Photo most technologically advanced beds

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Photo most technologically advanced beds

10. Sonic Bed from Kaffe Matthews

The bed "Sonic" looks impressive - massive and huge. However, do not be afraid - a tree It is trimmed only from the outside, inside quite gently and comfortably. But not in The size of its charm, but in the 12-channel sound system built into this bed. That's really the "sound around". Insert the bed into the power outlet (Sounds, yes?), Connect the TV, and you will never want to leave Its bed!

9. Indestructible Bed

Bed for paranoiacs. Well, or literally "Nondestructible bed". It will really be difficult to destroy it - a fireproof frame, System that will protect you from chemical attacks by terrorists and natural Cataclysms. Inside you can even live for a while - there is a refrigerator, Microwave, cd player, and satellite phone to Call and ask for help. A bed in 135 thousand dollars will cost.

8. Gustarle TV Bed

TV-bed comes complete with LCD TV with built-in DVD-player. Made bed, of course, from A real tree, the breed of which you can choose yourself, like a mattress. By The default is watermark, but you can order and anatomical, which will remember Shape of your body and adjust to it. Worth this bed is not as expensive as The last - only 15 thousand dollars, But the level of comfort is much higher.

7. Histoire Do Be swivel bed

This stunning round bed, not only is that huge Dimensions, but still and can rotate around its axis with the help of a remote Management! It was made by the firm Mobelform, and goes to Complete with orthopedic mattress and stand for TV. Such a bed Would look chic in any castle.

6. Ultimate TV bed

Another television bed, even more interesting than in the Previous time, because the TV, which is located on one of the backs, is easy to It is removed by pressing the button. Electromechanism is built into the bed, and adds comfort when viewing TV. The bed is worth a little more - 32 thousand dollars.

5. Gravity Zero Groove bed

Hollandia International Known in narrow circles for its luxury beds, mattresses and other Accessories for sleep. All their developments are aimed at ensuring that people do not Experienced no inconvenience in the process of sleep. Bed "Zero gravity" - it demonstrates this clearly. Two columns in the head of the bed In order to hear good music or a TV, two massage mechanisms Relax you before going to bed, and the two motors in the bed will make you take it The shape of your body, so that nothing can hamper you while you sleep.

4. Multimedia Bed with RUF Cinema

Multimedia bed - already says a lot. Here not only TV and stereo system. In fact, there is no TV here - at the head of the head A digital projector is installed on the bed, to which game consoles are connected and DVD player. A screen can be raised and removed by pressing a button. Convenient, damn Take it!

3. Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system

Another bed produced by Hollandia International. That is, what kind of "bed", the most A real "system for comfortable sleep." Remember all the best that was In previous beds - built-in retractable TV, massage systems, "The sound around" - all this is there. And even much more. 30 minutes on such bed and Any fatigue as a hand will remove. That's just not every bank gives such loans, To buy him this bed.

2. Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

But in the company Leggett&Platt went even further. Their bed controls the temperature And makes the bed a couple of degrees colder. Or warmer - in Depending on what you like more, and what season year. However, I am sure that in a house in which there is a bed for 50 thousand. Dollars is always the most comfortable temperature. As a bonus - already familiar there Sound installation with dock for iPod, and exit to Internet, in the base with 1.5 terabytes of music and movies. Yes, the digital projector, too Is present.

1. Magnetic floating Bed

Well, and in the first place we have a model that does not amaze with luxury, Do not boast about inches in the built-in TV or watts at the speakers. In fact, this Just a mattress ... that flies in the air. Thanks Magnets, it is able to withstand a weight of up to 900 kilograms, and that it Finally did not fly away, it has to be chained to the floor by 4 chains.

The brainchild of six-year studies of the Dutchman Janjaap Ruijssenaars, this bed was sold somewhere for 1.2 million dollars.