Unusual toilet paper

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Unusual toilet paper

We present to your attention a set of toilet paper that will definitely add charm to your toilet room and will surprise the guests.


If you are one of those people who are bored in the toilet - this paper is for you! Solve Sudoku puzzles in your pleasure! Here the main thing is not to get too carried away and know the measure

Black toilet paper

This is not just a toilet paper, but a stylish accessory for your toilet room


Another Japanese "amusement" for your toilet. Following a simple and step-by-step instruction, depicted directly on paper, add birds, mice, ships and more stuff

Glow in the dark paper

Now toilet paper can be found even if the electricity was turned off, and you were not at all ready for that!

Police Ribbon

This toilet paper will add a highlight to your bathroom and turn it into a place of murder

Horror paper

No, this is not that terrible Paper that is sold in our supermarkets and causes anger. This Japanese creation horrifies, because it prints a horror film from Koji Suzuki, the author of the famous "Bell" story

Paper from Greenpeace

The World Organization Greenpeace used this paper as part of an advertising campaign in Beijing, China, to remind people about the need to save paper

Valentine's Day paper

The producers of this Papers do not insist that it should compete with boxes of chocolates in the form of hearts. Simply they advise to decorate with such paper the toilet for creation of a celebratory mood. At the same time, the emphasis is on the fact that ink on paper based on water and absolutely safe

Paper - Cactus

Toilet paper for notes

We do not recommend writing this Paper in the list of office supplies for the next month - the economic department of your organization is unlikely to understand what it is about. Although the thing is really useful, but suddenly the idea of ​​how to overfulfill a plan will visit you in the toilet?!

Dollar toilet paper

You can always use dollar bills if you run out of toilet paper. Unfortunately, to pay this paper, if you run out of money, it will not work…