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  1. - Word Counter Tool - Accurate word counter and also can use to test your typing speed.
  2. - - Keyboard simulator with different levels and test print level.
address: Russia


Online version of the famous keyboard simulator VerseQ.
You can learn, as well as participate in competitions, shares your success with friends and acquaintances.


Keyboard racing simulator.
The award-winning online typing competition, TypeRacer, allows people to race each-other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs.
It is the first multiplayer typing game on the web.


Online simulator, which gives the opportunity to learn how to type text on the keyboard blindly, using all 10 fingers. The site maintains your statistics, as well as the overall ranking of students' performance.


Free online typing course.
Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using all your fingers.
You will soon be typing faster than you ever imagined.
27 guided lessons to learn step-by-step from the beginning.
Choose between 23 different keyboard layouts.
Web-based course. No downloads required.


Keyboard simulator.
Simple, easy. There is no registration, we go and immediately for the case.


  1. Russian initial,
  2. Russian advanced,
  3. English initial,
  4. English advanced.


address: Russia
The old well-known keyboard simulator for blind printing.
I have friends who have learned how to blindly print with this simulator. What I like on this site is that it practically copies a well-known program. Simply, clearly, nothing superfluous.

address: Russia


Keyboard simulator in the form of a game - race to speed typing with other participants.

It's always easier to learn together, you can share, support. And most importantly - the spirit of competition stimulates to progress imperceptibly.

It's fun!

Typing web

A decent, free simulator,
but there are English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish. Korean, Italian, French, Portuguese.