Unusual but useful inventions

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Unusual but useful inventions

We bring to your attention a set of creative inventions, which, according to the creators, are called upon to facilitate our life.

Hairdryer without fan

For air movement, Without which it is impossible to dry hair, this hair dryer uses the Air Multiplier system. There is no rotating screw, no heating element - everything is very safe and, that is also important, easy to maintain.

"Double" tube

Pasta, which can be squeezed from both sides - is the ideal version for those partners who can not reach an understanding on the issue of extracting a paste from a tube.

Folding cargo container

Made of fiberglass, this container helps to save up to 25% of the space

Infinite USB

This innovative solution allows many times to connect to the same and the same USB port connector.

Humane recumbent policeman

This is exactly what is missing on our already awful roads! A thing that is designed to make life easier for many disciplined drivers is a recumbent policeman, nominated only if the car exceeds the speed limit.

Bottle remover

It allows you to easily and safely transport up to 6 bottles of beer, water or other beverages.

Greenbo Flower Pot

A pot that can be hung on a balcony railing, a fence, a door, a shelf, a table and the like. Hang it or put it - still it will look stylish!

Innovative sewing needle

A small click of the finger - and the needle's eye expands, allowing you to insert the thread into the needle without problems!

The device for tying shoelaces

Ideal gadget for people who are tired of tying shoelaces. And which also does not care what their sneakers look like

Pencil Oil

This thing comes from Japan. Add some office style to your kitchen!

The brush is not a tiny rattle

Like the doll with the same name, this self-cleaning brush can stand upright and without the help of a glass.

Jacket with turn signals

This ultra-modern jacket is equipped with light bulbs and a control panel.