Creative concepts of mobile

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Creative concepts of mobile


Phone affects the number of "interlayers", each of which performs its function - from a photo printer to a mini-projector.


According to the idea of designers, the phone case should be associated with spring greens and foliage. Special eco-plastic is very pleasant to the touch. An invisible OLED display is visible through a special lens, giving the phone a futuristic look.

Maple Phone

apanese designers have developed this concept camera-background, Whose body is made of thin wood. Control - touch, buttons They start to glow as soon as they touch the phone.

«Smooth and thin»

Aesthetic concept with a glowing blue touchpad

Phone "for life"

LINC (The Lifecycle Concept Phone) - a typical touchscreen smartphone with all Modern functions and properties - mobile communication, media player, Web browser, GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, work in 3G networks. But the main nuance is not in This.

LINC is offered to users not as a product, but as a service. Owner uses Phone about a year, and when a new generation of phones comes out of the conveyor, The owner receives a new model by mail. LINC informs the user about Upgrade of hardware and software, as well as all stages Return the old model to the manufacturer.

Clamshell-Stretch Scroll

This concept includes a multimedia player, Wi-Fi, Built-in 10 megapixel camera, computer functions, Bluetooth and display On electronic paper.

Scroll is made under Windows XP or Vista.

Slider with two screens

Will you buy a phone with one screen, if you can have just two? And if the price in this case will be twice as large? While you reflect, we represent Another slider concept. Not only the second screen is advanced, but also the camera. AT As a result, the phone can double its size. Surely, This model also has its own fans.

Nokia 888 Concept

Created by Turkish student Tamer Nakishi specifically for Nokia Benelux Open Design Awards, this phone offers users a dodgy enclosure, which can be bent, twisted and twisted. You can wear it on your arm like a bracelet.