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Uses: eBay.

Automatically place eBay bids.

logo VXZone

Russian reliable sitee.

Uses: eBay.


The best site about eBay auction in Russian.
On eBay itself you will not know much.
And if you are a new person, and even from Russia?
This site will tell you everything you need: how to buy, how to receive, pay, choose what is better to buy ....

In short, first here, and only then on eBay.

logo Shopotam


Delivery of goods from online stores and eBay auction. The service that allows you to bid, win and make purchases at auction and in any US online stores is also as simple as if you are in USA, and in which it's easier ...).

  1. If you find an item you like on eBay,
  2. copy the link (url),
  3. paste this link into the field of this site,
  4. the site makes a purchase for you.
Service takes 10% of the cost of goods for services.


logo eBay

English - Russian official sitee.

Uses: eBay.


The world's largest auction on Internet.
The auction has a huge attendance. Here you can buy anything or sell, including domain names.

Registration is completely free (including for Russian-speaking users).

And simply eBay - is the world's largest giant flea market with a attendance of several million Person per day. - The eBay International Trade Center for the Russian Federation.

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