We choose the type of paper: in the ruler, in the cell, in the cells, at the point of different styles.
Define the distance between points or lines.
We do everything visually and print it out.

The Rasterbator

We download any picture or give a link to the picture on Internet, and the site makes a poster out of it.



We save the page of the site in PDF format. Or maybe you just want to create a dynamic PDF document and you only know HTML.
It is possible to make a page of a site and to receive from it the document in a format PDF.

Printable Paper

You needed a note-book or in a box, in a strip ...
And maybe you did not need a notebook, but only one sheet.
And maybe they do not already produce or produce from us, or produce, but do not buy.

Good to load, choose and print almost any. You can simply print it.

In addition, it is in PDF format. So you can also impose your text, download and do what is required.


Clears the format of web pages for pure printing.
Removes the menu, cap, videos ... Leaves the text of the article, pictures of the article.

How does it work?

  1. We go to the site,
  2. enter the URL of the site page in the form field,
  3. press PRINT PREVIEW,
  4. if All arranges, prints or saves in PDF.


Print the desired web page without unnecessary elements.

Periodically on Internet you can find so valuable articles that you want to print them and read out to the holes.
At the same time not all services provide a version of the article for printing or our desire to print does not coincide with the provided possibilities (I want to leave a picture or change the type of the main font). In this case, this service will help.
On the main page in the middle of the screen there is a form for entering the address of the page to be printed.
The address is entered, the page is loaded and we see that when you select any of the interface elements, it is drawn with a red border. Another click of the left mouse button and a list of possible operations is displayed.
Elements of the interface can be deleted one by one or by a group, expanded separately selected in borders or select one block of text, removing all others.
That is, it is given the opportunity to remove the parts of the page unnecessary for printing by a single person or quickly isolate the necessary from the background and print out.