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Funny clock

Stonehenge is a robotic watch (you can, of course, call them and mechanical ones), Controlled by a robotic arm. Around the manipulator are placed numbers Painted on plastic cards (the whole design is similar to the well-known Stoneheid monument, in honor of which and received Name), ahead - 4 digits show the current time, and the rest, Unused numbers are located on the sides. Constantly rearranging the cards the robot always shows the actual time.

The change of one digit occurs in half a minute, and two digits in a minute. The hand manages to change the numbers on time and always at work. You can endlessly watch how others work!

Heart hours chip Parallax Propeller. The clock itself is big enough, only 14 Cards with numbers and each size of 4.4 cm. X 10 cm. The developer of these hours Is Norris Labs.

Here's a new alarm clock concept for those who are used to getting up on command Hours, but does not like standard dialers or Mp3 mobile Phone, which are very easily turned off. To turn off the signal A new alarm clock, you just need to hit the bull's-eye with a special Console-pointer, and it's not so simple and instantly leads to a tone.

We are used to that standard alarms wake people noisy Sounds. But "silence" is a conceptual alarm clock that allows you Program several signals, wakes you up without any sound. The person is wearing Wireless rubber ring with integrated vibrating A device that creates a tactile alert. If you want to disable The vibration is enough only to be shaken with a hand.

At first glance WoodStation is just a wooden bar. But In fact, it's an electronic clock that displays time, date, weather directly on Body. This effect is possible thanks to LED backlighting and very thin The wooden walls of the watch.

We continue the parade to the glory of alternative energy, which is rapidly Enters our life, replacing the usual batteries of batteries. Here's another one Instance. Solar Clock clock in which The battery was replaced with a solar panel. It's high time, calculators with solar Batteries are already a year, probably 20 do!

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