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Online Operating system

Virtual x86

Computer emulator in the browser, choose the historical OS from the proposed ones.

If you have been using a computer for a long time and you have nostalgia or if you are new, but you are curious how it looked at the dawn of the computer age.
Here you can choose one of the old OS (ReactOS, Windows (1.01, 95 and 98), Linux (2.6 and 3.18), Arch Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Oberon, MS-DOS, FreeDOS, Solar OS, Kolibri OS), can play in an old game.

Virtual x86

The operating system is online, works with office documents.
It is convenient to work with a computer and a smartphone.

The platform is open, so you can write the application itself. It will be convenient for enterprises, you can make your software


Online OS with elements of sociality.
Paid, but did not see anything better for certain purposes.
For your company, the operating system on Internet. Very conveniently, one base.
Someone works separately, someone together, there is a chat, there is a history that the coordinator could see, who, when and what was engaged.

There are chat, forum, social network, Wiki - knowledge base, planning calendar, cloud storage, task lists ...

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Soft OS

Eye OS

Online operating system.
There is no Russian language.

What is in view of - the desktop and a number of familiar programs for the OS.
We go to the site, into the account and use it.

eyeOS uses HTML, PHP, AJAX, and JavaScript.

Browsers are supported: IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Chromium.