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Funko POP -
Collectible Figures.

Collectible Figures.

There are collections of car models. They are high-quality, detailed.
This store makes and sells collectible figures of famous people or heroes in a single format.

There are figures from films, figures from games, figures from series, figures from cartoons, figures of superheroes, figures of sports stars, etc.

You can see, you can buy.

One of the largest network companies on the Russian market of building and finishing materials and household goods.

Fashionable clothes at a bargain price.

Fashionable clothes at a bargain price.
Platform for online shopping with a strong focus on women's fashion.
No matter what the current fashion trend is, Shein is sure to follow it or even lead it.


Women's wear, men's wear, children's wear, shoes and accessories, and 20,000+ styles, including dresses, blouses, swimwear and t-shirts.


  • 10% discount on first order.
  • Discounts up to 80%.
  • Free shipping for orders of $49 or more, free returns for all orders.
  • Sale alerts and promotional emails.

Krug dobra
Providing children with expensive medications.

Providing children with expensive medications.

There are cases when people raise money for an expensive operation. Some do it themselves, some through charitable organizations.
It is hard, but it is possible, because an operation is needed only once.

But there are cases when a person regularly needs expensive medicine.
We are not talking about just expensive drugs, which you can get for free through medical institutions.
There are drugs that cost a million or more.
It's simply not realistic to raise the money.

In such cases, the state has decided to help.
You need to apply through this site.

The history of the car.

Vehicle check by VIN.

Checking is done on request.

  1. Checking the history of registration in the traffic police.
  2. Checking for participation in the accident.
  3. Checking the presence in the search.
  4. Checking the presence of restrictions.
  5. Information about finding the vehicle in the pledge.
  6. Information on liability insurance.
I checked my car and the cars of a number of acquaintances.
By registration everything was right. The year of manufacture is shown, the number of owners by year (without names) ...

But it showed on an accident only after 2018.
Maybe in Moscow earlier.
Each accident is detailed, not always correctly, let's say I had a small accident, but they also wrote down the glass and so on. Significantly more than it was in reality.

As for pledges, the arrest of cars ... everything is correct. They write when, what and to whom they should, indicate the phone of the initiator of the restriction.
By the way, on normal sites for the sale of a car, your ad will not be missed if the car is pledged, arrested ... Checked other sites and applications . They simply use the traffic police base. So why not overpay, look here.

Food delivery in 15 minutes.

Food delivery in 15 minutes.

From 7:00 to 24:00.
Yandex makes warehouses in different parts of Moscow and Peter yet.
Instead of buyers, storekeepers collect your orders.
Collected order is brought by courier.
Delivery is free.

You can order through your browser, which is convenient, you're home. However, you can also use the mobile applications Yandex. Food and Yandex. Taxi.

And of course you can work or earn a part-time courier.


Planning furniture.

Furniture planning.
If you are going to buy furniture from IKEA, you probably can't do without this planner.
However, in other cases, this planner can also be useful.

Here you can see how the furniture will look in the picture.
In doing so, we can pick up doors, handles, countertops, sinks, faucets, appliances. And immediately see what it will look like.
Then you can plan the furniture in more detail and schematically.
You set the size of the kitchen, and then you pick out the tables and cabinets. You can drag and drop, select dimensions from those offered ...
And then you can order.

SharewareOnSale -

Giveaways of licensed programs, legally.

Catch free handouts of programs for Windows, applications and games for Android.

Free licenses, extended trial versions and special offers for antivirus and security software.

Free licenses, extended trial versions and special offers for antivirus and security software.
There is a review of programs, programs, and most importantly, every day a number of paid programs are offered officially free.

So if you want to have some kind of programs for free, just catch the moment.

Local Kitchen
Home food delivery.

Home food delivery.

Preparation and free food delivery in half an hour maximum.

Homemade food, pizza, rolls and sushi.

Level Kitchen
Delivery of ready-made nutritious meals

Delivery of ready-made nutritious meals.
The menu was developed by the chef together with the team of nutritionists.
Works in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Vladimir, Kaluga, Ryazan, Tula, Tver and Nizhny Novgorod.

How it works

  1. Choose a program,
  2. place an order,
  3. receive confirmation of order, date and time of delivery.

Power lines

  • healthy weight loss - rations from 750 to 1500 kcal. The body will get all the necessary micronutrients, and excess weight will go away.
  • Balance - 1800 to 2000 kcal, optimal for maintaining your current shape.
  • Setting - from 2400 to 3500 kcal for professional athletes and those who give their all in the gym.

    Performance Food
    Preparation and delivery of healthy meals using natural foods.

    Preparation and delivery of healthy meals using natural foods.

    On the site choose your own diet from

    1. Life - Premium nutrition rations for sports and everyday life.
    2. Health - Health foods for people who need special care.
    3. Personal - Your own personal nutrition tailored to your needs.
    .Then choose gender, type of diet (sports, weight loss...), you can choose the calorie level.

    Look at the prices and if everything suits you - go ahead.

    My Food
    Service for the delivery of ready-made and tasty rations for every day.

    Service for the delivery of ready-made and tasty rations for every day.

    Works in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Kaluga, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Tula and Tver.

    You will prepare and deliver food to your home at a convenient time and place in the morning.


    CLASSIC - the usual dishes.
    Lineup includes 4 programs from 3 to 6 dishes each.
    The menu includes the usual classics of world cuisine - sausages, nuggets, pancakes, pies, cheesecakes and ...
    Delivery every 3 days.

    TRAVEL - restaurant-level food with national dishes from 143 countries.
    The lineup includes 5 programs each ranging from 3 to 7 courses.
    The meals are designed for those who prefer restaurant food and culinary masterpieces:

    • fish delicacies (salmon, mackerel, perch, herring),
    • meat delights (rabbit, lamb, duck, etc.), fresh seafood (calamari, crabs),
    • soups, drinks,
    • desserts
    • ...
    For each day there are from 4 to 7 dishes per day + drink, depending on the size chosen.
    Delivery in days.

    Delivery of food and products for free in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    Delivery of food and products for free in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    Products and goods for home in 15-30 minutes.
    Prices and choice - as in the store at home.

    We work in Moscow and St. Petersburg, growing rapidly and constantly opening new delivery zones.

    We made this group so that you can quickly share your impressions, tell us about your experience, give us advice or praise us.
    It is important for us to know what we do well and what we do not. We just want you to be comfortable with us.

    Additional benefits - stocks, bonuses, promo codes.

    Lenta has become a premium seller on OZON and has its own sect

    Lenta has become a premium seller on OZON and has its own section.
    Delivery is free, pickup at OZON pickup points.

    So far not a large range of goods is represented. Initially only non-products.
    Now began to appear products.
    The assortment is constantly growing.

    Lenta is a well-known and popular hypermarket chain. It is present only in large cities.
    Thanks to its representation on OZON, it has become available practically all over Russia.

    Online store of space food.

    Online store of space food.

    Do you want to try what astronauts eat?
    This store allows us to fulfill the dream.
    You can buy both something specific and ready-made kits.

    You can buy both for yourself or as a gift for someone.

    Our astronauts spend many months in space and therefore a large number of dishes are adapted.


    Free self-delivery (bring your ID) from the office at: Moscow Varshavskoe shosse 129 korp. 2, p. 2.
    Courier delivery cost in Moscow - 450 rubles.

    For the Moscow region - 650 rubles.

    Delivery is carried out all over the world, in each case it is necessary to clarify the options.


    Cash on delivery or by card online.

    Russian Bible Society -
    The best place to buy the Bible.

    The best place to buy a Bible.
    There will be an acceptable price and the widest choice - by language, edition, with a large font and compact ...

    CS-Cart -
    Not the most expensive, but easier.

    Not the most expensive, but easier.
    It is easier to work with the base and in general with the site if you have your own programmer.
    The design is quite simple, you will have to do something yourself or buy it.

    The possibilities of the site are expanding in modules, of which there are many.
    This is like, say, in the browser Google Chrome you can add extensions and so add browser functions.
    It's the same here. There are free and paid modules.


    Buying a CS-Card once, you don't have to pay anything else.
    But they will offer subscriptions, updates.

    If you change your mind, you can get your money back, we've been returned without any reservations, to the same card, no requirement to send an application by mail, etc.
    It really took us about a week to wait.


    There is a special panel on their website, there we can address our questions, first questions for free, then for money.
    Answer in principle normally, a four, and slowly, the alert will come to you by email.

    Professional CMS. Paid. The main feature is the integration with 1C-accounting. For corporate sites, online stores, information portals, social networks and ...

    Professional CMS. Paid.
    The main feature is integration with 1C-accountancy.
    Online payment systems are easy to set up.

    Suitable for corporate sites, large online stores.


    Buy once, no additional payments will be required, unless you are persuaded to subscribe, updates.

    But the CMS itself is very professional and does not need additional updates.


    You can add various functions through the Marketplace Catalogue (in your control panel), there are free and paid.

    I especially want to mention the shell ASPRO, which we decided to try, moreover, it is not cheap.

    We were assured that it would be of great use, but we never saw what it was.
    We were shown what she looks like. But in fact, she looked pretty much the same as a simple Beatrix.
    Because we'll replace all their pictures with our own. And the menu, the website style, the same.
    Some kid was doing the installation, it's set up in a few clicks, we had to wait a few days.

    The old base is being demolished, everything has to be re-injected, there are no options. They can help with that, for 15,000 rubles.

    When we decided to give it up, we were denied a refund, they said when we bought it, they sent us the key and it's irreversible.

    Just lost time and money.


    It's very long.
    There are accounts in social networks, a phone, but there will not help you, almost all their contacts are busy with only one thing - sales.

    Control Panel

    Pretty modern, professional.
    In my opinion, overloaded, it will take time to get used to it.
    There are comfortable things, there are weird things.

    Jino, Spectrum
    Hosting for 1C-Bitrix.

    Hosting for 1C-Bitrix.
    290 rubles per month.
    Test period of 10 days, you can try, liked - buy.

    Register and get ready-made site

    1C-Bitrix is already installed, you can simply use it without bothering to install it.
    Hosting is customized for this CMS and nothing extra. There is only one site, no subdomains.
    Because it is cheaper than other hosting, which are used for 1C-Bitrix.

    But do not flatter yourself, you still have rights to 1C-Bitrix no, only a test period of one month, then you will need to buy a license on the official site and enter your key, then it will always work.

    Free SSL certificates (to have HTTPS address://)

    The hosting user can get a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.
    The certificates are issued within a few seconds through the "Gino" control panel and are automatically renewed.
    Login to Domains, choose one of your domains and click on the tab.


    The domain can be purchased from Gino or anywhere else and is simply used on this hosting.

    Auto-renewal. That is, my head does not hurt to pay for the domain, just pay for hosting in advance, payment for the domain is automatic when required.

    Payment methods

    Regular promotions, if we pay more forward, we get something for free.
    I so got a decent headphones, external HDD, tablet, something else. With gifts come fountain pens, something else with the logo of Gino. Nice.

    Payment methods


    Support service

    All questions are solved, not everything is quick. You just need to write the question clearly, concisely and without emotion.

    Gino. Cloud

    You also get a cloud of 20 Gb of free space.

    Service for ordering goods to Russia bypassing restrictions.

    Service for ordering goods to Russia bypassing restrictions.

    How it works

    1. Fill out the form - a link to the product and quantity,
    2. is checking the product for availability, then you are sent a link to pay (in rubles),
    3. pay,
    4. the package is sent,
    5. we pick up the order at the Russian Post office.

    Internet second hand Olga Zhuravleva.

    Internet second hand Olga Zhuravleva.
    Premium brands with savings of 70 %.

    Service of export and sale of branded clothes wardrobe. Moschino, Max&Co, Cop.Copine, Fabi, GF Ferre, Roberto Cavalli.

    Professional people change their wardrobe and sell branded clothes at a cheap price.
    Olga visits such people and buys things, which she then sells through the Internet.

    Delivery formats

    • Postal delivery within Russia - 290 rubles. Term of 5-7 days.
    • Delivery to the delivery point of SDEC, boxberry - RUB 390. In Moscow and the region will send by courier to the door.
    • Orders are dispatched from Monday to Friday until 20:00h. Orders paid on Friday will be shipped on Monday.
    • Covered payment - 390 rub.
    Delivery by Russian Post with payment upon receipt of the parcel (commission fee for transfer of funds is 4%).
    Free delivery is not valid.

    Bata -

    Protest -


    Zen Cart -
    Zen Buyer's Basket is really the art of e-commerce: free, easy to use, open source.

    Zen Buyer's Basket is really the art of e-commerce: free, easy to use, open source. The software is developed by a group of co-owners of the store, programmers, designers and consultants who think that e-commerce could and should be done differently.

    Open-Realty -
    System for sales management, flexible search, template system, Yahoo Maps interface.

    System for sales management, flexible search, template system, Yahoo Maps interface.

    OS Commerce -
    A powerful buyer's basket with a wide variety of modules and support for almost every payment gate.

    A powerful buyer's basket with a wide variety of modules and support for almost every payment gate. A large group of developers is ready to offer solutions depending on your needs.

    CubeCart -
    Convenient and yet powerful buyer's basket, an unlimited number of categories and products, multiple payment gateways, downloadable products.

    Convenient and yet powerful buyer's basket, an unlimited number of categories and products, multiple payment gateways, downloadable products. It is very easy to modify.

    Search for car ads.

    Leading auto show Runet.
    We go in, register, if we have an account on Yandex, registration will be much simpler. There is a garage where we can add our car or cars.

    Site Opportunities

    1. buy, sell a used car,
    2. buy a new car,
    3. buy, sell spare parts,
    4. find an auto service with a filter (you need any, and One that will do the required repair or maintenance):
      1. transmission repair,
      2. chassis repair,
      3. electrical repair,
      4. body repair,
      5. brake repair,
      6. exhaust repair Systems,
      7. air conditioner repair,
      8. tuning and after-consuming equipment,
      9. engine repair,
      10. diagnostics.
    5. find tire fitting, car wash,
    6. car brands forums.
    Search for car ads.

    Leading auto show Runet.
    We go in, register, if we have an account on Yandex, registration will be much simpler. There is a garage where we can add our car or cars.

    Site Opportunities

    1. buy, sell a used car,
    2. buy a new car,
    3. buy, sell spare parts,
    4. find an auto service with a filter (you need any, and One that will do the required repair or maintenance):
      • transmission repair,
      • chassis repair,
      • electrical repair,
      • body repair,
      • brake repair,
      • exhaust repair Systems,
      • air conditioner repair,
      • tuning and after-consuming equipment,
      • engine repair,
      • diagnostics.
    5. find tire fitting, car wash,
    6. car brands forums.
    Auto parts, auto electronics, tires and wheels.

    The cost of the car.

    Evaluation, buying out your used car VAZ, GAZ and foreign cars.
    On the site you can calculate the cost of the car depending on the

    1. brand,
    2. year of release,
    3. color,
    4. mileage,
    5. engine size,
    6. body type,
    7. engine type,
    8. gearbox,
    9. presence of air conditioner,
    10. engine condition,
    11. chassis status,
    12. body condition,
    13. What account do you own,
    14. etc.

    Auto parts store in Russia.

    Auto parts store in Russia.
    Large selection of suppliers and a large network of stores across the country.
    if you have such a shop in the city, it will be convenient for you to order spare parts online if they are not available.
    Prices are low. From what I needed to take on my Polo sedan, I did not see cheaper prices.


    Auto parts, auto electronics, tires and wheels.

    We buy a car, choose a brand, model, amount. Advanced settings.

    Automotive portal that provides classic information and something new.
    On the site you can buy a used car (the new recommendation only in the car dealership).


    • News, under the heading "New" are cars that are still entering the Russian and world markets,
    • test drive reviews,
    • lifehacks (tips)
    • video.

    Knowledge Base

    Addresses and phone numbers for vehicle registration, technical inspection, obtaining rights, traffic rules, fines, and almost all cases of life of the car owner.

    I looked, the base is not very big, not all regions.
    But it is filled.

    Catalog officially sold cars.

    The best catalog of officially sold cars with all variants of engines, gearboxes and complete sets available for the Russian market. The site monitors the price updates from manufacturers and dealers and knows how much each option costs in the car.

    The real value of the car

    • Information on the cost of car maintenance, which includes: maintenance costs, transport tax, OSAGO, fuel costs and other costs.
    • The cost of owning a car.
    • Quick and easy comparison of cars.
    • Exam SDA Online on will help prepare for the exam in the traffic police.

    Personal assistant for choosing a car.

    Personal assistant for choosing and buying a car online, with delivery to the nearest major city.

    Long rentals.
    Detailed report and independent inspection on request.
    OSAGO, CASCO and special conditions on credit.

    Chats with a personal assistant: about everything and every offer you like.

    Online prepayment and payment by bank transfer, ordering insurance, extended guarantee and processing the loan at a special rate.

    Free extended warranty for 3 months for cars under the age of 7 years.

    An assistant appears immediately - to answer your questions about cars and ads, and then to help you make payment, arrange insurance and arrange for delivery of the car to the nearest major city.

    Sell ​​the car.

    Urgent redemption and sale of used cars in Russia, not yet in all, and Moscow, Peter, Kazan, Samara, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod.

    Here you can sell your car very quickly. It is clear that the fastest selling is nothing. Therefore, it is better not to do this. But if money is needed urgently and you need to sell quickly, then you will not get a bad price.

    By the way, the site is solid and many invest in it. So this is not a butterfly one-day.
    Social Networks motorists, motorists blogs, tuning, photos, chat.

    The largest Russian-language auto show.
    The site was created in January 2001 because it is a good base and a habitual place for selling used cars.
    Originally was completely dedicated to Japanese cars.
    Now restrictions No.

    Here you can buy a used car, spare parts and find information on cars, rules of traffic regulations, travel. There is a forum. -
    Buying cars in Sweden is the leading site.

    Social Networks motorists, motorists blogs, tuning, photos, chat.

    The largest Russian-language auto show.
    The site was created in January 2001 because it is a good base and a habitual place for selling used cars.
    Originally was completely dedicated to Japanese cars.
    Now restrictions No.

    Here you can buy a used car, spare parts and find information on cars, rules of traffic regulations, travel. There is a forum.

    Auto parts online store.

    Auto parts online store.

    This is essentially a network of auto parts stores.
    You can order and receive an order at a store in your city.
    You can get a courier, something in the mail, if you do not have a store in the city.

    But personally, I prefer to avoid such options, there are other auto parts stores operating according to a similar scheme.
    And if you have several in the city, you can compare prices.

    Through the store you do not need to pay for delivery, you can pay on receipt, check and there are people with whom you can then ask and who will work with the client.

    Auto parts, auto electronics, tires and wheels.

    Buying a car.

    Search for lucrative offers (where the price of cars is below the market) for new cars and cars with a run from all major sites in Russia.
    Evaluate the market value and the amount of benefits for each auto advertisement.

    Looking at the prices of models I understand, Quite profitable.
    Quite clearly, conveniently and clearly shown on the diagram and the order comes with more profitable.

    Billboard Yula
    Bulletin board.

    Bulletin board Yulia from
    It is sold through phone and a site.
    We photograph the goods and at once we place.
    The main thing is quickly.

    In my opinion it is a little strange.
    And to edit a photo?
    Normally, a person does seve

    Kolesa Darom
    Auto parts, auto electronics, tires and wheels.

    Auto parts, auto electronics, tires and wheels.

    Bulletin board.

    The leading site for free private ads.
    There was a merger with the other 2 leaders of the Runet and
    Convenient communication between sellers and buyers to make the most profitable transactions, cooperation with leading information and social Internet-projects.

    Registration is not required, goods can be purchased quickly. Search by map, categories, everything is simple, clear, understandable.


    BangGood -
    Big online store of Chinese goods, you can find staff much cheaper than on Aliexpress.

    A site like Aliexpress, a huge choise of goods, you can find much cheaper than on Aliexpress - competition.
    However Aliexpress has a biiger choice of goods.

    The site looks lighter and easier to work with.

    Ways of payment

    Yandex Market
    Yandex - search for products.

    Information-reference system for those who want to buy a product or service without losing any extra time and money.


    1. Yandex determines your geographical position and primarily issues the goods that are sold wherever you live.
    2. Large database.
    3. You do not like the price? - click "Learn about price reduction" and indicates the price that suits you.
    4. You can compare the prices of the selected products,
    5. product reviews and participate in discussions,
    6. technical specifications (without going to the manufacturer's website),
    7. look similar products.
    Be sure to look at the reviews. If there is not enough feedback, then the site may turn out to be a seasonal one - it will pick up orders and close. Must be a lot and positive. By the way, Yandex skillfully filters the wrapping through reviews and blocks such shops. Each store has satisfied and not very satisfied customers. Read it yourself and choose.

    Pay attention to the delivery, the goods can be cheaper, but the delivery is expensive. We will find out the final price, what will it ultimately cost us. There are shops that will not take anything for shipping to your city, like Connected for example.

    A transaction for the purchase of goods and/Or services, information about which is posted on Yandex.Market, is carried out directly between the buyer and the relevant store. Yandex does not become an intermediary or an arbitrator.
    However, now you can buy a lot through the site itself.

    If you are registered in Yandex, the history of your purchases is saved.
    If you are not registered, what's the matter? Be sure to register, Yandex services you will definitely need.

    A platform for searching industry and consumer goods and services, as well as companies and manufacturers Russia.

    A platform for searching industry and consumer goods and services, as well as companies and manufacturers Russia.

    On the Alloy platform, you can create a business website absolutely free. You get a beautiful and professional online store, unlimited functionality, you can post any number of offers and connect any domain. It is amazing, but it is. No hidden fees. No dirty tricks. Paid services are optional - they will come in handy when you want to get more sales from your site.

    You can create a site yourself - just register (1 minute) and go through the 7 steps of the Wizard (5-10 minutes). Everything. The online store is ready to accept orders.

    The site is edited as easy as a page on social networks. You can move blocks, add products, news and photos with one click directly on the site.

    Unlimited free hosting.

    Integration into the trading platform with millions of buyers - start selling 15 minutes after opening an online store.

    Free Advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google at our expense with payment for sales. Set up campaigns and optimize conversions.

    Yandex Market
    The most intuitive and convenient search for products.

    The most intuitive and convenient search for goods.
    Information-reference system for those who want to buy a product or service without losing any time and money.

    You can choose the goods, as in the catalog, you can specify a search or Advanced search, noting the necessary product functions, price range, dimensions ...


    1. Yandex determines your geographical location and primarily issues goods that are sold wherever you live.
    2. A large database.
    3. You did not like the price? - Click "Learn about price reduction" and indicate the price that suits you.
    4. You can compare the prices of the selected products,
    5. product reviews and participate in discussions
    6. Technical specifications (without going to the manufacturer's website),
    7. look similar products.
    Be sure to look at the reviews. If there is not enough feedback, then the site may turn out to be a seasonal one - it will pick up orders and close. Must be a lot and positive. By the way, Yandex skillfully filters the wrapping through reviews and blocks such shops. Each store has satisfied and not very satisfied customers. Read it yourself and choose.

    Pay attention to the delivery, the goods can be cheaper, but the delivery is expensive. We will find out the final price, what will it ultimately cost us. There are shops that will not take anything for shipping to your city, like Connected for example.

    A transaction for the purchase of goods and/Or services, information about which is posted on Yandex.Market, is carried out directly between the buyer and the relevant store. Yandex does not become an intermediary or arbitrator.
    However, now you can buy a lot through the site itself.

    If you are registered in Yandex, the history of your purchases is saved.
    If you are not registered, what's the matter? Be sure to register, Yandex services will be useful to you.
    More than 700 million goods from China. Clothing, footwear and accessories for the whole family with delivery to Russia, CIS countries and Europe.

    RetailMeNot -
    The site collects discounts and promotions from Western online stores, regularly on the site about 50,000 discount coupons.

    The site collects discounts and promotions from Western online stores, regularly on the site about 50,000 discount coupons.

    It is possible at a discount to buy hosting, domain registration, photo services and ...

    The database is replenished by users. There was a discount - there was a discussion of the discount. It immediately becomes clear how coupons work. Maybe already the time has passed. In short, the pitfalls emerge.

    DealExtreme -
    It is one of the three most popular Chinese stores.

    It is one of the three most popular Chinese stores.

    Goods are generally cheaper than on Aliexpress, but shipping is expensive. Therefore, it is better to compare the final price. By the way, goods can be even more expensive.

    In competition with Ali, quality suffers, there are unscrupulous sellers.



    Pill in trip -
    Search for equivalents and analogues of drugs in foreign countries to travelers, expats and tourists.

    Search for equivalents and analogues of drugs in foreign countries to travelers, expats and tourists.

    There are complete analogues of drugs, they are simply called differently, but somewhere there are no complete analogues, just a similar medicine that

    The service allows you to find out the price of the right drug and see what pharmacies it is now selling.

    In our time to get the necessary medicine is not difficult. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pharmacies give us this opportunity day and night. But there was another problem: the cost of medicines with each day grows and can vary greatly in different pharmacies. The service allows you to find out the price of the right drug and see what pharmacies it is now selling.

    Drug search in pharmacies in Russian cities will save time and money when buying a medicine.

    1. Choose your city,
    2. enter the name of the drug,
    3. click find.
    On the site you can find out about the availability, price and location of the pharmacy in which you sell the necessary medicine in the cities of the Yekaterinburg region, but on the widget: Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk, etc. The list will be replenished.

    And if we forgot the exact name of the drug - it does not matter. It is necessary to enter only the first three letters, and you will see a tip with a list of medicines, among which yours will necessarily be.
    Information is provided by the Centers for Pharmaceutical Information of Russian Cities, therefore it is reliable and most urgent.
    The service will help you find medicines From flu, pressure, headache, or allergies at the lowest price and at the nearest pharmacy. Be well!

    Sber eApteka
    Search and delivery of medicines and vitamins.

    Search and delivery of medicines and vitamins.
    More than 70 thousand product names.

    Convenient search for drugs (including by active ingredient), selection of analogues, ordering in a few clicks and fast delivery to home or to the nearest pharmacy.
    Help from pharmacists through the app.


    Pharmacy online.
    Medicines are very expensive and the difference in price can be quite noticeable, especially when you have to count money.
    So we can always go to the pharmacy, ask the price and then see what prices are here, then make a choice.

    You can not order medicines for the house under the laws of the Russian Federation.
    On the site you can:

    1. order medicines,
    2. choose the delivery point, which is huge in the country,
    3. get at the selected delivery point and pay if you arranged an order.
    The site has a feedback, free phone.

    Online pharmacy
    Online pharmacy in Moscow.

    Online pharmacy in Moscow.

    A pharmaceutical company where you can buy medicines with free home delivery for a preferential category of citizens or with pick-up at a retail outlet.

    Prices are lower than in a pharmacy, because in Moscow it is very expensive to rent a room for a pharmacy. but you can find an inexpensive place on the outskirts of the warehouse.
    The choice is more because there is more goods in stock than in a small pharmacy.

    The cost of courier delivery in Moscow will be 150 rubles., In the near suburbs - 280 rubles., In the far areas of the Moscow region - 400 rubles. The cost of express delivery is 250 rubles.


    A social geoinformation web service that allows you to determine the availability of drugs in pharmacies, saving money and time.
    It is problematic to get sick in Russia: after receiving a coveted prescription from a doctor, you can wander around in pharmacies for a long time in search of the right drug. Often, people take turns early in the morning to buy it, and before that they have to call or go round all the pharmaceutical institutions in a row. Well, if the city is small, but the metropolitan inhabitant is wasting miles, it's clearly not fun, especially when he is sick.

    Aptekarsk will save him from these torments: just go to the site and enter the name of the desired medicine as a search query. The result will be the display on the map of pharmacies where it is available, and a detailed summary of the prices, available forms of release, manufacturers and even the remaining quantity of the medicine. Sorting and filtering will help in the perception of these data. After identifying with the pharmacy, the user will see her address and phone.

    The service receives data from pharmaceutical databases, which guarantees its relevance. Any pharmacy has the opportunity to connect to the project, having received from this obvious benefit, and not necessarily the metropolitan: in the future, the creators plan to cover other cities.

    Vse Apteki
    A quick way to find and book the right drugs and other pharmacy products at low prices.

    A quick way to find and book the right drugs and other pharmacy products at low prices.
    We work only with pharmacy chains and services such as Rigla, Pharmacy.Ru, "ZdravCity", "ASNA", "36.6", "Doctor Stoletov", "Gorzdrav", "Samson-Pharma", "Zhivika", "Norma", "A5", "Planet of Health", "IFK", "Old Physician", "Lakes", "Dimpharm", "Be healthy" and ...

    All data on the availability and cost of goods in pharmacies have been received in real time, but to fix the order you need to complete the registration.

    However, the implementation of the idea is still raw, you can just read the feedback to the Android app.


    Near Global -
    Virtual shops.

    The British company Near Software has launched a large-scale and ambitious project to move the famous London area of ​​the West End to a global network. Project manager Alex Rottlesley reports that an accurate 3D copy of the famous district with all shopping centers, theaters, Museums and other institutions.z
    Fans of the online-shopping will appreciate the possibility of a leisurely walk in the shops, In the course of which they will not have to deal with vagabonds, pop Bugs, pickpockets, or insulting street graffiti. Buyers will be able to communicate with each other via social networks such as Facebook or MySpace, send invitations to friends for co-shopping and exchange text messages.

    Over 600 traders from Bond Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street and other streets will receive a permanent residence permit in the virtual world of Near London. The cost of rent will be $40 per month. The owners of retail outlets will be able to invite visitors to their official sites or take the help of Near Software designers to create exact copies of stores in the three-dimensional world. Designers promise to make the virtual world extremely dynamic. The weather in the painted streets will change in full accordance with the real data, and on street newspaper stands the inhabitants of the virtual world will see the headlines of the fresh newspapers.

    The doors of the virtual West End will open for visitors in October next year.

    Virtual shops.

    The purpose of the Printdirect service is to provide an opportunity to create and order various products with own design (pictures, photos, illustrations, text) quickly and conveniently, online.

    Also Printdirect allows everyone, absolutely free of charge and in minutes to create their own Internet Shop (virtual showcase) entirely on the technical and software base of Printdirect, decorate it in its own style, sell the created products in it and earn on it.

    We want Printdirect to be one of the ways for each person to implement s new ideas, express individuality and to convey the results of their own creativity to others in exchange for an honest adequate remuneration.



    Unexpected experience.

    Unusual gifts that you can design (but you can use and ready).

    1. Choose a box.
    2. We add gifts-impressions (diving, pokatushki in zorb, paragliding, aerotrub, ethnics drumming, head and face massage with Thai herbal pouches).
    3. We get assorted by March 8 for 3950 rubles, from which the girl will be able to choose something to her taste.
    For the immodest, there are shopping sets for 35 000 rubles.
    For friends - all sorts of entertainment for ten people for 19 000.
    Free pleasures are available in the Free Smi) club.
    Becoming His member, you can experience one impression, but in return you need to write an interesting story in the LJ community of the club.


    Unexpected experience.

    These are not material objects, but real adventures, a new experience, the joy of knowing, the opportunity to find oneself. These are events that remain in memory for many years. The purpose of the store is to give joy to surrounding people, to fill life with happy emotions, in other words - to bring a holiday. To help make real, what was a dream.

    In the assortment:

    • Master-class from the chef - 5990 rub.
    • Skydiving and instructor - 7400 rub.
    • Record an album of six songs in the recording studio - 29 900 rubles.
    • Ride the tank - 59 900 rubles.
    • Universal female set - 2490 rub. (2 types of massage, visit to beauty salon, henna tattoo, several suntan sessions, dance lesson and Taijiquan, tea ceremony - to choose from).
    Do not know the answer? For you, there is a wealth of information on the site that will help you.


    Online store - all at wholesale prices.

    Online store - all at wholesale prices.

    The store primarily products for children - toys, clothing and ...

    And also there are many products for the whole family, at home ...
    Goods for children, toys.

    Network of certified stores LEGO.

    Network of certified stores LEGO

    Detsky Mir
    Goods for children, toys.

    A variety of baby food for any age.

    A variety of baby food for any age.

    In addition, the site has useful information for young mothers and for future mothers.

    Goods for children, toys.
    Network of toy stores.

    Network of toy stores.

    The store has low prices for popular toys: Lego, Hasbro, Paw Patrol, Meccano, Barbie, Zapf Creation, Filly, Lalaloopsy and many others.

    On the store shelves you will find only official and certified toys.

    A wide range of products from well-known brands for newborns, children up to 10 years, as well as for expectant mothers.

    A wide range of products from well-known brands for newborns, children up to 10 years, as well as for expectant mothers.

    Here you can buy children's clothes and shoes, strollers and car seats, hygiene products, feeding goods, toys.

    Mothercare was founded in 1961 in the UK. Today, Mothercare is represented by more than 1,200 stores in 53 countries of the world. The first Mothercare store in Russia opened its doors in 1994 in Moscow. Today, Mothercare stores are open in many cities of our country, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Omsk, Ufa, Krasnodar, Samara, Tolyatti, Rostov-on-Don, Surgut, Ryazan, etc.

    Rich Family
    Online store of children's goods.

    Online store of children's goods.

    Bicycles, toys, clothes, baby food, furniture ...

    Food, clothes and shoes, games.

    Food, clothes and shoes, games.

    Clothing proven global brands from birth to adolescence.
    Baby food of the best quality, cheap and in a very wide range.
    Hygiene products for children of all ages.
    Fast and punctual delivery.
    The ability to book goods at any retail store network.
    Mandatory seasonal sales, interesting promotions and a profitable bonus program.
    A simple system of exchange and return of goods.

    Shop of toys and children's clothes of world famous brands Lego, Tiny Love, Mattel, Zapf Creation, Hasbro, Reima, Molo, Geox.

    Shop of toys and children's clothes of world famous brands Lego, Tiny Love, Mattel, Zapf Creation, Hasbro, Reima, Molo, Geox.

    More than 70 000 names of Russian and foreign manufacturers and more than 350 brands.

    The myToys store fully complies with all corporate standards of the parent company from Germany, which has been successfully operating on the European market for 20 years and is number 1 in Germany.


    Express delivery Yandex Go
    Delivery for online stores.

    Delivery for online stores.
    The service works with several courier services and helps organize the transportation of goods from Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region to all regions of Russia.

    Russian bouquet -
    Delivery of flowers and gifts throughout Russia and CIS countries.

    Delivery of flowers and gifts throughout Russia and CIS countries.

    Create a memorable bouquet and deliver to the addressee in any city in Russia, the CIS and the world.

    Ordering a bouquet, we get:

    1. fresh flowers.
    2. delivery on time. From 3 hours in Russia and the world;
    3. free photo from delivery. You will see the joy of a loved one at the time of delivery of the bouquet;
    4. free postcard to the bouquet. At your request, we will attach a free postcard to the order on which you can write a message to the recipient of the bouquet.

    Service of delivery of products and goods for home.

    Service delivery of products and household goods in St. Petersburg.

    The range of 3000 items: farm meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish, sweets and much more.

    Delivery from 3 hours, 7 days a week. Free delivery when ordering from 2500 rub.

    Delivery Club
    Home delivery.

    Unified System of Orders.
    All services for our Users are free.
    The prices on the site correspond exactly to the current prices of the Delivery Services presented on the website.
    While only for large cities. More recently, it was only in Moscow and the region.

    How to find out if your city is in the database?

    1. We go
    2. in the form field should be indicated Moscow, click on the right On the badge "target", which will guess your city and if your not, will give out the nearest one.
    By the way, my city is not serviced, because it issued my regional center. What did not suit me. But who knows, maybe they will come to us.


    • the ability to make an objective choice among hundreds of Delivery Services
    • find the most closely located Delivery Services
    • use one site for orders, without wasting time searching for the right products and goods through Search engines
    • order goods through your personal account without re-entering your contact information
    • track the history of all your orders
    • evaluate the quality of the delivery services
    • making orders, earning bonus points and receiving prizes

    How to order?

    1. Enter your metro station or street, click on the icon with the desired product category.
    2. You will see a list of all Delivery Services in order of distance from you, ready to take the order at this time and deliver to your address.
    3. Select the Delivery Service, based on the following criteria:
      assortment, prices, minimum order amount, shipping cost, delivery time.
    4. Select the products you need in the required quantity and click the "Order" button. Your order will be generated in the Trash to the right of the Menu.
    5. Click on the button "Checkout".
    6. Enter your contact information in the booking form.
    7. Click on the "Order" button.
    8. If you are more comfortable making an order by phone, the operators of our Call Center are always ready to help you in choosing the Shipping Service and will help to place an order.

    Flowers-to-Russia -
    Flower delivery in Russia and the world.

    Flower delivery in Russia and the world.

    The international flower delivery service allows people at a distance to bring each other joy and smile, which are so easy to give by ordering flowers to a loved one.

    Today, the network brings together more than 700 flower shops in Russia and thousands of shops in the countries of near and far abroad. More than one and a half million people from 150 countries of the world became clients.

    In our assortment - bouquets and flower arrangements, timed to any occasion, reflecting a wide variety of taste preferences. You will be offered the most relevant achievements of modern floristics, as well as the flower classics loved by many. Only in Russia we deliver over 300 different compositions.

    In addition to the colors, toys, sweets, food baskets and other nice gifts will be offered.

    So that you yourself can see the joyful moment of presenting the bouquet, the service of photographing the recipient is provided and we send the photo by e-mail. For most cities, the service is free. Only with the consent of the recipient. Photographing may not be available in some cities.

    Flowwow -
    Order and delivery of flowers and sweets.

    Order and delivery of flowers and sweets.
    350 thousand satisfied users;
    100 thousand bouquets in more than 950 cities created by local florists;
    3500 active shops and florists on Flowwow;
    13 minutes is the fastest flower delivery on Flowwow on November 20, 2018.

    A service that helps local florists and customers find each other in a few minutes in order to quickly and reliably deliver a bouquet at any time and place in more than 950 cities of the world.

    Flowers are delivered in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Perm, Lipetsk, Tyumen and 850 more Russian cities.
    Also, flower delivery is carried out in London, Milan, New York, Rome, İstanbul, Paris, Lisbon, Dubai, Venice and another 50 cities in the world.

    Flower delivery is carried out exclusively by local flower shops. Local florists receive an order for flower delivery in a specially created application FW Florist. Accept the order after reviewing the requirements of delivery. It is mandatory to photograph a bouquet before delivering flowers and send it through the application to you.

    After the florists have collected a bouquet, they send the order to the courier who uses the application from Flowwow FW Courier, which allows you to control the courier's route, which you can see on the map in the Flowwow Flowers app.

    Franchise network of service stations, parts stores and demolition shops in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    Franchise network of service stations, parts stores and demolition shops in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
    Delivery of spare parts throughout Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
    In major cities of the Russian Federation - for free.

    The main advantage - cheap spare used autoparts.
    Prices are not the lowest, but reliable.
    Friends hold a store of spare parts and never this site is not deceived.

    Auto parts, auto electronics, tires and wheels.

    The leading site for auto parts of Russia.
    Most auto shops take parts here.
    A large selection of suppliers.


    Large selection of auto parts in Russia for cars and trucks, both domestic and imported, municipal and agricultural equipment, products for home and leisure, and many other useful things.

    Large selection of auto parts in Russia for cars and trucks, both domestic and imported, municipal and agricultural equipment, products for home and leisure, and many other useful things.

    The online store is focused on the convenience of customers, so you are offered a choice of several delivery options. If you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, you can pick up the spare parts yourself and take them out from the store's warehouse. If you live in another region of Russia, then a lot of transport companies are at your service. They will deliver your order as quickly as possible.

    For organizations and individual buyers a personal account is opened. It is very convenient.

    Delivery of goods from online stores and eBay auction.

    Delivery of goods from online stores and eBay auction. The service that allows you to bid, win and make purchases at auction and in any US online stores is also as simple as if you are in USA, and in which it's easier ...).

    1. If you find an item you like on eBay,
    2. copy the link (url),
    3. paste this link into the field of this site,
    4. the site makes a purchase for you.
    Service takes 10% of the cost of goods for services.



    TK Welltex
    Supplier of sewing goods.

    Sewing online store that supplies products throughout Russia.
    39 brand clothing stores operate in 36 cities of the Russian Federation, and their number is constantly growing.

    The largest supplier of goods for sewing and sewing production.

    Manufacture of hardware and applied materials. They print labels, engrave and decorate plastic elements and buttons, make lightning, brand gum and braid.

    Design department. Design and model clothes of any complexity. Implement ready-made and create unique patterns for individual orders.

    Clients: garment factories, ateliers, costume workshops, textile design studios, retail sewing shops and private seamstresses. Any business, regardless of scale, gets the perfect sales service.

    Online store embroidery.

    Online store embroidery.

    Do you want to choose embroidery for yourself or as a gift? There are many interesting sets for embroidery and useful accessories for needlework.

    • Cross Stitch,
    • beadwork,
    • diamond embroidery,
    • coloring pages
    • ...

    Online store.

    Rare embroidery kits, exclusive handmade accessories, fashionable yarn, colorful fabrics, a variety of little things for almost any kind of creativity - this is just a small list of our range. More than 60 thousand man-made snacks in one application!


    1. Scan product barcodes. You walked around the needle shop and you liked the product? Just scan the barcode and check the price in our application!
    2. Add one-time and cumulative discounts. With our loyalty program, shopping is even nicer!-
    3. will inform about the status of the order in the first 24 hours after its registration. And yes, our call center is open 24/7!
    4. Deliver throughout Russia by courier, to points of issue orders, Russian Post. By the way, we can also send cash on delivery: wink:

    5 motkov
    Online store yarn.

    Online store yarn.

    Crochet, knitting, fork, knitting workshops, knitting for newborns, children, men, women, knitting accessories, knitted ornaments, knitted tablecloths, napkins, knitting for home, embroidery cross, stitch, ribbons, needlework, creative needlework, fashionable needlework.

    A wide selection of yarn of all colors and varieties from different countries.
    New items that you can hardly find in other stores.
    Our prices are as democratic as possible.

    Online store - sets for embroidery, cross-stitch, goods for needlework.

    Online shop: embroidery kits, cross-stitch, needlework items.Any set for embroidery counting cross, satin stitch, ribbons, tapestry stitch, beads, etc.Constantly updated collections of embroidery and various accessories.


    • Courier delivery in Moscow - 200 rubles,
    • 39 points of issue in Moscow - 79 rubles,
    • Courier delivery in St. Petersburg - 270 rubles,
    • 39 points of issue in St. Petersburg - 120 rubles,
    • 82 cities with courier delivery in the Russian Federation - from 229 rubles,
    • more than 200 points of issue in major cities of the Russian Federation - from 79 rubles,
    • Russian Post (any region) - from 250 rub.

    Online store of fabrics.

    Online store of fabrics.

    Huge selection of fabrics, the possibility of bulk purchases, discounts.
    The most visited store of this kind in Russia.

    Delivery by post of Russia, for paid orders from 3,500 rubles - for free, if delivery costs 250 rubles. For example, delivery to the city of Krasnodar costs 380 rubles, the client needs to pay 130 rubles for delivery.

    Fabrics and accessories wholesale.

    Fabrics and accessories wholesale.

    More than 6000 types of fabrics and 15,000 types of accessories available in the catalog.

    Fabrics and accessories large wholesale, small wholesale and even retail, at producer prices from factories in Japan, Turkey …


    Shop airsoft equipment.

    Shop airsoft equipment.

    To get the goods, take your passport or other identity document.
    The choice of the transport company remains for the store. If you want to choose the transport company yourself, then indicate this in the comments. In this case, payment for delivery is made by the client upon receipt of the goods.

    If your city is not in the list of cities, then indicate the nearest major city to you, which is in the list, and in the delivery address, be sure to write the final destination.
    Such an application will be processed manually and on time, and our manager will tell you the cost.

    The cost of shipping orders weighing 30kg. calculated individually.

    The best gaming devices from leading brands: Razer, Corsair, HyperX, SteelSeries, Logitech, Cooler Master, Zowie, Asus, Tt eSPORTS and ...


    Book Network.

    143 bookstores in St. Petersburg and cities of the North-West region.

    You can buy

    1. 200,000 books
    2. gifts and souvenirs,
    3. software and multimedia games,
    4. products for creativity and hobbies,
    5. stationery,
    6. drinks and sweets.
    Through the application you can
  • use search and filters to quickly find products of interest,
  • find information about all the shops of the Bookvoed network, which are free pickup points,
  • place an order by choosing a convenient delivery method or pickup,
  • Find the contact information of the company Bookvoed.

  • Clever children's books
    Children's Publishing.

    Children's Publishing.

    Books come out collections, each of them has books and games, united by a common idea. From the books of any collection, each parent can create a set for harmonious development, recreation and entertainment, which is suitable for his child.

    Network of branded stores only in Moscow. The online store delivers orders both in Russia and in the CIS countries.

    In 2018, Clever opened a publishing house in the USA.

    Second-hand bookshop.

  • We find an interesting book
  • Contact the seller on the specified phone, Skype or write him a message from the site
  • Agree with him when and How to get the book
  • The right book for you, the seller is happy, you are happy, money is saved, the forest is saved!


    1. You read the book and you do not need it anymore
    2. Register on ABC
    3. Create an ad, specify your city, Skype and phone, briefly describe the book
    4. Share all the advertisers link to your ad and your profile
    5. You are contacted by a lucky buyer and takes your book from you, the money is received, the place in the apartment is free, the forest is saved!

  • labyrinth
    Bookstores online.

    There are a lot of bookstores on Internet, but perhaps I'll select one that I used more than once, because I found more books here and at reasonable prices.
    I must say that it is profitable to buy at least 3 books for an order.


    Alpina Book
    Publishing House.

    Publishing House.

    New items and bestsellers from the best publishers.

    2000 books on business, psychology, philosophy, history, natural and human sciences, personal effectiveness and education of children.


    1. Paper,
    2. e-books (go out simultaneously with paper books), there are free,
    3. Hybrid Books: Switch from e-book to audio at any time.


    1. Courier delivery in Moscow and Moscow region,
    2. Delivery by mail throughout Russia,
    3. Pickup by m. Belorusskaya (ring),
    4. Boxberry.

    Network Store Flanders Espernato League -
    Site about cartoons and animation.

    Lernolibro -
    Online store from the publishing house Impeto.

    Chain stores.

    Chain stores.

    A new format for bookstores, gifts and mood stores in Russia, distinguished by a verified assortment, modern design and unique atmosphere.

    32 stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg with a wide range of books, stationery, vinyl, art albums of the best European and American publishing houses, products for children, all kinds of gadgets, stylish decor items, bright dishes and amusing food.

    Chegg -
    This is a great site to buy and sell used Lessonbooks. I saved hundreds of dollars purchasing my books through Chegg.

    The largest bookselling and second-hand Internet fair.

    The largest bookselling and second-hand Internet fair.

    A store where you can not only buy, but also sell books, magazines or newspapers.

    Remember that this is not a store, but a platform where you buy from independent sellers (as in the market) that are not related to the site administration.

    How it works

    1. find a book, magazine, newspaper,
    2. make an order
    3. familiar with the working conditions of the seller from whom you are making a purchase,
    4. By sending a purchase order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which contains a link to the page with a description of the order,
    5. Wait for the seller to answer, he will contact you directly, after which you can ask him questions. Without an order to contact the seller is impossible.
    If you have registered, the information about you will be automatically sent to the seller.If you have not registered yet, you can try to order and without registration. But in this case, it should be remembered that not all sellers accept orders from anonymous buyers, in addition, some system capabilities will not be available.

    If possible, use the "Ask" button for more information from the seller, for example, about the status of the item being sold or the conditions of sale.

    If the book is not on the site

    If you have not found the book you are interested in or it is not on sale now, you can leave a request for it. To do this, you need to register and log in. Then select "Books" in the menu on the right and "I want to buy" in the menu on the left. Purchase requests are saved for as long as you wish, provided that you visit the site at least once a month and respond to incoming offers.


    Online store of books.

    Online bookstore and a network of modern universal bookstores throughout Russia.

    Fiction, educational literature, professional literature, stationery, products for artists, souvenirs, hobby goods, books for children.

    Online store publishing group Eksmo-Ast.

    Online store publishing group Eksmo-Ast.

    The official online store of publishing houses EKSMO, MYTH, Ventana-Graf, Bust and AST, as well as their imprints Like Book, fanzon, Grand Master, Hourglass, Corpus and ...
    What makes shopping profitable.

    Books of all genres and themes.
    Book format: paper, electronic or on cd-disks.

    Book Depository -
    World's most international online bookstore offering over 19 million books with free delivery worldwide.


    This is not the most famous bookstore, but I put it first because of the convenience of delivery.
    More than 200,000 titles daily and 1,000 new products every week!
    The fact is that a chain of 500 stores in 250 cities of Russia and you will get the book not through mail, but in your store, which is much cheaper. If on other services I paid for shipping more than 200 rubles (which makes ordering less than 3 books not cost-effective), then for the delivery through the store - 10 rubles per book.

    How we work

    1. We go to the site and choose books,
    2. you can register immediately, or you can choose after books,
    3. when you have selected books and registered, we make out an order. When registering, we indicate the form of dispatch: by mail or in the shop.
    4. We receive SMS that the book has come,
    5. go to the store, get and pay.
    And for shipping you pay a minimum of three times cheaper than by mail. If at ordering by mail it is profitable to order at least 3 books, then it is profitable to buy one book at delivery through the store.

    The site itself is decent and understandable. Large selection of books. If the book is not in stock, you will be notified by mail or via SMS. To do this, you do not need to register, you just need to press a button and enter the cell number or email.


    You can call the number 8-800-200-2665 or you can chat with a consultant for free.

    If you cancel the order, it's okay, the book just stays in the store and someone buys it.



    Online store cosmetics for nails, hair and body.

    Online store cosmetics for nails, hair and body.

    KrasotkaPro is a multi-brand online store of products for body, hair and nails beauty, having a network of retail stores in several cities of Russia.

    Payment Methods

    1. cash to the courier upon receipt of the order;
    2. in cash upon receipt of order at a pickup point;
    3. cash on delivery upon receipt of the order at the post office or courier EMS;
    4. Yandex money;
    5. through Qiwi Wallet;
    6. by credit card.

    Delivery Methods

    1. Pickup from the store as soon as possible and for free;
    2. courier;
    3. automated PickPoint terminals;
    4. Russian Post or EMS.

    Yves-Rocher -
    Cosmetics, perfumery.

    StrawberryNET -
    Means for skin and hair care, decorative cosmetics and perfumes for men and women. More than 30,000 items, free shipping worldwide.

    Network of retail cosmetics stores.

    Online cosmetics store.

    More than 220 stores and 1 million customers.
    The assortment includes more than 15,000 items of cosmetics of popular brands: L’Oreal Paris, Max Factor, Maybelline NY, CATRICE, Essence, NYX Professional Makeup, Artdeco, Eveline and ...

    Delivery of orders in the Online Store "Girlfriend" is carried out by courier services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions of Russia.
    Possible delivery to pickup points.

    Oriflame -
    Cosmetics, perfumery.

    Online perfume store.

    Online perfume store.
    More than 180,000 products and 5,000 genuine global brands of perfumes, cosmetics and home fragrances in various price categories.

    Women's, men's, unisex perfumery class "Lux", "Niche" and "Exclusive" fragrances. Special section with vintage perfume.

    All presented goods are absolute originals, which are purchased from official distributors.

    Free delivery to the regions of Russia by the Pickpoint service.

    Il de Beaute
    Shops perfumes and cosmetics.

    Chain stores perfumes and cosmetics.
    More than 140 stores in Russia.
    Online store delivers goods to anywhere in Russia.
    More than 30,000 items from leading brands of perfumes, decorative cosmetics and care products.

    Purchase gifts, monthly special offers, favorable discount programs and convenient gift cards.

    Cosmetics, perfumery.

    Cosmetics, perfumery.

    Online department store.
    Support for L'Etoile customer savings cards.
    In the Internet department store L'Etoile, you can receive discounts on your L'Etoile Cumulative Customer Card, as well as in any network store.

    Perfumes and cosmetics: Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Kenzo, YSL, DG, Clarins and ...

    The largest perfume and cosmetics network in Russia.
    Today, about 900 stores have been opened in more than 200 cities of Russia.

    L'Etoile has official authorization from all perfume and cosmetic brands presented on the site.
    This means that each particular manufacturer has given not only official permission, but also controls the conditions of supply, storage, transportation and sale of its goods.

    Dr. Pierre Ricaud -
    Cosmetics, perfumery.


    Goods for home, furniture.

    IKEA -
    A popular hypermarket.

    A popular hypermarket.
    A well-constructed site. You can model furniture and order.
    You can plan the situation, for this there is special programs: online and offline.

    You can watch online colorful catalogs, high quality, nice flipping, can be brought closer.

    Delivery is only for cities where there are shops IKEA:

    1. Moscow,
    2. St. Petersburg,
    3. Rostov-on-Don,
    4. Adygea-Kuban,
    5. Yekaterinburg,
    6. Nizhny Novgorod,
    7. Kazan,
    8. Novosibirsk,
    9. Omsk,
    10. Samara.
    But there is a site that for a decent reward will deliver goods from IKEA to most cities Russia.

    Interior portal ABITANT
    Furniture under the order

    Perfectly executed site of furniture under the order.
    A huge amount of furniture, well structured. Filters by style, color and size.
    You can register through your social network account

    In addition to the store there is a magazine where you can see something new, fresh and get ideas for your new apartment or house.
    Delivery in Moscow and the region.

    Goods for home, furniture.

    Goods for home, furniture.
    Goods for home, furniture.


    Men stores.

    An online store of unusual, amazing, original, creative, funny and funny gifts for thinking people. You can contact the employees online: by ICQ, Skype and even via hubble chat right on the site.

    Delivery by Moscow 200 rubles. In other cities - more than 1100 rubles through DHL.


    Men's stores.

    Army store. If you have questions about army clothes, shoes, equipment and ammunition, you can write your question about this army footwear, clothing, uniform or equipment with ammunition through the page of a particular product.

    In the store goods:

    • Propper International - The main supplier of uniforms of the US Army and law enforcement agencies.
    • Hatch - A very famous manufacturer, the creator of protective and shooting gloves for the army and police.
    • BlackHawk - American manufacturer of gloves, backpacks and other army ammunition.
    • Cove Shoe Company - Manufacturer of legendary boots CORCORAN and MATTERHORN. Since 1941, he is the official supplier of the US Army.
    • Alpha Industries - For more than 50 years, has been making clothes for the army armed forces USA. For example, the legendary M-65, MA-1, CWU-45.
    • Traser is a Swiss watch manufacturer for special forces and extreme sports.
    • Eye Safety Systems is an American manufacturer of protective eyewear.

    Military clothing from the manufacturer in Voentorg Arsenal.


    Steam -
    Service digital distribution of PC games and software, owned by Valve.

    The service of digital distribution of computer games and programs owned by Valve.
    There is a Russian language, only 21 languages.

    The advantage of this service is the ability to play online yourself and with friends.


    • buying games at a reasonable price;
    • communication with friends;
    • Playing with friends online;
    • the opportunity to join the clan;
    • download the games and their demos;
    • The Steam Cloud function stores data on the server on Internet (personal settings, keyboard and mouse settings, multiplayer game logs, save files) and you can continue your game on another computer,
    • ease in Updating of programs - while there is an update, the program will not be available; You can update when you want, if you want, it is not necessary for games on the computer, but for online games, the update is mandatory so that everyone has one version.

    Operating system

    Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/PlayStation 3/Android/iOS


    Online store of musical instruments, professional studio and concert equipment.

    Online store of musical instruments, professional studio and concert equipment.

    Here is

    • equipment for project and professional studios,
    • Modular solutions,
    • Musical instruments,
    • Instruments
    • Analogue and digital synthesizers,
    • Lighting equipment,
    • Accessories.


    • St. Petersburg, Obvodny Canal Embankment, 199-201, lit. 3H-5H
    • Moscow, Novodmitrovskaya ul. 26/2.3, bakery plant 9

    Free delivery in Russia

    Free shipping is offered for selected products of AKG, Alesis, Boss, Cloud Microphones, IK Multimedia, M-Audio, Mooer, Nektar, Rode, Roland, Zoom, Denon, Audient, Audio-Technica, Dubreq, Korg, Native Instruments, Novation, Akai, Focusrite and other products which are marked with free shipping" in the product card.

    If you buy electronic software licenses or gift certificates please choose the delivery method "Self-delivery" for correct delivery terms calculation.

    Free shipping applies only to orders worth ₽9000 and weighing up to 10kg.

    If the total weight of items delivered free of charge exceeds 10 kg, or there are several units of the same product delivered free of charge, with a total weight exceeding 10 kg, delivery becomes charged depending on the tariff.

    Free shipping does not apply to brands Behringer, Elektron, Fender, Moog, Dave Smith, Universal Audio.

    Free shipping is also not applicable when choosing delivery to Boxberry, DPD and SDEC delivery points and when ordering products using a promo code (except for the gift certificate promo code).


    If it is more convenient for you, DJ-Store cooperates with courier companies:
    • DPD
    • EMS
    • Boxberry
    • Деловые линии
    • Балтийский курьер
    • СДЭК

    Music World
    Network of music stores in Russia.

    Network of music stores in Russia.
    Sells musical instruments, lighting equipment, sound, studio and concert equipment.

    There are stores only in the biggest cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Kazan, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Ufa.

    There are a lot of quality videos with reviews of musical instruments and accessories, useful tips and how-to's on the game.


    Delivery in cities is free for orders over 5000 rubles.
    Self-delivery is always free of charge (where it is available).
    Delivery within Russia is made by
    • ЖелДорЭкспедиция
    • Деловые Линии
    • СДЭК
    • Деловые Линии
    • EMS

    Musikhaus Thomann -
    Large international music store from Germany.

    Large international music store from Germany.
    Large selection for musicians.
    Musical instruments, recording and playback equipment.
    For example, I was looking for a Yamaha 820 guitar. This site offers many more modifications of this guitar.

    The site should switch to Russia, if that did not happen, change the selection manually.
    Then we will have not only the price in Euro, but also an approximate price in rubles at the current exchange rate.
    The price for Russia will be lower than for the EU, because foreigners do not have to pay VAT, a kind of automated TaxFree.

    It is also necessary to consider the cost of delivery - for goods up to 20 kg - 40 €.
    If the cost of goods exceeds 200 € (the cost of delivery is not included in this amount), then the duty of 15% is imposed on the exceeding amount.
    For example, if the goods cost 300 €, 15% are taken from 100 €, i.e. 15 €.

    And of course the common trouble - you have to wait for delivery. It will not be fast.

    Music Equipment Shop online.

    Music Equipment Shop online.
    Prices are probably the most democratic, not a bad choice. It is necessary to consider this shop.

    Physically, the shops are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now there are already in Rostov-on-Don and Yekaterinburg.
    In these cities, delivery is organized, you can drive up yourself.


    Delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg costs 400 rubles, when ordered above 5000 rubles. - for free.

    As for the rest of Russia, here the delivery will cost depending on the company you choose or yourself agree with whom.
    Options turn out a lot and should be considered separately in each case.
    In general, it turns out a little expensive. It is desirable to agree with acquaintances and pass with the okaziyami, if someone is driving his car.


    Music Store -
    Buy tools.

    German site of musical instruments.
    Here you can find only quality tools at prices below Russian.
    You need to take into account the cost of delivery. Although expensive delivery (a couple of thousand rubles) becomes insignificant when buying expensive equipment.
    However, there are goods that we have almost the same number. These are better to buy at home, it will be easier with a guarantee.

    The largest online music store.

    The largest online music store.

    Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Tyumen - in 43 major cities of Russia and Ukraine there are music stores of the Muztorg network.

    Large selection of musical instruments, sound and lighting equipment from leading manufacturers. Everything you need for beginner musicians and professionals.

    Everything you need for a beginner and professional musician, sound producer and producer, owner of a restaurant, club, cinema.

    The special atmosphere of creative parties, workshops, presentations, discount programs ...

    Such famous brands as Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez, Gibson, Marshall, AKG, Shure, Korg, Numark, Pioneer, Tama, Zildjian, Mackie, JBL and ...

    myGames -

    The American branch of our Internet holding group.
    The Russian language is.
    Quality games, each application separately has a website, a mobile application or a PC version.


    Live master -
    Products on order.

    Portal of copyright works. On the site you will find and will be able to buy a variety of manual works created by creative people, often called masters. They knit, embroider, make their products from glass, wood, metal and clay. Someone creates constantly, but for someone it's a hobby. But each of the works is unique in that it is an author's work, in which new ideas of the master, his inspiration, knowledge, experience and talent are enclosed.

    Everything that is done by oneself, always attracts attention and can not be compared with those stamped on A conveyor of things, for each work of the master comes individually, constantly inventing and realizing their new ideas in them.

    This project is created to support masters, help find a buyer for their work, create a place where it is interesting to communicate and you can find useful information for your work.

    You can buy works exhibited by craftsmen on the site, or order something unique for yourself, to realize their own ideas. For masters this creativity, they will gladly help you with this. Masters are always happy if their work is appreciated, it inspires them to implement new ideas and ideas.


    Products on order.

    We model and then order a shirt or tie.


    Custom made scarf.

    Individual scarf to order.

    How it works

    1. Idea - a clear assignment to the layout: colors, inscriptions, slogans, photos, design elements, desired fonts ... You can also sketch out a scarf on a piece of paper and send it to us for development.
    2. Layout Design - a technical layout for the knitting machine is being developed based on our idea. The layout will be presented to us on agreement.
    3. Production and shipping - the layout is sent to production. The finished scarf can be picked up at the office or we will send it by the forces of transport companies and carriers upon prior agreement. The cost of transportation is not included in the total cost of services and is charged additionally.
    Now no one has a scarf like yours.

    Online store home textiles.

    Online store home textiles.
    More than 150 manufacturers from 10 countries.

    Delivery throughout Russia.

    Home Textiles

    1. Bedding,
    2. sheets with elastic,
    3. mattresses,
    4. curtains,
    5. photo curtains,
    6. blankets and pillows,
    7. bedspreads and rugs,
    8. decorative pillows,
    9. for the bathroom
    10. bathrobes,
    11. for the kitchen
    12. tablecloths
    13. baby bedding,
    14. baby.
    Good filters allow you to search by size, with a certain material ... You can always (and should) contact consultants who can help you understand the difference in the products presented.

    Customink -
    Create a t-shirt design and order.

    We design T-shirts and order them.

    Mytailor -
    Products on order.

    Clothes to order online.


    OZON Real Estate
    Selling real estate online.

    Selling real estate online.
    This segment of the market has just begun to sell through OZON.
    While builders are starting to sell new housing.
    OZON is an intermediary in this case, which adds credibility.
    However, I would wait for now. The first pancake is always a pain in the ass. Let them set up the process.


    Russian Garden
    Products for garden and vegetable garden.

    Products for garden and vegetable garden.

    Seeds "Russian Garden" - the online store of the largest producer of the Russian Federation.

    Delivery to any region by mail, courier, to the points of issue.
    A huge catalog of seeds, bulbs, seedlings and cuttings - over 5000 species.

    Always in the presence of a wide selection of fertilizers, sideratov, garden equipment and inventory.

    Online store of seeds, seedlings ….

    Online store of seeds, seedlings ...

    More than 2000 names of onion and perennial flowers.
    More than 2000 types of seeds of vegetables and flowers.
    More than 1000 items of ornamental and fruit shrubs and trees.
    More than 180 selected varieti

    Seeds by mail
    Delivery of seeds throughout Russia.

    Delivery of seeds throughout Russia.

    More than 15,000 items in stock.
    1800 points of issue in 395 cities and towns,
    1100 cities of courier delivery, delivery to any corner of Russia by mail.

    Seeds by mail
    Online store seeds by mail.

    Online store seeds by mail.

    Seeds from leading companies in the segment of the agricultural companies “Poisk”, “Gavrish”, “Russian Garden”, “Mars”, “Aelita”. These are the largest Russian seed breeding companies operating in the market from 15 to 25 years. All products pass quality control and supplied with certificates of conformity.

    Discount system when ordering more than 2000 rubles.

    Online store of seeds.

    Online store seeds

    Where to buy seeds?
    How to grow a crop?
    You can find answers to these and other questions here.

    Descriptions of seeds, agricultural engineering, planting graphics.


    Fur Hat World -
    The site of the famous magazine.

    American store of fur products.
    Caps, fur coats, sheepskin coats, jackets with fur trim, scarves and gloves, fur shoes.
    The main fur of a rabbit or raccoon. That is, not expensive fur.

    Delivery to Russia by UPS mail (from $38), USPS (from $8).
    Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.

    QUIZ -
    Leading an independent assistant in the arrangement of the house and repair.

    British women's clothing store.
    First of all, these are outfits, a lot of beautiful inexpensive dresses, fashionable shoes, jewelry and bags, headgear
    Sale to $20.

    Delivery in Russia.
    Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.

    Treadless -
    American store of teenage clothes.

    American store of teenage clothes.
    T-shirts, sweatshirts with original pattern.
    Accessories for teens: cases for smartphones, laptop bags ...

    Delivery in Russia to Moscow 10 days. $9 for 1-3 T-shirts.

    One of the most popular in the world, besides there is a Russian version.

    Large Danish online store.
    The shop represents set of brands from Europe and the USA, Scandinavia is certainly well represented.
    Things here will be cheaper than we have for similar products.
    The delivery from Poland is free during the week of the whole of Russia, you can pay in cash upon receipt.

    ModCloth -
    Create your own handwritten text.

    American online store. A distinctive feature is that indies and vintage items from around the world are sold here.
    But also here you can buy and ordinary clothes, shoes, bags and something for the house.

    You liked the vintage dress, but how will it
    Clothes, shoes and accessories.

    WoolOvers -
    American TV channel Do it yourself network.

    Woolmark store: clothes made of cotton, wool and cashmere.
    Cardigans, sweaters and pullovers, vests and vests, yarn of British wool, cashmere, silk and cotton, knitwear.

    Delivery in Russia 2-4 weeks.

    Macy's -
    We earn money on short links.

    Great American shop. Selling clothes, accessories and bags, bed linen, dishes, etc ...
    That is, it is a hypermarket in the US such as Auchan.
    Here you can buy primarily American brands.
    Pass sales, discounts up to 20%.

    Delivery to Russia is paid. Depends on what we take and where we live.

    A network of multi-brand fashion stores.

    Online fashion store: fur coats, sheepskin coats, leather jackets and accessories.

    Pickup from the point of issue of orders for products from a group of textiles is available in 16 cities of Russia.

    La Redoute -
    Clothes, shoes and accessories.

    French online store.
    First of all, French clothes and shoes for women, men and children.
    Decent collections for complete.

    Delivery from France 3-4 weeks. At the post office, in large cities courier service or self-delivery.

    How to do anything?

    The American online store sells many brands: Nina Ricci, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Clayton and ...
    Here the same goods will be cheaper than ours, but definitely without fakes.
    Delivery is usually within a week, the delivery can be tracked.

    The site has a Russian version, so it is focused on Russia. And belongs to Amazon, which adds reliability.

    M&Co (Mackays Stores Limited) -
    Scottish chain of shops.

    Scottish chain of shops.
    Selling budget clothing for women, men and children, household goods.
    Scotland is not London for you, normal people live here, not models, so there are clothes for normal women, and not just for standard ones.
    Normal people of different height and fullness.

    Payment by card or Paypal.

    Abercrombie & Fitch -
    Site of interesting and unusual historical and scientific facts.

    American online store and manufacturer of clothes for adults and children.
    Sells ordinary clothes for everyday life.
    Clothes simple, stylish, personally I like such clothes, not in Africa we live.

    Delivery in Russia when buying goods for $40 by FedEx.
    Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.

    H&M -
    Clothes online.

    The Swedish clothing retail chain.
    A decent quality at a reasonable price.
    The first thing that catches your eye when you visit a store - and each group of products hangs one price tag. That is, based on our budget, we choose where to look for a product.

    The store sells primarily clothes, but also something for small things for the house - cushions, textiles ... well, you can see everything on the site.

    The site has a table of sizes for women, men, children.


    Delivery by courier SPSR express in Russia - 199 rubles.
    Delivery time 2-25 days, depending on the distance (and for some regions and weather conditions, there will be a delay in non-flying).
    Mail delivery to Russia - 99 rubles. But it will be much longer.

    Many could visit this store in St. Petersburg or Scandinavia and then find the opportunity to order through someone. Now it can be done officially through the official website.


    cash on delivery;
    cash on receipt of order;
    by credit card upon receipt of the order.

    More than 5,000,000 ready-made products on the site and the ability to create your own design.

    More than 5,000,000 ready-made products on the site and the ability to create your own design.
    As the name implies, initially the site was selling T-shirts with all kinds of inscriptions and drawings.
    T-shirts can be of very different sizes and with very different patterns of all kinds of themes.
    If, nevertheless, you did not find what you like, you can send your drawing, which will be applied to the shirt.
    Thus, the maximum assortment is achieved.

    Very soon there was an opportunity to buy other products that can be printed on: hoodies, baseball caps, mugs, backpacks, bags, face masks and much more.

    Constructor for creating goods

    Online editor, where we create a drawing for our T-shirt or other product.
    • Go to constructor ,
    • choose a product: t-shirt, sweatshirt, baseball cap, mug, gloves, tie ...
    • choose the size,
    • choose a color for the T-shirt itself from among the possible options,
    • load your drawing,
    • we can just write the text - choose the font, size, color.
    • we see how much it will cost us and if everything is OK, we add it to the cart.
        I recommend finding a designer who can make sure that the picture you are submitting is of acceptable quality and that you have done a good job so that you do not regret it later.
        Let's say you ordered a T-shirt, everyone will see it and express their opinion. Sometimes it is better to know it before you can change something.

        However, you can always throw out the T-shirt and order a normal one.

        4800 * 3301px is the maximum possible size. I would recommend focusing on it.
        I highly do not recommend taking a small drawing and stretching it to the required size.


        There is a large selection of delivery services from courier to pickup.
        In my opinion, the most convenient are OZON points of delivery - both the cheapest (137 rubles for today) and the fastest.
        For example, Russian post is almost three times longer and three times more expensive.


        Before buying, I recommend reading the reviews.
        For example, I would not recommend buying mugs, even with careful use, the drawing does not last long.
        Clothes require careful handling, hand wash in warm water. What is expected.

    Clothes, shoes and accessories.

    dress-for-less -
    The store buys illiquid from warehouses of different brands and sells cheaply.

    The name can be translated as "get dressed for less money."
    So it is, the store buys illiquid from warehouses of different brands and sells cheaply.
    Many well-known brands: DIESEL, Calvin Klein, Anna Klein, Armani, Marco Polo, Replay, O'Neill ... Up to 70% off.

    There is a Russian version of the site, so it works with Russia.

    Marks & Spencer -
    This is not even a site, just in the folder are the programs that you need to click and download.

    Famous British online store.
    Sells clothes, cosmetics, gifts, underwear.
    The prices are quite acceptable.
    Delivery to Russia is not for everything. For each product you need to clarify. Shipping cost ~ 600

    Clothes, shoes and accessories.

    ASOS -
    Online reference for those wishing to learn web programming.

    A popular store from Britain is becoming more popular with us.
    You can buy what you need: dresses, coats, knitwear, knitwear, underwear, shoes and accessories.
    In the online store you can buy clothes, both your own brand ASOS, and a number of others, for example. New look, French connection, American Apparel, Coast ...
    Delivery across Russia is free: to Moscow and St. Petersburg the order goes about 7 days, to other cities - at least 10.

    Matalan -
    Online storage for Android applications.

    Famous British online store.
    Sells clothes and shoes of many brands for women, men and children. And also household products.
    Regularly seasonal discounts, sales.
    You can buy decent things not expensive.

    Payment by credit card or PayPal. Mail delivery.

    American Eagle Outfitters -
    Free consultation in labor inspectorate on labor relations.

    American shop everyday practical clothes for men and women, underwear.
    Jeans, T-shirts, sweaters are simple, but in American style and modern.
    Delivery to Russia with USPS Express, the price is $50.
    Payment - plastic cards and PayPal.

    YOOX -
    Standard set of ads on the site, a pimp, etc.

    Italian online store.
    Exclusive collections of footwear and clothes of leading Italian brands.
    Pass sales, discounts up to 90%.
    The delivery is free 2-3 weeks.

    Blue Inc -
    Perfectly executed site of furniture under the order.

    British clothing store.
    Clothes of an unusual style and bright.
    Our life consists not only of gray everyday life.

    Youth clothing: Ben Sherman, Police, NY ...

    Of course you will find more familiar clothes.

    Delivery in Russia ~ £ 10.

    Urban Outfitters -
    We earn money on short links.

    American online store. Here you can buy clothes and shoes, there are many brands.
    On the site you will see that this is not a boutique, but a hypermarket where you can buy not only clothes. There is electronics and goods for home.
    There is a section with cheap things from $20.

    Delivery to Russia.
    Payment, as usual in the west - plastic cards and PayPal.

    Bonprix -
    Clothes, shoes and accessories.

    Office supplies.

    Office supplies.

    Office supplies.

    Office supplies.


    Shopping search.

    Searching for purchases from Rambler.

    1. We make a request,
    2. define the city (if we are not satisfied with the proposed system),
    3. wholesale or retail (by default),
    4. we can determine the price range, payment method, credit option ...
    The idea of ​​the portal - the search for the most profitable purchases among online stores.
    In fact, they earn from the delivery of customers, so the search is not for all stores, but only for those who signed a contract with them.

    Google Shopping -
    Shopping search.

    Internet shop from Google.
    Everything is simple, evident, nice. Studying this site is like shopping. Define the categories, subcategories, price range, vote for (love) or against (hate) the goods. In the meantime, Google is studying you, analyzing the taste of the buyer and advising you on the goods during the course of the business.
    While this is a shop for women only.

    We choose the product and get to the store of the seller. In fact, this is not a shop, but a search for goods.


    Giveaway of the Day -
    Product of the day.

    This site offers an official download free of charge paid program.
    One program in one day.

    iTunes Store -
    iTunes Store.

    Online supermarket Apple: digital audio, video and games for Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod ...)
    All music is available in AAC format.

    • Music
    • Films
    • Podcasts
    • Books

    Buy software.

    The leading website for selling software in runet.

    About us


    Fishing online store.

    Fishing online store.

    • Gifts to fishermen,
    • fish pillows,
    • trout section,
    • winter fishing,
    • spinning,
    • fishing rods, feeders, carp rods,
    • coils,
    • fishing line and cords,
    • bait
    • lead, feeders,
    • hooks, swivels, floats,
    • leads,
    • prikormki and aromatics,
    • live nozzle,
    • cages, landing podsachek,
    • camping utensils,
    • chairs and armchairs,
    • clothes and shoes,
    • cases and tubes,
    • bags and backpacks,
    • tents,
    • sleeping bags,
    • gas equipment,
    • braziers, smokehouse, grill,
    • echo sounders
    • boats,
    • knives, scissors.


    1. In Moscow and Moscow Region, it is carried out by its couriers, who can advise on the goods.
    2. Pickup from the store - metro "Akademicheskaya", at: Moscow, Dmitry Ulyanov Street 20k1, entrance from the courtyard, third floor, office 310. Next to the store there is a free parking (from the yard).
    3. Russian Post.
    4. SDEK.

    Fishing online store.

    Fishing online store.

    A wide range of products for amateurs and professionals.Large selection of reels, rods, baits, clothes, shoes, tents, covers and everything you need for winter and summer fishing from leading manufacturers in the world.

    You can get advice from experts.


    Free delivery within the Moscow Ring Road is valid for a total order value of more than 3,000 rubles.Free delivery to the regions is valid with a total order value of more than 7,000 rubles.
    1. courier service Shop-Logistics,
    2. CDEC,
    3. EMS Russian Post.

    Online store of equipment for outdoor activities, hunting and fishing.

    Online store of equipment for outdoor activities, hunting and fishing.

    Exclusive distributor of Mercury Stormline, Mikatsu and Sharmax brands throughout Russia.For you always available:

    • boat engines,
    • RIB, PVC boats
    • SUP inflatable boards,
    • snowmobiles and ATVs,
    • generators, snow blowers and lawn mowers,
    • parts and accessories.
    Own service centers, warehouses, trading floors, quality control department, dealer network in Russia.A full range of services for the diagnosis, repair, improvement, tuning of boat motors, ATVs, SUP boards, RIB and PVC boats.



    Amazon Price Tracker -
    Keep track of the prices of your favorite products on Amazon and get notified by email when prices go down or up.

    Keep track of the prices of your favorite products on Amazon and get notified by email when prices go down or up.


    Plumbing Online
    Plumbing shop.

    Plumbing shop.

    Online store for heating, water supply and plumbing.

    Online store for heating, water supply and plumbing.

    Wholesale and retail sales. The product range allows you to purchase everything you need for the installation of heating, water supply, plumbing and sewage systems.

    • Heating radiators,
    • pumps,
    • towel warmers,
    • tile,
    • boiler equipment,
    • pipes and fittings,
    • plumbing,
    • flooring
    • warm floor,
    • climatic equipment
    • electrician
    • doors,
    • fireworks.


    AwardWallet -
    Track all your frequent flyer miles for FREE.

    Track all your frequent flyer miles for FREE.

    The service helps to keep track of all our loyalty points, including frequent miles for flights, hotel points, food rewards and rewards for purchases.

    The service warns of changes in the balance before the expiration of points.

    Discounts on the main shopping networks in your city.

    Discounts on the main shopping networks in your city.

    Almost all shopping networks of Russia, and some regional ones are represented. Actually almost all the shops, where there are discounts.

    Registration is not required, the site and applications immediately find out your location and offer a list of your stores, you choose the necessary or all and see discounts for now. You can set a search, remember the choice.

    In our small town check is easy. I drove through the shops, found out the price of certain goods in fact and compared it with the application. In my case, everything was correct.

    Group discounts.


    1. to have an email,
    2. printer,
    3. friends and acquaintances.
    By the way, KupiKupon bought a similar service НадоВмест.

    Browse discounts

    See the latest discount offers in our city or by subscribing to the newsletter by email. If the current offer is like - we buy a discount coupon.

    Share with friends

    In order for the discount to become active, a certain number of participants is required. It may be unfamiliar or friends. Just share the news with them in any way, via email, through the social network ...

    Take advantage of the discount

    When we buy the coupon and the stock ends, we will receive an e-mail coupon. Simply print it out and present it at the place of demand.


    Search for cheap goods - clothes, airplane tickets, hotels ...

    Honey -
    Automatically applies the best coupons when you select something on the site in the shopping cart.

    Automatically applies the most beneficial coupons when you select something on the store's website in the shopping cart.

    Virtual Darius country.

    Virtual country of Darius.
    Here you can buy something together, because it's cheaper. But you can and sell.
    This is a platform for business and consumers.
    Discount no, but wholesale is always cheaper and more profitable for everyone.

    Group discounts.

    A clone of the world-famous Groupon.

    1. A special offer appears daily on Biglion, under which you can purchase a coupon with a discount of 50 to 90%. Every day is something new. Maybe it's a coupon for visiting a cafe or restaurant, a beauty salon or a SPA, a bowling alley or a movie, etc.
    2. Buy coupons for yourself or as a gift simply by clicking the & Buy Buying button, and choose the payment method that is convenient for you (by bank card, electronic money, through payment terminals, etc.).
    3. The offer will be confirmed if enough people buy the minimum number of coupons specified in this offer on the site. If this does not happen, the offer is canceled and the money is returned to you.
    4. Did you become the lucky owner of the coupon? Congratulations! Simply print it out and present it at the place of demand.

    Why do we have such large discounts?

    We work directly with each partner and agree with him on the best conditions for you. We guarantee the partner to attract a certain number of customers. In return, the partner provides the best conditions: this is called collective (wholesale) purchases.

    What is a coupon?

    A coupon is a certificate that gives you the right to receive the services described in a specific offer.


    DaruDar -
    In good hands.

    A community in which people give each other their things, their opportunities and their time, free of charge, free of charge, without demanding anything in return.
    There are communities you can join. You can give or express a wish that you would like to receive. One can express gratitude.

    It gets money from online purchases.

    (When registering for this link you will receive 100 rubles.)
    Returns money from online purchases.
    All you need to do is register and go to the website of the online store through a special link.
    With each successful purchase, a percentage or a fixed bonus is returned to the account of the registered user - each store has its own (up to 30%).
    As soon as the amount of savings reaches 500 rubles, money can be withdrawn to your electronic wallet, bank card or simply to a mobile phone. And so endlessly!
    In the catalog of the site - more than 1000 stores in Russia and the world, where you can buy clothes and shoes, books and toys, order food and even book a hotel and buy air tickets.

    Return system

    1. The buyer pays the goods in the online store.
    2. The online store transfers the commission for the purchase to the account of
    3. shares with the buyer a commission.


    Unidays -
    Save on brands that you're purchasing from regularly like ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Levis and B.

    Global Blue Tax Free -
    The site provides the information concerning Tax Free by country.

    The site provides the information concerning Tax Free by country. I checked the information and found out that it is not quite fresh. However, I did not find a more updated source.

    Here you can find out where I can cash Tax Free checks. Also on the site there is an address to which I can send checks by mail and receive money on the card: within 21 days (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), 15 days (UnionPay card) from the moment of receipt of the refund.

    There is a lot of other information on brands ... but this is related information.

    Through the site you can contact customer support. You can also connect via chat on Facebook.

    Yanko Design -
    Blog and store the best ideas of industrial design.

    Blog and store the best ideas of industrial design. Here, newcomers and specialists can present their ideas to the general public, or maybe sell them.

    Tracking price changes for the entire Ozon catalog.

    Tracking price changes for the entire Ozon catalog.

    How it works

    The site is simple - a sick form for entering a query and little text.
    1. Enter a name, code or link from the Ozon directory,
    2. get Price scale,
      • if the price suits, you can buy by going to the Ozon website,
      • if it turns out that the price at a peak is worth the wait, then we set a price that would suit us and as soon as the price falls to the specified price Level, we will receive an email notification. Only in this case registration is required.
    You can search by catalog, it's a text list that quickly opens. As a result, we get a list of products with a description and a scale of price changes. It's easy to choose.

    Even at registration we can count on sales alerts.

    Price Runner -
    Compare products and prices.

    Product Chart -
    We get a visual table with products.

    We go to the site, choose smart phones, laptops, tablets, monitors, cameras ...
    We get a visual table with products.
    You can filter online and the extra will be lost.
    What's left is small, but you can point the mouse and get more information from the photo.
    We click and get to the page with the description of this model and the price. There are several options with the price on Amazon, click and you can buy if it's suitable.

    Buying a car.

    News, articles, test drives about new (and not only) cars.
    All major automobile exhibitions are covered, some of them are announced in the timeline format (online reporting).

    The site also contains the most important information for drivers: instructions, references, a table of fines and traffic rules.

    Buying and selling a car.
    We set the price range, a new, used, brand (any brand) ...
    It's simple. Search not only for ads, here you can search for new cars.

    The Mac Index -
    Where to buy Apple products?

    Where to buy Apple products?

    The Mac Index indexes Apple website and compare prices of Apple products in different countries.

    View all prices in any currency, and see how much tax rates and price after refund when you buy overseas.

    Site inspection of the car's history for Moscow.

    Car history check website for Moscow.

    By entering the VIN code and the registration certificate number, the user can find out the year of manufacture, model, color, power, environmental class and volume of the car engine, as well as the number of car owners (without surnames, but by years
    In addition, on request, data on the latest vehicle inspection, fines, road accidents and possible restrictions (for example, prohibitions imposed by vessels) are given out. All the data comes from the traffic police.

    Say, we liked the car, it looks like a new one.
    We decide to buy, but at the last moment decided to break through this site and find out that the car was a couple of times in an accident, the driver was repeatedly fined for speeding ...
    That is, the car was exploited for wear, and Before the sale was washed and dyed.

    The test period will be for cars registered in Moscow and the region.
    When everything works well, the site will serve the whole of Russia, it is planned to launch on Russia from 2015.


    A network of specialized sports shops.

    A network of specialized sports shops.

    Mountain and bmx bikes, roller skates and skateboards, downhill and cross-country skis, snowboards, ice skates and hockey equipment, mountaineering and climbing products, camping equipment.

    The latest news, photos and videos, information on supplies, promotions, discounts and much more.

    Specialists will answer questions, as well as listen to complaints or suggestions on the work of stores.

    Network of sports shops, active recreation.

    Network of sports shops, active recreation.

    The KANT group of companies includes the sports complex of the same name, 20 sports shops, the largest dealer network in the country, the Nagornaya ski school, the Alpine restaurant Chalet, tennis courts, a gym, a trampoline complex, a rental center, and a service center.

    20 sports shops that specialize in 6 sports: alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, roller skating and cycling.

    KANT is the exclusive distributor of world brands:
    Elan, Black fire, Jones, Now, FTWO, Focus, Rocky Mountain, WELT, Hamax, Alpina, Buff, Kama, Howl, Matt, Romp, Reima.
    BBB is the most famous European brand of high-quality and modern cycle accessories and spare parts.
    Tendon is a major European manufacturer of ropes for sport climbing and mountaineering.
    Asolo - high quality trekking shoes for professionals and amateurs.
    Salewa - one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for active sports and recreation in the mountains, high-tech clothing, tents, sleeping bags, climbing equipment.
    Maier - German quality and European fashion design.
    Deuter is a leading manufacturer of backpacks and camping equipment.
    Dynafit - the world leader in the production of equipment for sports ski touring and ski mountaineering.
    Silvretta - the world leader in the production of equipment for ski-touring.
    Grangers is a world leader in the manufacture of equipment, footwear and clothing care products.
    Outdoor Project - quality equipment for outdoor activities: tents, sleeping bags, travel mats.
    Briko is one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of sports optics.
    Accapi - a highly functional thermal underwear of unsurpassed quality - an integrated approach to protecting the body
    Marpetti - cross-country skiing of the European level
    Hartjes is a European manufacturer of boots for cross-country skiing system SNS, which produces them in Austria.

    KANT also works closely with representatives in Russia of Rossignol, Head, Volkl, Fischer, Nordica, Blizzard, Elan, Kneissl, Dolomite, Marker, Tyrolia, Exel, Leki, Swix, Karhu, Kovea, Burton, Atom, Triatlon, Merida, Kona, Ultra Wheels, Roller Blade, Roces, Nike, Hi-Peak, Flow, Axon, Uvex, Toko, ISG, Rottefella, Smith, Scott, Seac Sub, Dacor and many others.

    Uniforms, special, camouflage clothing, shoes, equipment and related products.

    Uniforms, special, camouflage clothing, shoes, equipment and related products for security, military and police (now police) structures. When developing new models, the design department of the company relies on the professional experience of special forces, takes into account the needs and specifics of various services and types of troops.

    Special equipment was repeatedly tested in combat conditions in different climatic zones.

    The company is the official representative in Russia of such recognized world brands as Trek'n Eat®, Alpha Industries®, 5.11 Tactical Series®, BLACKHAWK®, PROPPER®, Lowa®, Mechanix Wear®, Cove®, EXPLORER Cases®, MAXPEDITION®, CARINTHIA®, Hatch®, HAZARD 4® / Civilian Lab, ATWOODROPE®, Swiss + tech®, etc.

    Shop equipment for skiing, travel, mountaineering, tourism, climbing and snowboarding.

    Shop equipment for skiing, travel, mountaineering, tourism, climbing and snowboarding.

    Online store of tourist equipment and goods for hunting and fishing.

    Online store of tourist equipment and goods for hunting and fishing.

    1. Tents, tents and awnings,
    2. Backpacks bags and packaging,
    3. Clothes and shoes,
    4. Sleeping bags and mats,
    5. Furniture,
    6. Equipment gas, dishes,
    7. Skis and snowshoes,
    8. Bicycles.

    Professional sports shops.

    Professional sports shops.

    Professional equipment at fair prices.
    Sellers - professional athletes will help you choose equipment based on your physical parameters, level of skill, role and financial capabilities.

    1. Hockey equipment,
    2. foot

    Goods for sport, tourism, fishing and hunting.


    Goods for repair and construction.

    Akson Quick
    Goods for repair and construction.

    Leading construction portal in Russia.

    Leading construction portal in Russia.

    More than 170 000 genuine exclusive photos of interior design and repair, posted directly by the authors.

    Daily interactive publications about home and repairs.

    Here you can find a suitable designer or builder according to the catalog, or describe the task to our Auto-Picker robot, who will fairly select some of the most profitable options for YOU using the largest database in Russia. Taking into account your circumstances and wishes, for dozens of parameters and criteria.

    Interior design ideas for apartments and houses.
    Over 180,000 exclusive photos in HD quality.

    Catalog of materials for the repair and decoration
    More than 1,750,000 products for repair (bricks, cement, windows and doors, construction tools, parquet, tiles, etc., etc.), a catalog of furniture and household goods with photos and prices, as well as prices for construction, general construction, finishing works and repair services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia.

    Construction forum.

    Magazine and Personalized tape.

    Daily interactive publications about design, building materials and technologies. Personal selection of materials, tailored specifically for your interests.

    220 Volt
    Goods for repair and construction.

    Online store of building materials, household goods, garden and vegetable garden.

    Online store of building materials, household goods, garden and vegetable garden.

    Baucenter is among the ten largest DIY-networks in Russia.

    A wide range of building materials, flooring, tiles, plumbing, tools, wallpaper, paint and other products for construction, repair and decoration, as well as the garden.

    Hypermarkets are located in Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Omsk and Novorossiysk.

    Goods for repair and construction.

    Construction and finishing materials for private low-rise, industrial and civil construction.

    Construction and finishing materials for private low-rise, industrial and civil construction.

    1. Supply, installation of roofing, facade and insulation materials;
    2. Supply, installation, service of garage and industrial doors, fencing systems, automation, window designs;
    3. Equipment supply, installation of systems for local wastewater treatment;
    4. Construction and installation services in the market of low-rise cottage and industrial and civil construction;
    5. Construction of houses and the supply of ready house sets;

    Otdelkino City
    Sale of finishing materials.

    Sale of finishing materials.
    Dealers more than 300 manufacturers of finishing materials.

    The range of online hypermarket more than 500,000 items for decoration and repair. At the moment it is the world's largest selection of products, collected in one store. You will be able to pick up all the necessary materials.

    You will receive your order anywhere in Russia. Goods are usually much larger than regular parcels and delivery will not be cheap. We buy only if it is necessary and for 1 time all that is required, so the price will be justified.
    Online shop of the tool in Russia.

    Online shop of the tool in Russia.
    For three years in a row it has been included in the ratings of Forbes magazine: in 2015 it took a place in the twenty most expensive companies of Runet.

    The shop is not trying to sell everything you can, but to provide quality services in its niche.


    • by courier,
    • transport company,
    • receipt.
    Self-exportation is possible if has a shop in your city.

    Components for repair and construction.

    Online store of components for repair and construction, decoration and decoration of interior and exterior, furniture manufacturing.

    Shops in 50 cities of Russia, in Ukraine and in the Republic of Belarus.

    The largest supplier of high-quality components and accessories for the production of windows, doors, double-glazed windows and furniture.

    OBI -
    Goods for repair and construction.

    Goods for repair and construction.


    Mail.Ru souvenirs
    Clothing, bags, accessories with Mail.Ru Group logo

    Clothing, bags, accessories with Mail.Ru Group logo.


    Delivery is via the Russian Post or the PickPoint, DPD, Boxberry, IM-Logistics services.
    Delivery cost should be specified; it depends on weight, delivery service and geography.


    You may return the item within 14 days, provided that it is of satisfactory quality.

    Yandex online store
    Souvenirs of Yandex, that is simple things with the Yandex logo.

    Souvenirs of Yandex, that is simple things with the Yandex logo.
    Generally, firms usually make pens with their logo and address, notebooks and other small items and distribute them for free for promotional purposes.
    They are inexpensive and useful, they will not be thrown out.
    This is called "handouts".

    The truth is that Yandex not only pens, but also thermo mugs, T-shirts ... The analogy of goods for fans of Spartacus, Zenith is more suitable ...
    On such things they earn.

    That is, it's a store for Yandex fans.


    Goods for pets.

    The leading online store of goods for animals in Russia.

    • High quality feeds,
    • wide choice of clothes,
    • toys,
    • fillers,
    • accessories,
    • branch pharmacy,
    • ...
    Delivery depending on the city and the amount of the order, from free to ...
    In the service list only large cities.

    The site to share experiences and interesting news.


    Department stores.

    Shopping Live
    Department stores.


    The Social Network, publishes reviews about the companies in different cities. -
    Community blogs about products and services. What-when-where-why of the consumer world.

    What-when-where-why-consumer-world. A good place to express your opinion and read the opinions of others to buy wisely. There are millions of reviews written by ordinary consumers about products and services in 19 categories and ratings just about everything.

    Want to know, Is it worth buying this delectable mobile phone or that motorcycle? Do not worry! You can read user reviews right here!

    Write reviews and change the world

    You went to a fashionable restaurant, and then there were pains in the abdomen. Do not pursue the brand. You went to the showroom, tried the testdrive and it seems nothing better. Do not rush to shout for joy, suddenly there are pitfalls? Take a deep breath and find out now. Were you in trouble? You can write testimonials and help others!

    Pour out your heart

    Tell the world what's going on in your neighborhood. Share your experience, reviews and ratings. Laugh, cry, sigh, rejoice, let the present come to life emotionally, honestly and ridiculously.

    MouthShut is a community of blogs about products and services. MouthShut spawned the concept of community and blogs well before they were popularized by Facebook and Twitter. This is a community where consumers connect with each other by adding each other to their Trusted circles, send virtual gifts to each other and lead a photo gallery.
    Consumer social network.

    Online store audio and video equipment.

    Online store audio and video equipment.

    More than 13 thousand positions - audio and video equipment.


    1. free professional advice;
    2. competitive prices;
    3. various forms of payment;
    4. flexible discount system and discount cards;
    5. bonuses and only useful gifts;
    6. brand warranty.
    Actual information that facilitates the process of choosing a home theater and accessories for it. Buyers have the opportunity to sign up for listening to technology in a cozy, specially equipped room for listening equipment.

    You can order a consultation, leave your number in the message and they will call you back.

    Delivery of equipment to all regions of Russia, in Moscow - for free.
    Electronics and technology.
    Electronics and technology.

    ComputerUniverse -
    Computer technology online store.

    Electronics and components for computer from Germany.
    Prices are very different from ours, they may vary significantly.
    But do not forget about the shipment. So, the more we take, the more cost-effective the shipment.
    Unfortunately, today should be taken into account and restrictions on duty-free purchases. Expensive items are subject to duty.

    Payment -
    Electronics, accessories for iPhone, iPad and PC, video games, watches and much more. Free worldwide shipping.
    Electronics and technology.
    Electronics and technology.

    GearBest -
    The second Chinese online store after Aliexpress - cheap electronics.

    The second Chinese online store after Aliexpress - cheap electronics, free shipping.

    You can register by email or using accounts on Facebook or Google.

    The item can be tracked if the amount exceeds $40. If the order is cheaper, you will not be able to track it or pay $2.


    Online store, loud and high-quality sound.

    Online store, loud and high-quality sound.

    Car speaker systems at competitive prices. We have a wide selection of equipment for car audio. Delivery to all cities of Russia and abroad.

    High-quality selection of components, installation, configuration of systems of any complexity.

    The main office of our company is located in Rostov-on-Don. Company shops in the cities of Kazan, Penza, St. Petersburg and Saratov.

    In our store you can choose audio components of leading world and Russian manufacturers. Build a system from beginner to professional level. Get quality advice on the selection and installation, as well as you can listen to audio components.

    JoyBuy -
    Big online store of Chinese electronics.

    The main competitor of Aliexpress in the electronics segment.

    A large choise of Chinese electronics, a good translation of the site.


    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology. Stores with delivery points..

    Internet-shop Messenger.
    Better value for money.

    The network of cellular shops has an online store. Here and there are advantages.
    The stores sell cell phones, tablets, netbooks, cameras and so on. And this is all in a limited assortment, the stores are small.

    The site has a wider range of products. I bought a monitor, friends laptop. And inexpensive. It was here that I found something that I need and much cheaper than in other places.
    I ordered it in a week or two to bring it to the Svyaznoy store, which you indicate (I pointed it out from the house, because we have several in the city).
    When the goods were delivered, they called me. We come, we check, if we are satisfied, then we pay and take back.

    So, it's convenient for them and you.

    By the way, somehow I went to the store and there was not a camera I needed. I made an order in the store, a couple of days later I saw such a camera in another city, also in Svyaznoy. He called, asked if it was possible to refuse the goods, because he was already going to them. They answered me - no problem. They will sell it anyway, but I bought them all in their network.

    RBT - Real Brand Technics
    Electronics and technology.
    Electronics and technology.

    Apple electronics and technology.

    Home appliances and electronics.

    An online store for electronics and home appliances.
    It has a network of stores of the same name, as well as a network of delivery points, of which there are many more than stores.

    If you want to buy something from these products, be sure to see what this store has to offer.
    Delivery is free (in the case of self-delivery from the delivery point).

    You can pay for your order upon receipt. We get it, check the performance and if everything is satisfactory, pay in cash or by card.
    In this respect, the delivery point is more similar to the purchase of goods in the store.

    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Apple Retail Store -
    Apple Retail Store.

    A network of retail stores around the world, created and operated by Apple Corporation on company-owned retail space.
    Apple prepares staff and stores traditionally with style, reliability and high price.
    In principle, Apple products can be bought in other stores. However, in Russia the price collusion is widespread, therefore the prices strongly do not differ.

    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Spare parts for laptops and smartphones of all the world's leading sellers. I somehow wanted to buy some little things and offers of this site I was interested. But usually the most profitable offers on scammers, because I wanted to find out what the site was.

    I made a request for "PartsDirect reviews" and clicked the first link to the issue, the more so it was Yandex.Market.
    The reviews were good and I used his services.
    I quickly received a call, refined the order and delivered it. Everything was good, convenient, inexpensive. I was pleased, therefore I recommend.

    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Department stores.
    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.
    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.
    Electronics and technology.

    Electronics and technology.

    Chip & Dip
    Electronics and technology. -
    Clothes, shoes, evening and wedding dresses. Electronics, digital technology, household goods and much more.

    Electronics and technology.