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Funny cup

The cup is the muzzle of an animal

"Taz-ah" is an ordinary porcelain cup with a very unusual bottom. The options are: a dog, a rabbit, a pig, a tiger and a monkey. A good gift to friends and acquaintances, only it will be difficult to choose which cup to give.


A great way to let everyone know in the office what exactly you prefer to drink. Now no one will throw sugar into your cup, confusing you with Ivan Ivanovich.

A toothy cup

The designers of this cup emphasize that each tooth is made by hand, so that there is full confidence that the cup will meet you with the perfect smile. Or a grin?! ...

Moustached cup

This cup from the designer Peter Bregger is available in six different versions.

There are plenty to choose from, because all six are very even nothing!

A cup of coffee beans

A stylish cup decorated with coffee beans.


Probably, it was invented so that no one confused how to throw a sachet into your cup. Made of pure porcelain, use in the microwave is allowed. But washing in a dishwasher is not recommended.

Did they draw the markers? ....

Cup guitar

A cup for true music lovers.

Stirrer bowl

A ceramic ball on the bottom stirs you sugar instead of a spoon (see instructions for use)

Self-replenishing cup

This cool-technical thing is equipped with miniature batteries that trigger the stirring mechanism. The power button is at the top on the handle.

Anti-theft cup

A special plug, being removed and stashed in a safe place, makes your cup absolutely useless for thieves.

Cup for mothers

Minimizes the risks of pouring on a child hot thanks to a special lid. You can drink anywhere in a circle, and after each sip the lid automatically blocks the liquid in the cup.

It looks like ceramic, although it is made of a special heat-resistant material.

Cup - Fistula

Serious cup for real guys!

Heart Cup

"Love in every throat". Great idea and nice performance.

A cup of radioactive waste

In principle, an ordinary cup, which I tried my best to make dangerous-preopasnoy!

"Objective" cup

Unfortunately, this is not a real cup, but just a concept.

Knitted cup

These cups are used in the Starbucks cafe network. The pattern on them imitates the sweater's knitting.

Cup Cadarache

Named after the nuclear power research center in France.

Cup cortado

Named after the eponymous drink, which uses a proportion of 2/3 of coffee + 1/3 of milk.

Melting Iceberg

The outer wall of the cup is colored with special thermosensitive inks, which react to the heat of hot water and "make" the iceberg to melt.

Glued cups

This original cup fits comfortably in your hand, no matter how you hold it - for one of the pens or just girth.

A cup "on the fly"

With this cup you can drink coffee not only in a relaxed atmosphere, sitting at a table, but also on the move, tk. The saucer easily transforms into a special lid with a drinking hole.

Indicating cup

This miracle cup helps to achieve the ideal consistency of tea and coffee using a color chart painted on the inside. The scale begins with "extra-dairy" and ends with "extra-strong".


Slogan "kill time with a cup of coffee"


Are you tired of telling people what and how you want to drink today? Just scroll through the rings and choose the desired option, then the secretary is not exactly mistaken!

"On-off" cup

At first glance this is an ordinary cup with the inscription "Off". However, as soon as you fill it with hot contents, the cup "turns on".


Cups that combine in a row and simplify the process of pouring boiling water.

The rumpled cup

Looking at first glance as a rumpled plastic cup, this cup is made of porcelain.

Cup Smileys

When you tilt your head to drink the contents of your cup, your friends/colleagues/relatives look at the cool smiley.

Grave for tea bag

Now everyone can "bury" his used tea bag out of sight, and not spread it on the table. It was not without the standard for this case inscription R.I.P. (rip)

Attention: the contents are hot!

This cup is designed in such a way that the contents of the cup remain hot as long as possible, and your fingers - cold. The cup is hollow in places of "capture". A similar system in the saucer, tk. It can be used as a lid for brewing tea.

A hard-hearted man

Licking tea or coffee from your cup.

Anamorphic cups

The inscription on the saucer can be read correctly only in the reflection of the steel cup.

A pessimist's cup

It is never half full.

The perfect cup

The oval shape of this cup brings the center of gravity closer to the hand, making the drink more comfortable than from a traditional cup.