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Crazy retro invention

A family bicycle with a sewing machine (USA, 1939).

Bike (USA, 1934).

Bicycling amphibian, you can ride both on land and on water, the maximum "carrying capacity" on water 120 kg (France, 1932).

Motorhome, is useful for training in horse riding (Italy, 1933).

One-wheeled motorcycle, top speed of 150 km/h (Italy, 1931).

"Life jacket" of bicycle tires (Germany, 1925).

Hat-radio (USA, 1931).

Lying piano, for bedridden (UK, 1935).

Reading glasses lying (England, 1936).

Jacket with electric heating (USA, 1932).

A car is a tumbler, can ride on slopes up to 65 degrees (Great Britain, 1936).

A car with a shovel for pedestrians, to reduce the number of victims (Paris, 1924).

"GPS-navigator" sample 1932 with a scrolling map, the speed of scrolling depends on the speed of the car.

Folding bridge for emergency situations, transported on a cart (Netherlands, 1926).

Protective mask against the snowstorm (Canada, 1939)

Baby carriage in case of gas attack (England, 1938).

"Lie detector" for banks .The principle of this alarm for banks, developed in the early 30-ies, is similar to the principle of the lie detector: if the person approaching the window is very excited, his heart beats fast, the alarm goes off.

A device for walking on the water (1938).

Car numbers with special badges for malicious violators (USA, 1939).

An ice pack against a hangover, coined in 1947 by Max Factor for Hollywood actresses.

A dog with a motor in one dog's power (USA, 1939).

Coty carriage. Power - 1 feline power, trained cat in the kit (1938).