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Google Calendar

You can put the schedules of friends and family members next to yours and easily add activities saved in other calendar applications, as well as other interesting events found on Internet.


  • Adding events using the form
  • Importing events from other calendar programs, for example from Yahoo! Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Send invitations - just add its email address to the "Guests" section of this event.
  • Guest replies to email invitations, regardless of whether they use Google Calendar or not.
  • Guest comments - all invited guests can see.
  • Reminders - via email, in pop-up windows or on a mobile phone.
  • Creating multiple calendars - you can create different calendars for different areas of activity and hobbies, for example, create a special calendar for games and football training.
  • Subscribe to other calendars to view your friends calendars and automatically add non-working days.
  • Show or hide calendars or events.
  • Changing the color of calendars
  • You can also change.
  • Settings for public calendar access - give other people access to all calendar information. This function is useful in case a group of people participates in a number of activities, for example, in games and training of the football championship.



Adding components to Google Calendar.

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