Unusual printers

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Unusual printers

The world does not stand still, and types of printers are no longer limited to matrix, inkjet and laser. In addition, there are a lot of devices that do not fit into the standard classification: for example, printers that print coffee grounds, pencil sticks or food.

Everyone knows that such a printer is a printing device related to computer peripherals. They are laser or inkjet, wireless or with cables, many of them can also take on the functions of fax, copier and scanner. "Ruformer" represents a translation of the PCWorld edition, which deals with 15 unusual printers that change the usual notions about printing devices.

1. First of all, a printer, Printing graphite from ordinary pencils. It's a concept from designers Lee Hoyoung, Seunghwa Jeong and Yoon Jin-young - the printer uses graphite instead of toner, so you can easily fix the eraser with an ordinary eraser and use paper again.

2. iMo Foto Printer Frame Printer is an eight-inch (diagonal) photo frame with built-in printer, USB and card reader. IMo Foto Frame Printer has a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels and prints photos with the size of 10×15 cm. The device costs only $200.

3. The concept Coffee Printer is made by RITI and really uses spiked coffee as environmentally friendly ink. You just fill the coffee grounds with it and print it.

4. Trak Concept was created by the designer Wang Hung Chih - his innovative idea is to place the printer on the lid of the laptop. Power this compact gadget receives from USB.

5. The Epson Colorio printer allows you to print color cards together with your face close-up. The photo is taken with a webcam, and the postcard eventually turns out to be a three-dimensional one. The printer costs $600 and is sold in Japan.

6. Developing the theme of three-dimensionality further, we can not say about a 3D printer from engineer Enrico Dini (Enrico Dini), which allows to theoretically "print" a house or any other object. The printer uses magnetic dust, which converts CAD data to 3D layers. Before mass production is still far away as far as the moon, but the very idea of ​​such printing can not be empty and unclaimed.

7. Another 3D printer from the company Unfold uses wet clay to create masterpieces. Raw materials are very simple: clay powder and water. This syringe is made with a syringe. The Belgian designers, who created this miracle of technology, used it, to make double walls in a vessel, and experimented with different forms of ceramic products.

8. There are also a few special printers: for example, a printer that can print on nails will be just a godsend for any teenage girl. Outwardly, it is somewhat similar to the iMac of the first generation. The printer allows you to create a wide variety of pictures on your nails right at home. Printing on one nail takes a few seconds, and any desired picture can be downloaded directly from the computer. There is such a girl's dream of only $290.

9. If you are not confused by the price of $5,600, you can buy a Sanwa Newtec PrePeat RP-3100II printer, which does not need any consumables at all - neither toner nor ink, he does not even need paper. It prints on special paper from polyethylene plastic, each sheet of which can be used up to 1000 times - due to the thermal head. One plastic sheet costs $3.35, and if you really want to buy such a miracle of technology, contact the manufacturer directly. Their motto is "We create a new pleasure for your company".

10. And do not want to print something food? The concept of Cornucopia Food Printer by Marcelo Coelho and Amita Zoran is a true 3D printer that prints food, storing and mixing ingredients. Load the necessary components, and the printer mixes, warms up and prints them.

11. It's not a printer, it's a typing toaster. The concept of Othmar Mühlbach uses chopped slices of bread, on which one can also print something.

12. The concept of Hanging Printer from designers Kim Jin Hee, Kim Hyung Il and Park Woo Seok allows to save the working space at the expense of incredibly small sizes - on the surface of the table there are only printheads And the paper exit tray. Hanging Printer comes with a built-in LCD display that shows the print status.

13. The wall-mounted wireless printer from Randsmeier & Floyd does not match traditional views on the shape and size of the printer. This battery-powered gadget can be mounted on a wall or put on a desk as a stand. It displays printouts as if it were a normal frame.

14. The concept of Embossing Braille Printer from designer Danny Luo (Danni Luo) was created to be an assistant to the blind and visually impaired people. It allows you to print embossed labels for vital objects such as medicine bottles.

15. The round printer from Samsung is really very small and does not look like any printer at all. Instead of the traditional linear printing method, it uses the rotating movements of the printing wheel to print one page in one pass. Unfortunately, the company does not plan to launch this concept into mass production.