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YouTube Musiс -
Google Play Music.

Cloud media player.
189 rubles a month for full access, if it is not clear what will be available, you can try a month for free.
However, it depends on the budget, if you are not determined to pay, do not try,

Over 18 million tracks, unlimited number of plays.
Create radio stations based on any track or artist.
Ability to skip tracks in a radio broadcast.
Recommendations based on your preferences.
Possibility to store up to 20 000 tracks from your own collection in the library.
nce download your favorite tracks on your smartphone or Android tablet.

Free storage of music

Add to Google Play to 20,000 songs from your own music collection with Music Manager. This simple application scans your iTunes library and other folders with music on your computer and replenishes your collection. If your collection contains tracks that are not available on Google Play, the app will download them to your library. After adding, you can immediately listen to music online or in the "Play Music" app.

Automatic sync

The Google Play audio library automatically syncs between all your devices. For example, by purchasing an album from a phone, you can immediately open it on your tablet, and adding a track from your computer - listen to it on your mobile device. Forget the wires forever and just enjoy your favorite music!

Share with friends

Have a cool track on Google Play? Share it with friends on Google+, and the first audition will be free for them. And the songs that they will let you listen to will be stored in the playlist "Share with me".