10 super-gadget for photography

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10 super-gadget for photography

We present a collection of useful gizmos, gadgets and accessories, Developed by professional photographers and amateurs.

Level cube

It can be adapted to any camera. It allows you to correctly expose Photo level.

Short-sleeve bag

Special bag for the camera (although in appearance and not say), which Allows you to take pictures "on the go." It is not necessary to remove the camera from the bag.

Canon Thermos

A creative thermos, which is made in the form of a 70-200mm Canon lens.

Super-portable tripod

Tripod, allowing to place the camera on a bottle of mineral water!

Helmet fastening

A special fastening system allows you to quickly and easily fix the camera on a bicycle helmet.

Frame with Photoshop

A special frame from the designer Irina Block, which looks like a Photoshop window.

Canon 5D Mark II flash drive

Unique USB memory, made in the form of a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera.


Accessory from the series "must have" for amateurs - a coffee cup in the form of a Canon lens.

Double shoulder strap

An excellent solution for people using two cameras. Very practical and ergonomic.

Spy Camera

Super-spy lens rotates 360 degrees and allows you to make photo at an angle of 90 degrees in any direction! A great idea not only for tracking down secret agents, but also for photographing shy people.