Funny food

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Funny food

Pasta - bacon

Each tube with liquid bacon is designed for 16 servings - the equivalent of 64 pieces of bacon.

Sushi Tube

Convenient portable tube with sushi. The creative thing from Japan is simple - you push it from below, you eat it from above.

Golden Spray

Allows you to cover with gold (edible) any of your favorite foods, even a cutlet.


Hao Hianchang from China grows and sells pears in the form of Buddha figurines.

Canned cheeseburger

For McDonald's critics - this meal combines the whole "benefit" of not only fast food, but also canned foods.

Coffee Inhaler

The device from Lee Wife sprays the microparticles of coffee straight into your mouth.

Candy "Daniel Craig" on a stick

Rather, the candy on a stick, "Daniel Craig." Developed by supermegakompanie Del Monte.

A stick on a stick

No, it's not a candy in the form of a roll, it's a roll in the form of candy. An excellent solution for parties and receptions.

Chocolate tablets

They will help fight all diseases, as they drive away anguish and raise the moo.

Egg roll

Forget that delicious, fragrant creation of your grandmother with a fried onion and a golden crust. Before you, a typical representative of modern food - a miserable likeness of a chicken egg.

Pyramidal Watermelon

Like most strange food products, this watermelon comes from Japan. There is a suspicion that we would not have this one - how would his sellers tread on round sides?

Horn with pizza

Pizza in the form of a cone is the last and most fashionable trend in the fast food industry.