start, click on the yellow Start designing.

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This is a domestic development, designed for new settlers and planning to renovate the premises. The project works directly in the browser and stores the result on the server. If desired, the resulting design can be published on Facebook or embedded into your site (like a YouTube movie). The program has a simple intuitive interface and the whole process of work is more like a game than working with professional software, while the picture is obtained Pretty enough.

There are 4 modes:

  1. construction (for building walls),
  2. 2D,
  3. 3D,
  4. first-person mode, which allows you to walk through the interior, controlling the camera with the help of Mouse and keyboard, as in modern shooters.
In Roomtodo there is not yet an opportunity to add your objects (developers promise that this function will appear), but if you are not a professional interior designer, then the available catalog is enough to create interiors of different styles.

The catalog has furniture, plumbing fixtures, lamps, various decorations and coatings for walls and floors, as well as structural elements (windows, doors, columns, stairs, etc.).

There are also materials and objects for the infield, but it is obvious that the main application for Roomtodo is the interior.