Voice typing

address: Russia
We dictate the text by voice, the program translates it into typed text.

Here you can type in the text and save it. Built-in keyboard, HTM tags ...
There are extra features that few people will need, but better than something missing.


There is a choice - to replace punctuation words or not. That is, we say DOT, COMMA and get the punctuation mark or word DOT, COMMA.
After a period, the sentence starts with a capital letter, unlike other services I've tried. However, you can cancel this service as well.

Russian - Englesh
Speech Recognition Tool.
You can just dictate the text. We say the program writes.

т.The words DOT, COMMA translate into punctuation marks. The whole text except the very first letter is in lowercase.

Доступные языки

When you select a language, the interface changes to the selected language.