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I must say that there are 2 principles of translation:

Classical, according to the rules of grammar

This method was used by the first translators and only this way can use the program-translators. The most famous Promt, Bing from Microsoft.

Analysis of translations

This method is used by Google and Yandex. They research the translations on the Internet. A database is created where the greatest number of identical translations is considered more correct.

There is minus - it's impossible to load to computer such a large database and therefore it can only work on the Internet.

Plus - creating an algorithm so you can easily add an unlimited number of languages. Translation is based on grammar, every time you need to do it again. For example the principle of translation from Russian grammar to English is not suitable for translating from Chinese into Finnish, etc.

  1. - Braille converter - Braille alphabet, converter and information.

Dictionaries online

  1.русско-эсп - Dictionary of Esperanto
  2. - Finnish-Russian dictionary

Reverso Context

Free online translator allows you to translate words, texts, phrases, idioms and expressions from English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese.

It is not always necessary to translate a word, it is more useful to translate it in a context or translate a certain phrase.
This site is a real find.

How it works

  1. enter the phrase in the query form,
  2. we get a whole group of examples, as it is translated in various texts,
  3. choose the one that suits us.
There are words that I could not translate into a Google translator, and here there were variants in the text.

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  1. English,
  2. Hebrew,
  3. Italian,
  4. Spanish,
  5. German,
  6. Russian,
  7. French,
  8. Japanese.

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Online machine translator.

An online translator that surpasses Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
That's how it's represented by a number of media outlets. I will neither deny it nor claim it.
I don't find DeepL's version of translation to be the best every time.

I'm sure someone would prefer to use this system.
Just try it.

It is possible to translate both by inserting text into a form - up to 500 characters, and document Word or PowerPoint.

Languages are supported

  • Russian,
  • English,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Italian,
  • Dutch,
  • Polish.
There's an autodetection of the language.


Free online translator.
Translation of texts, documents, websites, e-mail. Mail.
Limit - 500 words.


  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Hungarian
  5. Dutch
  6. Greek
  7. Danish
  8. Hebrew
  9. Spanish
  10. Italian
  11. Chinese Traditional
  12. Chinese simplified
  13. Korean
  14. German
  15. Norwegian
  16. Polish
  17. Portuguese
  18. Pashto
  19. Romanian
  20. Russian
  21. Serbian
  22. Tai
  23. Turkish
  24. Urdu
  25. Farsi
  26. Finnish
  27. French
  28. House - Nigeria
  29. Hindi
  30. Czech
  31. Swedish
  32. Japanese


English-Russian dictionary and contextual translation search system.

Today the site translates between dozens of languages. Not everyone with each, let's say Japanese is only translated into English. But the service is developing.

Supported Translation Languages ​​

  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Chinese
  6. Russian
  7. Japanese
  8. Portuguese
  9. Italian
  10. Dutch
  11. Polish
  12. Swedish
  13. Danish
  14. Finnish
  15. Greek
  16. Czech
  17. Romanian
  18. Hungarian
  19. Slovak
  20. Bulgarian
  21. Slovenian
  22. Lithuanian
  23. Latvian
  24. Estonian
  25. Maltese

How it works

We put a word or phrase in the form and get a list of phrases where it is used and a number of translations of these phrases.
So you can more accurately choose the right translation for our case.

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