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Calculators of everything

  1. - Time Calculator - Simple and just time calculator.
Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Google
address: USA, Mountain View, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, 94043

Exchange rates at Google

Exchange rates on Google.
We enter into the search line for example "100 dollars in rubles" and get something like "100 US dollars=6 395.49757 Russian rubles"

And you can make a query "$100 in rubles" or "$100 in Rub, you can all the same in Englis


reliable site

Owner: STANDS4 Network

address: USA


An online conversions calculator for a variety of unit measurements featuring natural language queries.

address: Russia


This site contains calculators, all you can think of, hundreds.
It's assembled. I do not know if the authors themselves created something, but here is a list of the sites from which these calculators are taken, there are about 40 of them.

So, according to astronomy - 20 calculators, the exterior is also 20 (sizes, etc .), Iron. Heating, piping, cars, bicycles and much more.



address: Russia

Free online calculators for calculating, translating, tracking courses and quotes.

Hundreds of calculators, thousands of reference tables and articles.

Information from official sources, constant updating.

Without payment, without registration.

address: Russia


Calculators for all occasions!
A huge number of various calculators.
It's hard to imagine that xlt is still there.
For the sake of clarity, I give a list of some:
  1. Credit calculator
  2. Calculator of Sberbank,
  3. Mortgage calculator,
  4. Calculator of compulsory motor insurance,
  5. Calculator of CASCO,
  6. VAT calculator,
  7. Penalty calculator,
  8. Calculator of hospital,
  9. Calculator of vacation payments,
  10. Calculator of weight during pregnancy,
  11. Calculator of apartment repairs,
  12. Calculator of pipes,
  13. Calculator of calories
  14. Calculator of clothes,
  15. Calculator of shoes and accessories.


Used: WordPress.
address: Russia

  • Tax calculators
    • Transport tax calculation
    • VAT calculator
    • PIT calculator
    • Transport tax rate
  • Construction calculators
    • How many boards in the cube
    • How much does a cube of board weigh
    • How much does a brick weigh
    • Brick sizes
    • Board sizes
    • Cable drum sizes and weights
  • Customs calculators
    • Customs calculator for cars
  • Calculators for pregnant women
    • Battle-reader
    • Height and weight of the child by month
    • Future growth of the child
  • Health
    • Alcoholic calculator
    • Smoker calculator
    • Calculate body mass index
    • Calculate the ideal weight
    • Normal weight of a woman
    • Normal male weight
    • Vaccination calendar
  • Money calculators
    • Currency calculator
    • Dynamics of the US dollar exchange rate
    • Evolution of the euro exchange rate
  • Car calculators
    • Calculation of the braking distance
    • Fuel consumption calculation
    • Total fuel consumption
  • Mathematical calculators
    • The biggest common divider
    • The smallest common multiple
    • Degree calculator
    • Root calculator
    • Interest Calculator
    • Factorial number
    • Volume of rectangular parallelepiped
    • Cube volume
    • Ball volume
  • School calculators
    • GIA points transfer
  • Household calculators
    • Pizza calculator
    • Water mixture temperature
    • Tile Calculator
    • U.S. shoe size in Russian
    • Shoe size table for children
  • Time calculators
    • To set the clock in days and back
    • Transfer minutes per day and back
    • Zodiac sign by date
    • Day number of the year
    • Age calculator
    • Day of the week by date
    • How many days until the New Year 2020
    • Days between dates calculator
    • How many days till summer
    • How many days before winter
  • Various calculators
    • Rolled metal calculator
    • Tube calculator
    • State duty calculator
    • Distance to lightning
    • Calculating the distance between cities
    • Route the car
    • Bike frame size
  • Joking calculators
    • Your name is in Indian

Free Online Calculators

Huge collection of free online calculators for the ease of public use.


Calculator online for calculations at work, at home or in school. Commands can be entered either with a mouse or with a numeric keypad. The calculator is quickly loaded, it works online.

You can perform both simple arithmetic operations, as well as calculating interest, raising a number to a power, calculating the square root. The calculator has a temporary memory and a display of current calculations.

  1. Calculator online
  2. Simple calculator
  3. Engineering calculator
  4. VAT calculator
  5. Calculator days
  6. Calculation of interest
  7. Currency Converter
  8. Number generator

address: Russia
Free and accurate construction calculations that do not require your professional knowledge in engineering and construction.

There is no need for tedious paper-based calculations with a huge number of mistakes, double-checks and corrections in order to get preliminary information on the upcoming scope of work.

Stroy-calc will calculate and check everything for you, giving the most accurate and informative result. This will require the minimum input data, and the expanded result will save you from numerous additional calculations.

address: Russia

Free construction calculators online.
  1. Calculation of stairs of all kinds - 16 calculators.
  2. Roofs and rafters calculators.
  3. Calculculators for foundations, concrete products.
  4. Calculculators of house or bath wall materials.
  5. Calculators for interior work of the house or apartment.
  6. Capacitor and volume calculators.
  7. Earthwork calculators.
  8. Container and volume calculators.
  9. Fence calculators.
  10. Children calculators.
  11. Calculators of landscaping of a site like pavement and lawn.
  12. Calculators of geometrical forms.
  13. Other calculators.

Set of construction calculators.

More than 50 different calculators and constructors in one appendix:

  • staircase designers,
  • Calculators of building materials for roofs - gable, straight, attic,
  • concrete stairs, foundations, paving tiles,
  • concrete composition calculation, lumber volume calculation,
  • reinforcement calculator, ceramic tiles, drywall,
  • calculation of materials of a log cabin, a wall, a fence brick and metal, a stacker, pouring floors, peaks,
  • area of the site, the calculation of excavation works - pit, trench, well, roll lawn, pool,
  • calculation of the volume of pipes, tanks, barrels and rectangular tanks,
  • Hothouses, credit calculator and cabinet designer.
Generation of blueprints and plans.

Detailed and accurate calculation.



Calculators on a variety of topics of varying complexity and articles about the calculation of structures.

All calculations are freely available.
Besides the site, there is also a forum to discuss this or that article, as well as to share experiences or give advice.


address: Russia


Construction calculators for calculating parameters for all types of construction work.
  • Tube calculator
  • Calculation of aerated concrete blocks and adhesives
  • wallpaper glue consumption
  • Calculation of the filler floor
  • Material calculation per plaster
  • Calculation of filler materials
  • Plot of land
  • Earth works volume
  • Concrete calculation
  • Comparative analysis of the electric boiler and the FLAN
  • Extension tank volume
  • heating volume
  • Warm floor pipe consumption
  • Flowing water heater
  • Ventilation
  • Number of diffusers
  • Rectangular duct area
  • Ventilation by number of people
  • Number of grids
  • ... and much more

Online thermal engineering envelope calculators.

Selection of heat protection characteristics of the structures of your home and assess whether there is excessive moisture accumulation in the structure during its operation.

There are questions on calculations or comments to the work of the site - we write in the Contacts section.


Mathway provides students with the tools they need to understand and solve their math problems. With hundreds of millions of problems already solved, Mathway is the #1 problem solving resource available for students, parents, and teachers.



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Web 2.0 scientific calculator

Online calculator.
This is a normal calculator, only much wider than the system calculator on a computer. If you are not studying higher mathematics, you probably will not need it.