Unusual building 2

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Unusual building 2

We present to your attention the most original and unusual buildings from around the world.

Building - bar code

This distinctive shopping The complex is located in St. Petersburg.

Crouching house

These 4 000 square meters of original design - the creation of the hands of Zhotynchia Zaleski, a Polish architect.

Strawberry house

This appetizing house is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Building of the Department of Public Health

This municipal building is in Spain. In our understanding, it is not completely compatible with such concepts as "department", "health", etc., but you can not erase words from the song!

Solar Arch

The solar arch is located in Japan and actually is a huge solar battery. Its main idea is to maximize popularization of alternative energy sources on earth.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

This beautiful building is in Los Angeles, it accommodates 2,265 people and serves as the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

Inverted House

This hut is in the Polish village of Skimmbark. Very similar to the character of Russian fairy tales, that's only the hut there turned in front, back ... And it did not get on your head!

Digital building in Beijing

This massive piece of concrete - the Olympic Games Support Center

Dancing House

This house was designed by the Czech architect Vlado Milunich in collaboration with the American Frank Gehry. The house embodying a dancing couple is located in the center of Prague.


The world-famous architectural company Vijay Associate undertook to build a business center, which has no analogues in the world yet. By the end of 2010, the construction of this building in Mumbhai, India will be completed.

Piano House

This building is located in Anhui, China. The piano is the main building, and the violin is nothing but a ladder.

Hotel Burj Al Fatah

This five-star hotel is located in Khartoum, the capital of the Sudan.

Ray and Maria Center

So right away and not say, but this building is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. An unusual academic complex created by Frank Gehry.

In 2007, the Massachusetts University of Technology filed a lawsuit against Gehry, accusing him of a low-quality building project worth $315 million. According to the university, in three years of operation the building began to leak, the walls were covered with mold, and "massive blocks of ice falling from the roof and window ledges Not only directly threaten the lives of the institute's employees, but also often block out-of-pocket exits "

The next three buildings - his own handiwork, but there everything was without litigation.

Office building in Hanover

Development of the coastal part of Düsseldorf

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

House Slider

This building is located in London. It is equipped with a mobile roof, which can be opened and closed, completely changing the appearance of the house depending on the season.


This gigantic shopping basket is located in Ohio, United States.