Fancy cars

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Fancy cars

Especially for you we have collected from all over the world the most unforgettable and non-standard cars.

Herbal Machine

More than original Styling auto. The only problem is that the car should not be driven to the sink, but Take it to dry cleaning.

Transparent Nissan

This transparent machine Nissan was created within the advertising campaign Shell Helix Ultra

Racing LEGO F1

A real managed The Formula 1 car from Ferrari was created from 80,000 LEGO constructor bricks

Sneaker car

Auto from the "mast hev" series For all sneaker fans from Reebok

Bamboo Electric vehicle

Meguru - an electric car, Executed in accordance with the Japanese style and traditions.

Porsche Bike

Ferdinand is the most Eco-friendly and slowest copy from Porsche. It is given in Movement ... with pedals

Amphibious car

On water as on land

Wooden machine

Japanese sports car, Made of wood

Chrome-plated BMW

For people who love everything Shiny: BMW M3 with chrome finish


For fans of "walking" On heels

Contour Lamborghini

Mechanic Benedict Redcliffe created a contour version of the famous Lamborghini

Giant Jeep

The largest in the world Jeep car belongs to Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a member of The royal family of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.