Ph4 / Netherlands

Ph4 / Netherlands

Random Website -
We are looking at a random site.


The site is similar in functionality to StumbleUpon, only much easier.
There is no registration, settings, the ability to evaluate, add .... nothing but the Surprise me button (surprise me).
Click the button and hit the random site, click a

Netherlands -

Airline Meals -
Recipes from movies, airplanes.


And here is a website about what they feed in airplanes.
The choice is for airlines where Aeroflot is present.
There is a simple search - by name and extended - by airlines, date, class ...
It's not about cooking, but about curiosity.

International Fiscal Association.

ImprovePhoto -
Enhance your photo in one magical click online.


Enhance your photo in one magical click online.

Automaton improves the picture, for example, wrinkles are removed. You will be offered 3 options: source, maximum and intermediate. In my opinion it goes somehow not naturally, cartoonish, but maybe someone else wanted it.


  1. Flag effect,
  2. Happy Birthday effect,
  3. Cartoon effect,
  4. Water effect,
  5. Mirror effect.

Jetset Weather -
Choose trips by weather.


Choose trips by weather.

How it works

  1. It's very simple, go in and see where it is warm now. However, you can choose the temperature filter yourself (warm, hot, cool ...).
  2. You can set the time, region.
  3. We will be offered a series of photos showing the city, country, temperature (sunny, overcast ...) and prices.
  4. If you are interested in something, click to get some more detailed information.

PractiCode -
Web editors online.


Absolutely simple code editor. There are a small number of functions (useful for CSS, HTML and Vbscript), but this is ideal for quickly creating dirty code. -
Fast coded message.


Fast coded message. Link with a password.

How it works?

  1. Entering the link,
  2. Entering the password,
  3. Entering the correct answer, you can still the correct answer,
  4. You are given a generated link, which without a password is not o

Logodust -
Here you can download free simple logos in .SVG vector format.


Here you can download free simple logos in .SVG vector format.

Well, very simple logos.

Lycos Nederland -

A Brief History of Rocket Launche -
A simple map with a timeline of the history of the launches of space rockets.


Over 5,000 orbital rocket launches from nearly 30 different sites are depicted, starting in 1957 when Sputnik became the first artificial object in orbit.

A simple map with a timeline of the history of the launches of space rockets.
We can clearly see when the start was made and whether it was successful.
Successful - green, unsuccessful - red.

The simplest way to click the play button and look at the map, to the right will be more detailed information.

You can filter only flights to the moon or to Mars or ...

Partyflock -
Dutch online community for people interested in home music and other electronic dance music.

Pasporta Servo -
tel.: +31 10 436 1044


International guest service.
You can stop for free or for a symbolic fee.
This is the service of the World Youth Esperanto Organization (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo). So the knowledge of the international language of Esperanto is compulsory.

By the way, it is not difficult to teach it. Simply start. Especially if you do not know other languages. It is much better not just to spend the night, but to talk.

Listen to Radio Stations Around the World -
Interactive map with green dots, each dot representing a live radio station.


Radio Garden allows you to tune almost any radio station in the world.

How it works

  1. We go to the site and get a map with green dots, each dot is a live radio station,
  2. we move the map as a normal interactive map, zoom in or out, thus choosing a geographic area,
  3. listen to one of the radio stations in the circle, a list of radio stations of this circle also appears, you can click on another
  4. At the top right there is a heart that allows you to add a sounding radio station to your favorites.
A fun way to kill for a while, and one of the best ways to find an interesting radio station.
You can use language learners to listen to the language you are learning. The best pronunciation of language for radio hosts.

Surfedukators -
Free surfing videos, tips and tutorials.

Symbaloo -
Starting page with bookmarks.


Starting page with bookmarks.

A nice little page with bookmarks in the form of large icons that you can find most useful for you sites.
And in the middle of the search form, what else is needed.

I am sure that someone will like it and it will be

Biciklista Esperantista Movado Internacia -
International movement of Esperantists of bicyclists.


The international movement of Esperantists of Bicyclists (Biciklista Esperantista Movado Internacia, BEMI)
The organization of Esperantists - lovers of cycling international travel. The organization's website has contact addresses, the planned routes of velokaravan. As a rule, those wishing to rest in such a way go to some meeting of Esperantists, for example, to the traditional Crimean international meetings Velura sezono, or congresses, or simply choose a route and go enjoying nature, surroundings, and communication with each other. It is popular among foreign Esperantists to travel by bicycle along the vast expanses of Russia. If you like cycling in an interesting company - join us!

Vici -
The Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity.


The Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity.
The site, in addition to the interactive map, which essentially serves as a menu and navigation, there is a database with photos and information.

WeTransfer -
Sending large attachments.


A simple and convenient way to send an attachment up to 2 Gb.
Enter your email, email address and download the file. As it is downloaded, the recipient will receive an email with a link to download your file. -
tel.: +7 (967) 281-99-09
A free and open platform for creating audio guides to cities and museums.


A free and open platform for creating audio guides to cities and museums.

The goal is to create a platform based on the izi.TRAVEL service that brings together multimedia guide creators from all over the world and millions of travelers.

Window Swap -
Users of this site broadcast live the view from their window.


Users of this site broadcast live the view from their window.

Click the button to get the view from a random user's window. -
tel.: +31 888-642-300
Something like a loudspeaker, in which you can scream all you want, including pictures, videos and messages.


Downdetector -
address: Wisselweg 33 1314 CB
The site shows the load schedule of the leading sites, which shows declines in attendance. So you can find out when and where there were failures.


The site shows the load schedule of the leading sites, which shows declines in attendance. So you can find out when and where there were failures.

Collects reports on the state from a number of sources. By analyzing these data in real-time, the system is able to automatically detect failures and service outages at a very early stage. One of the sources that are analyzed is the reports on Twitter.

The system determines failures when the number of reports makes a significant jump in relation to the basic indicator. Reports for each company are tracked on a separate page and publish a brief update after the problem is detected. Previous reports are available in the archive by reference or in the Problem Review.


Fotoview Pop Art Studio Online Image Effects -
address: Celebesstraat 3 3818 CE Amersfoort The Netherlands
Filters and a companion photo editor, which allow you to make a picture in the style of papar.


Filters and a companion photo editor, which allow you to make a picture in the style of papar.


Collectorz -
address: BV, W.G. Plein 384, 1054 SG
tel.: +31 (20) 772-44-11
We create a catalog and catalog our collections of films, music, books, programs, games, comics.


We create a catalog and catalog our collections of films, music, books, programs, games, comics.
Free limited to 100 albums. Withdrawing the limit for $15.
Automatic download of complete information about the album, the film ... from the online database.
Shortcuts are added: artist, title, year, genre ...

You can make a backup online copy of your database and synchronize between devices.

Website of the European Baptist Federation -
address: Baptist House, Postjesweg 175, 1062 JN
tel.: +31 202-103-026

Greenpeace -

address: Keizersgracht 174, 1016 DW
List of discounts available on international student ISIC.


Search and view thousands of services, discounts and offers available to ISIC cardholders worldwide. Discover what offers are available to you and verify your student status to redeem offers instantly with your virtual ISIC card!

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a proof of official student status for millions of students in over 130 countries. With the ISIC global app, you can search and get preferential and discounted access to thousands of student discounts and offers worldwide.

Rijksmuseum -
address: Museumstraat 1
tel.: +31 20 674-70-00
National Museum of the Netherlands.


The State Museum of the Netherlands is the main museum of Netherlands.
Digitized 125 thousand works and posted on Internet. The exhibits are presented in good quality, for example, the painting by Jan Vermeer "The Love Letter" ("De Liefdesbrief", 1669) is available for downloading in the size of 2068 by 2400 pixels with a resolution of 300 dots per inch and a color depth of 24 bits.
The user who downloads pictures, agrees not to use the images for commercial purposes.
However, each of them can be purchased for commercial use in even better quality.

According to the director of the collections of the State Museum, Taco Dibbitts, who gave an interview to The New York Times, the refusal to protect digital images was dictated The fact that most of the exhibits are in the public domain, and it is still too difficult to trace the violation of rights on Internet.
"So let people work better with the digitized picture of Milkmaid Vermeer in good quality from the museum's website than with a bad copy," he said. According to DiBittz, the museum plans to digitize each year additionally 40 thousand exhibits from the nearly million meeting of the Rijksmuseum.

Startup Talks -
A collection of videos about the activities of start-ups.

ScienceDirect -
Currently over 250,000 articles on ScienceDirect are open access.


Currently over 250,000 articles on ScienceDirect are open access.
Articles published in our open access journals are peer-reviewed and made free for everyone to read and download. Permitted reuse is defined by the authors’ choice of user license.

Scopus -
The world's largest daily updated database of abstracts and quotations Elsevier.


The world's largest daily updated database of abstracts and quotations Elsevier publishes more than 21,000 scientific and technical and medical journals for approximately 5,000 international publishers.

Booking -
tel.: +7 (499) 271-87-34
Leading website for the hotel.


There are more than 68,000 hotels in 71 countries in the database.

The site offers favorable rates for accommodation in different hotels - small private, five-star hotels ...

Company - (Nasdaq: PCLN) - is the European leader (by the number of sold rooms) in the field of hotel booking online. More than 30 million visitors from all over the world - tourists and businessmen visit Internet every month via Internet. has representative offices in the following cities: Amsterdam - Athens - Barcelona - Berlin - Warsaw - Vienna - Grand Rapids - Dubai - Dublin - Cambridge - Cape Ун - Lyon - Lola (Portugal) - London - Madrid - Montreal - Moscow - Munich - New York - Orlando - Paris - Rome - Sun-Paulu - San Francisco - Sydney - Singapore - Stockholm - Tokyo - Zurich.
The main office of the company is located in Amsterdam. -
address: Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1083HN


One of the best maps on mobile.
It uses a database open maps OpenStreetMaps, which are made by the world, so it is the most updated and most complete schematic map (no satellite images).

Maps can be downloaded and used offline.
Made simple, clear and easy.
Easy is probably the key word, because these maps take up remarkably little space.
Easy doesn't mean empty, the maps are very detailed.
I used it on foot in Turkey, Peter.

Of course there is a navigator, very handy, you shouldn't get used to it.
With a voice and the necessary information on the screen. -
address: Keizersgracht 261, 1016 EC
tel.: +31 20 681-67-34
Joint viewing sites.


To visit sites together with friends remotely. The essence is simple - you want to explain something to a person on Internet. Or something to buy together, etc. Here begins a whistle. He sees one thing, you are different ...
This service allows you to visit websites in parallel and you see each other's mouse, you can do actions together.


Delft University of Technology -

Den Haag

Internacia Esperanto-Instituto -
address: Ed Borsboom, Riouwstraat 172, 2885 HW
tel.: +31 (0) 70 355-66-77
Courses specifically according to the Andres Cech method.


Courses specifically according to the Andres Cech method.
There are several certified teachers of Esperanto according to the Czech method, as well as seminars to improve the qualifications of additional teachers.
It also publishes and sells books in Esperanto, organizes cultural meetings and develops linguistic software.


Over the past 30 years, the IEI has trained over 400 teachers of Esperanto according to the Czech method.
Many courses have been organized.


Eindhoven University of Technology -


FlightConnections -
address: FLIGHTCONNECTIONS, Bruggertstraat 1, 7545 AP
tel.: +316 12 749 546
All flights worldwide on a flight map.


All flights worldwide on a flight map.

Everything is simple, click the airport on the map and you will be shown all flights from this airport.
We click on one of the directions and get information on the nearest flight, you can book a ticket, or yo


Lights (at sea) -
Interactive map of lighthouses.

Chordify -
address: Zuiderpark 14 9724AG


Transformation of music videos into guitar chords.
We set the song in search, select from the offered, watch the video, listen and in parallel the chords are broadcast.


Netherlands -
address: PO Box 620, 2003 RP
Het Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap.


Airbus -
address: Airbus Group SE, PO Box 32008, 2303 DA
tel.: +33 5 81 31-75-00

Leiden University -

Los Angeles

eFax -
address: 6922 Hollywood Blvd, 5th Floor, CA 90028
In addition to the standard paid version of the use, it also offers a mode of free work.


A distinctive feature of this large fax-specific service is that in addition to the standard paid version of use, it also offers a free-of-charge mode, in which up to 130 incoming faxes per month can be received.

In conclusion, it should be noted that most of these services Provide a test regime on a variety of conditions, so that there is almost always an opportunity to assess in advance whether you are for what you are going to pay money. Personally, our experience of using free email2fax services is rather negative, so we recommend still using paid analogs to avoid losing business faxes or various confusions and errors that we witnessed when operating free services.


University of Nijmegen -

Catholic University of Nijmegen -


Floorplanner -
address: B.V., Stationplein 45. A7.008, 3001 GD
Planning furniture.


A site for modeling a whole floor or a house.

In my opinion, the easiest to use and study site for modeling apartments.
We used it when we bought a dishwasher and looked for where it could be pushed.
In two- and three-dimensional space. In addition to ordinary furniture, you can add items: a kettle, a lamp ...

One interior plan can be made for free.

Greenwheels -
address: Greenwheels, Postbus 23191, 3001 KD
tel.: +31 (0) 88 2100 100

Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo -
address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 176, Rotterdam, Netherlands
tel.: +__010 436-10-44
World Youth Organization of Esperantists.


World Youth Organization of Esperantists (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo, TEJO)

International organization uniting young (up to 30 years) Esperantists of different countries of the world. Formally TEJO is the youth section of the World Association of Esperanto (which largely manages and Financed by TEJO), but enjoys considerable freedom. By 2009 TEJO unites 44 national youth Esperanto organizations and three so-called "specialized sections".

Universala Esperanto Asocio -
address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 176, 3015 BJ
tel.: +31 10 436-10-44
The World Association of Esperanto (Universala Esperanto Asocio, UEA).


The World Association of Esperanto (Universala Esperanto Asocio, UEA).
It was founded in 1908 as an organization of individual Esperantists.
In 2004, the UEA consisted of 114 countries.


  • disseminate Esperanto,
  • develop a discussion about the world language problem,
  • act to solve the language problem in international relations and facilitate international contacts,
  • pay attention to The need for equality of languages.
UEA represents the Esperanto movement in international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and ...
UEA is a major publishing house, the main distributor of Esperanto books by mail, the permanent secretariat And information center. UEA has a large library, and the network of its activists is the largest and most international in the entire Esperanto movement. UEA annually conducts the World Congress of Esperanto (Universala Kongreso).
The headquarters of the UEA is located in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

UEA News


My Aurora Forecast -
address: Roode Leeuw 28 1871AZ
My Aurora Forecast is the best app for seeing the Northern Lights.


My Aurora Forecast is the best app for seeing the Northern Lights. Built with a sleek dark design, it appeals to both tourists and serious aurora watchers by telling you what you want to know

  • whether that is exactly how likely you are to see the aurora borealis or details about the solar winds and high-resolution sun imagery. With this app, you'll be seeing the Northern Lights in no time.
    1. Find the current KP index and how likely you are to see the Northern Lights.
    2. View a list of the best locations to view from right now.
    3. Map showing how strong the aurora is around the world, based on the SWPC ovation auroral forecast.
    4. Free push notifications when auroral activity is expected to be high.
    5. Forecasts for the next hour, several hours and several weeks so you can plan your Northern Lights viewing long in advance (subject to weather conditions).
    6. Solar wind statistics and sun imagery.
    7. Tour information so if you're considering to go to locations such as Iceland or even Alaska or Canada, you'll be able to find tours that we can recommend to you.
    8. Completely free of charge for all functionality, no in-app purchases.
  • The Hague

    HCCH -
    address: Churchillplein 6b 2517 JW
    tel.: +31 (0) 70 360 4867
    The Hague Conference on Private International Law.

    PCA -
    address: Zorgvliet, 2517 KJ
    tel.: +31 70 302 4165
    Permanent Court of Arbitration.

    ICJ -
    address: Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ
    tel.: +31 70 302 23 23
    International Court of Justice.

    Startpage -
    address: Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, 2595 AN Den
    Google search engine output is used.


    Google search engine output is used.
    Feature - unlike Google, this intermediary does not fix yfoi IP-address and allows you to remain anonymous.


    University of Twente -


    Vrije University -


    Wageningen Agricultural University -


    Protest -
    address: Dekker Olifanta B.V. Veerpolder 7 2361 KX
    tel.: +31 (0)71-3050210