Ph4 / Canada

Ph4 / Canada

50 Ways to Get a Job -
Find out what else you should do in order to get a job.


Tickets for concerts, theaters, museums in Murmansk.

On the site you can get acquainted with what is happening in the cultural life of Murmansk.
If you like something, interested, you can buy a ticket,

  1. theater,
  2. opera
  3. ballet
  4. comedy,
  5. musical,
  6. drama,
  7. creative evening,
  8. concert,
  9. show,
  10. touring
  11. museums.

Digital Podcast -

East Coast Hockey League.

AChecker -

List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters -

English, Baby! -
The trick of this social network is that it was created for the British fans, and for fans of American English. Also, there is a thematic audio, grammar theory, the task to the TOEFL and even a special section for teachers of English.

ETH — Ethereum -
The platform for creating decentralized online services based on the blockbuster, working on the basis of smart contracts.


After success of Bitcoin, all the newly introduced crypto-currencies became a kind of second echelon, catching up.

But our compatriot who emigrated to Canada created a revolutionary product. He tried to make maximum use of blocking technology.

Ethereum took a solid second place among the cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Moreover, it has become the most promising currency of the future. And not only currency - technology.

The platform of decentralized online services based on block-chain technology. This is the environment of intellectual contracts: it is stable, without downtime, censorship, participation of third parties.

Customizable applications work quite well in a powerful global infrastructure, moving value and representing ownership of property.

The platform is used by Microsoft, IBM, Acronis ... Interested in: VTB Bank, Sberbank, S7, Lufthansa, YUNISEF, Microsoft, Google, Apple.

Developers can use the platform to create markets, store debt registers, translations and create new operations.

Bank pictures everystockphoto -
Photos on Internet.


Search for photos that you can later use without infringing copyrights.

Bombardier Dash Q 400 -


We rent a decent house in 34,000 cities from 190 countries.
We just drive in the city and look at the offer.
You can limit or increase the number of offers by setting a limit on the price and defining the zone on the map (larger map - fewer offers)

You can choose only the whole accommodation - Single room - Shared room.
Depends on what you need - it's easy to spend the night or to have a good rest.

Clicking on the option, we receive reviews and a more detailed description. After all, if a steep house and a low price, and a low rating mean the possibility of a kidalov.

Hockey Hall of Fame -

Cars from the movie.


IMCDb - Internet Movie Cars Database.
This site collects the whole database of cars that have ever been shot in the cinema.

Choose the automaker, then the brand and we get the number of films in which this brand participated. Then you can see the car in the frame of this movie, etc.

I looked at rare car brands, including those that are not sold in the west and was impressed.

Instant Domain Sea -
Instant domain search.


Instant domain search.
I enter the name and at the moment I offer domain zones with the cost.
In addition to the free are indicated and employed with indication of registrars and WHOIS.
Free domains with similar names are also offered. And not clumsy, but decent.
For example, I requested MYBIBLE, but MYBOOK and BIBLE were offered to me.

iTools -
Tools for checking website and for job in Internet.

Just the First Frame -
Only the first frame of the modern web comics. But it is possible to click and see the whole story.


Only the first frame of modern web comics. But you can click it and see the whole story.

Kangaride -
tel.: +1 (855) 526-4274

Lafango -
We are looking for talent.

Lingua Latina Aeterna -
Russian-Latin and Latin-Russian Dictionary.

Canada -
$400,000, AND ASSETS IN THE AMOUNT OF $800,000.

Headline Analyzer -
Evaluation of the headline from the point of view of emotional marketing.


Evaluation of the headline from the point of view of emotional marketing.

URL Decoder/Encoder -
Encodes and decodes national domain names, for example: www.яндекс.рф in www.%D1%8F%D0%BD%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%81.%D1%80%D1%84 Or back.


Encodes and decodes national domain names, for example:
or backward.

My Language Exchange -
Perfect service to search for a pen pal. By registering on the website, you describe their 'ideal partner for language':.. language, country, gender, age, interests, etc. and choose suitable.

NektoMe -
Anonymous social network. Communication without a name and gender, you can open your data if necessary.


Alcoholism in the media.
Little toss, it is necessary to change life.
This site is a kind of help in the second stage of liberation from alcoholism.

Nexopia -
Canadian social network.

NHL Uniform Database -
Form of NHL clubs by years.

AC -
The Arctic Council.

San Francisco

GitHub -
address: 88 Colin P Kelly Jr St, California
Hosting for programmers with the ability to work together.


Hosting for programmers with the ability to work together. Free for projects opensourse, and for commercial there are tariffs.

On the site first of all you can post and keep the code, for teamwork. But it's not just hosting or cloud, it's a platform for working together, where you can communicate, discuss, comment on each other, watch how friends are doing.

There is also your office and Wiki. A system for tracking errors has been developed.

CA App Synthetic Monitor -
Determines the download speed of your site in different parts of the world.

Marshall Islands -
The president.


searchcode -
Search for programmers.


Probably the main site that I would recommend for finding the code.
We simply enter the code snippet into the search and look at the output.

The database at the moment:
More than 20 million lines of code from 7.000.000 Projects. -

This Waifu Does Not Exist -
Generator anime characters based on the neural network.


Generator anime characters based on the neural network.

Unique images are created with their own unique stories.
Anime update themselves every 15 seconds, just choose.

Translit -
Transliteration - Russian, Hebrew, Armenian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Greek, Georgian.


Transliteration - Russian, Hebrew, Armenian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Greek, Georgian.
Everything happens gently, without page overload, flexibly, all symbols and their correspondences are seen.
Translates from Cyrillic to Latin and vice versa. There is a mobile version.


Vienna University of Technology -

Word Count Tool -
We type or paste the text into the form and get information: the number of characters with and without spaces, words, syllables, unique words, monosyllabic words, polysyllabic words, points, paragraphs ...

NHL-Transfer -

New York

address: 75 Ninth Avenue, NY 10011
National Hockey League - Official Site.


The National Hockey League is the official website.

This is more than just a good site, it's a well-organized group of sites with a single base. Here every club has its own website, which has a subdomain from the main site.

Among other things, the site has a Russian version. Probably because many Russians play with them and we have good hockey players. True Russian and English versions may differ, because the site is updated (page style, design, principle) from the English version. So you can try and Russian and English, which will be more interesting.

The very navigation of the site is quite understandable and familiar.

Google has entered into an agreement with the official NHL website about placing information about matches in the search engine.

Enter the request - for example. NHL or Toronto Maple Leafs - the search engine will show the schedule of the games, the tournament tables, the score in the matches with the mentioned team and other data from the website.

Will be updated in real time. The NHL block will be placed under the search line.

In the Russian version of the search engine block NHL is not yet displayed, but the Russians are available to their own sports block Google. By entering the name of the team in the search engine, you can find out the score in the previous match with her participation and the date of the next match. about NHL in Russian.
Logos of NHL clubs in the vector

NHL Officials Association -


address: Av. Dag Hammarskjold 3477
tel.: +56 2 2210-2040
United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.


address: P.O. Box 18555, California 92603
tel.: +1 (714) 880-8670

Hubzilla -
Decentralized network of hubs.


Decentralized network of hubs.
A platform for creating social networks with a transparent identification system and access control tools.

Hubs are servers that exchange data in the network "grid". All hubs are equal. Hubs can be linked to one or more third-party hubs depending on the need.

The channel is the main element in the grid. A channel can be represented in different ways: a private page, blog or forum. Channels can be linked to other channels to share information according to flexibly configurable access rights. The channel address is in the usual format: channel@hub.domain.

Transparent migration means real control over your data.
In Habzilla, you have an account in the grid rather than on a particular server and this account can move around the grid.
You can clone a channel to several hubs to increase resistance to network failures and counteract censorship, or you can migrate a channel from one hub to another with all your data and contacts.

You can link the cloud storage of your channel's files to your hard drive.

Culips -
The material for studying English.


The material for studying English.
You can select a podcast by the level of difficulty of the pronounced text.

Those who have studied the language know how it can be useful to hear quality understandable speech in the language they are studying.

Continental Hockey League Awards List -Список_на

KHL Players -

National ice hockey team rosters -

2019 IIHF World Championship rosters -

List of United States national ice hockey team rosters -

List of Olympic men's ice hockey players for Russia -

Symbols, signs, icons in curves -


National Projects - национальныепроекты.

A national project for all citizens of Russia.


A national project for all citizens of Russia.
In essence, it gathers in one place the projects of the whole of Russia, initiated by the Government of the Russian Federation.
Support for families with children, active longevity, employment and healthy lifestyles ...

Yahoo! Canada -

Chameleon - Anonymizer -
Free anonymizer.


Free anonymizer.
The site is a proxy server with a web interface. It replaces your IP address, giving you the option of anonymous surfing.

Camosun College -

Canada -
Government. - -
The section on immigration to Canada provides various useful information.


The section on immigration to this country provides various useful information: a list of companies specializing in the provision of immigration services in Canada; statistics; Data on the Russian community in the country. Another interesting section is 'Immigration agencies - Hazards', which provides information on how to protect yourself from links with unscrupulous agencies.

The Embassy of Canada in Russia. -

Canadore College -

Canadian Hockey League.

Little Rock

University of Arkansas, Little Rock -

State Tax Service of the Kyrgyz Republic -


Peers.TV -
address: 630099, ул. Ядринцевская, 53/1
Free online TV, with the possibility to watch TV in the recording.


Strange text for social networks VK, Twitter, Facebook.
A simple form, enter text in one field, get the result in another.
That it will be crossed out everywhere.

Vision Christian Radio -
tel.: +64 508 47-43-62
Christian music, testimonies from real life, biblical reviews, news and ... The site has prayer support.


Big Pixel Studio -
Shanghai - panoramic gigapixel photo (195 Gigapixel).


Shanghai - panoramic gigapixel photo (195 Gigapixel).
You can twist, zoom, delete.
All this can be done with the mouse on the computer and with the fingers on the phone (screenshot).


University College, Cork -


University of Pennsylvania -

Tarifer -
tel.: +7 (800) 250-12-43
The optimal rate.


The service of choosing the most optimal operator and mobile communication tariff.
We indicate our phone number (not all operators support) and receive detailed information about our calls by email:

  1. Number and duration of calls
  2. How many calls to which Times of Day.
  3. Where and how many called (their operator, other people's operators, landlines).
  4. How many of us are calling outside our area.
In addition, we are told how much we would pay on other operators. Our savings for the month and for the year would be ...

Service is paid, but not expensive. Especially if it's about the company. Here, the savings can be significant.
Besides, you can just buy a program and use it as much as you need.


Dalhousie University -

Drawspace -
Free learn to draw.


The site assures that everyone can draw. If you do not agree, he offers to teach you for free.

Mount Saint Vincent University -

Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A. -
One of the leaders in the production of single-engine turboprop aircraft.


Okanagan University College -

Octave -
Free library of UI sounds intended for iOS.

Quick Sprout -
A thorough analysis of the website.


WDG HTML Validator -
HTML validator. Enter the url and get a list of errors.


Lakehead University -


Lambton College -


Amazing Discoveries -
address: 2013 248 Street, British Columbia
tel.: +1 (866) 572-94-57
Non-profit organization whose mission is to expose deceptions and affirm truth in the areas of science and creation, current world events, Bible Prophecy, the music world, health and nutrition.


Non-profit organization whose mission is to expose deceptions and affirm truth in the areas of science and creation, current world events, Bible Prophecy, the music world, health and nutrition. Our variety of speakers provide uplifting, eye-opening presentations for your spiritual and educational edification.

No online broadcasting, but you can see many videos in many languages.


University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh -


Communauto -
address: 1117, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest Bureau 806, QC H3B 1H9
tel.: +1 (877) 942-4545
Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Toronto, Waterloo, Hamilton, London, Guelph, Kingston, Ottawa, Edmonton, Halifax and Paris, France

address: 1250 Boul. René-Lévesque West, Suite 4215, H3B 4W8
tel.: +1 (514) 500-7999
Satellite search and rescue system.

University of Montreal -

address: 800 rue du Square Victoria, Suite 1810, P.O. Box 302, Québec H4Z 1G8
tel.: +1 (514) 373 1200
Airports Council International.

tel.: +1 (514) 954-8219
International Civil Aviation Organization.

Life of Pix -
Free high resolution photos for personal and commercial use.


Free high-resolution photos for personal and commercial use.
Weekly update of the database.

McGill University -

Passwordmeter -
Password test.


The site is testing the password for the complexity.

Just enter the password (if you uncheck c Hide:, the password we offer will be visible) and in the mode Real time we see the rating scale of the reliability of the proposed password.

PixelBuddha -
Free graphics from different resources.


Free graphics from different resources.


Reverso -
address: 630 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest #2800 Québec H3B1S6
Free Online Translator.



  1. English,
  2. Hebrew,
  3. Italian,
  4. Spanish,
  5. German,
  6. Russian,
  7. French,
  8. Japanese.

Flip -
Enter the text in the form and get it inverted. You can use it anywhere in text format.


University of New South Wales -


address: ул. Карла Либкнехта, д. 5, Свердловская обл
tel.: +7 (343) 382-00-06

The news site tries to publish only the most interesting news.


The news site tries to publish only the most interesting news.

The editors try to deliver news as quickly as possible so that there is news of the hour.

Focusmusic -
A simple background music player.


A simple background music player:
electronic music, classical music, rain noise.


Bombardier Aerospace -
address: 119019, а/я 93
tel.: +7 (495) 761-04-14
Takes the third place in the world in terms of civil aircraft production.

UniBible -

Mountain View

Mars Map -
address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, 94043
Map was created based on NASA's images.


The map is based on NASA images.
You can see a photo or a map.
You can also see the map on the Google Earth program from Google.
Google Mars, which allows you to walk through Mars using updated satellite images of high resolution almost as soon as they appear in NASA.

Historical Maps - historical maps

But the high resolution photos of the planet were not always there. In this section, you can return during the first shots and see the Mars through the eyes of the discoverers. You can also see maps of Mars astronomers Giovanni Schiaparelli, Percival Lovell and ...


Memorial University of Newfoundland -


Bandcamp -
address: 1901 Broadway, CA 94612
We listen to the music of unknown performers, and if you want to buy it for a nominal fee. Musicians can express themselves or sell their music.


We listen to the music of unknown performers, and if you want to buy it for a nominal fee. Musicians can express themselves or sell their music.


Get instant streaming of your purchases, follow your favorite artists, keep a wishlist, showcase your collection, and explore the music of like-minded fans.


Sell directly to your fans with total control over your music and pricing. Easy access to your customers’ data, real-time stats, music chart reporting, and more.


Unified accounting and stats across all your artists, a single fulfillment interface for all your merch, direct payments on a per release basis, and a whole lot more.


National Library of Canada -

Overcoming-X -
Website of overcoming gomosekusualizma, Lesbian-craving I and other problems associated with the floor.


A website about overcoming homosexuality, lezbi-attraction and other problems related to sex.

If you consider yourself gay - you are my neighbor, and I pray for you. With us you will be able to find understanding and true friendship. If you are a Christian, you are my brother. We are open to everyone.

Our tasks:

  1. disseminate truthful information about the attraction to your gender and other problems related to sex,
  2. make available practical techniques for those who try to get rid of homosexuality and gain integrity,
  3. help the family and friends of homosexuals with advice.

To achieve this, we:

  • we translate materials,
  • publish psychological and sociological studies, materials on ethics and religion,
  • support the discussion in the forum,
  • We develop methods for support groups and bring together those who are interested.


Carleton University -
address: 1125 Colonel by Drive, ON, K1S 5B6
tel.: +1 (613) 520-2600


Moms in prayer -
address: PO Box 1120 Poway, CA 92074-1120
tel.: +1 (855) 855-77-29
Prayer service.


Women's prayer service, which can be attended by any mother who wants to pray for her children, their schools, colleges, institutes and other educational institutions. In the Christian world, it is known as the International Union of "Moms in Prayer."

Formed in 1984, today the ministry unites mothers from more than 90 countries around the world. Among them are the mothers of America, Russia, England, Germany, Moldova, India, Egypt, South Korea, Tanzania, Switzerland, Guatemala, South Africa and many others. Their motherly love and faith in the power of prayer connects the continents, removes language barriers, eliminates national and racial differences, brings together denominations. Russian mothers learned about this wonderful ministry in the early 90s. More than 70 prayer conferences and seminars were held by the coordinator of the ministry of Diana Kondratieva in different cities of our country and CIS countries. Moms from Moscow and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, from St. Petersburg and Stavropol, from Surgut and Tashkent, Zaporozhye and Yakutsk, rose to this service. More than 2,000 prayer groups are now operating in different cities, large and small, in different localities of our country.

Camel Camel Camel -
It keeps track of prices on any product.


We can find out how much an item used to cost - the maximum and minimum price.
So we can know whether it's worth to take it or not.
It is also suggested to buy goods that currently have a good price.


Planner5d -
address: Antakalnio st. 17, 10312
Planning furniture.


One of the best programs for planners in 3D online.
There is a Russian language.
Distributed under the BSD license - open source.

Good video explanations. It is clear, as for the 3-dimensional graphics, it is difficult to understand through the dry text, it's easier to see once and everything becomes easier.
Intuitive interface.
The result can be embedded in the site, as shown below. There is a demo where you can spoil a ready-made layout.


Mount Allison University -

Somalia -
Transitional government.

Usatiki -
The site is about cats and dogs.


The site is about cats and dogs.
Although initially it was only about cats.

The goal is to help make the lives of pets better.

On site

  1. articles about nutrition, health, care and ...
  2. a forum where users have the opportunity to share their opinions,
  3. bulletin board about buying/selling, searching for pets or services for pets, such as grooming, clinics, hotels and nurseries.


PichShop -
address: 115211, ул. Борисовские пруды, д. 10, корп. 5
tel.: +7 (800) 775-05-26
Online store of unusual gifts.


Leading Russian online store of cool gifts, designer stuff, stylish accessories and a variety of non-dull creative things from fashion studios and brands from around the world.

A diverse, innovative and unique range of gifts and designer pieces from more than 40 manufacturers.

Original passport covers, functional travel holders, diaries with unusual illustrations, original accessories for the home and office interior, creative vinyl stickers on the walls and designer mirrors - all these things not only become indispensable daily satellites that delight the eye and refresh the interior, but also will be suitable as new ideas for an original gift.

St. Catharines

Brock University -

Lyrics -


Social project with lyrics.
Search for artists and song names. You can search in alphabetical order.

On the page of the YouTube player song, for convenience, there are other songs from the album, links to users who like this song, adding it to a personal playlist, a concert calendar with links to online sales points Tickets to them.


Leanpub -
address: 1321 Blanshard Street, Suite 301, Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 0B6
A powerful platform for serious authors.


A powerful platform for serious authors. This platform is the combination of two things: a publishing workflow and a storefront. For bloggers, leanpub also has a feature to automatically create a book from your blog posts. Integrates with Dropbox.

BuiltWith -
address: BuiltWith® Pty Ltd, Level 35, One International Towers, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, NSW 2000
tel.: +61 1300 558-745
Internet services companies, trends in the development of web technologies and information technology web search.


The company's Internet services, the trends in the development of web technologies and information technologies for Web search. The goal is to help web developers, researchers and designers find out what web page technologies are using that will help them decide which technologies to implement themselves.


oChristian -
address: ChristiansUnite, 95 Pinewood Drive, Ontario, L4J 5P6
Christian portal.


Christian portal that contains large sections:

  • Christian Kids - Christian resources for children with Bible stories & fun from the Old and New Testaments.
  • Christian Jokes - A large selection of clean and Christian jokes & humor in a wide variety of categories.
  • Christian Backgrounds - Christian computer Wallpaper in a variety of categories with imprinted Bible verses.
  • Christian Youth Resources - Books, leadership manuals, music, and training resources for Christian youth.
  • Christian Devotionals - Daily Devotionals featuring A. B. Simpson, F.B. Meyer and Mrs. Charles Cowman.
  • Christian Finance - Articles and tips on management of money from a Christian perspective.
  • Christian Clipart - Christian clipart, Bible clipart, and Christian graphics featuring Christian images.
  • Christian Poems - Inspirational Christian poems, ballads, Christian living, Heaven, nature, & praise to God.
  • Bible Crossword Puzzles - A selection of Christian & Bible crossword puzzles in a variety of categories.
  • Bible Riddles - Bible riddles, Christian Bible trivia, fun quizzes, Christian riddles and Bible puzzles.
  • Christian Quotes - A large selection of Christian quotes in a variety of topics by notable Christians.
  • Bible Verses - Thousands of the best & most popular inspirational Bible Verses, sorted by hundreds of topics.
  • Christian Cartoons - A selection of Christian Cartoons featuring the top Christian cartoonists of today.
  • Christian Articles - 1000's of free online sermons, Christian articles, poems, letters and other spiritual writings from many preachers, past and present.


SkyEng -
address: ул. Александра Солженицына, 23а ст. 1, 109004
tel.: +7 (800) 500-28-72
Work as an English teacher online.


Vacancy: teacher of English.

The average income of 40,000 rubles per month.
You can get more, it all depends on you and the number of lessons you take.
Possible option with the employment of the teacher from 12 hours a week.

You can use your materials and methodical developments.
But most likely you will not need it, since there are already enough materials on the platform to conduct lessons with students of different levels, ages and interests.

You do not have to search for students by yourself.
Minimum reporting on work and regular salary payments, as well as support and care from the methodologists.
A teacher in Skyeng does not need to do the routine work, it remains only to teach.
The school provides an opportunity to improve their skills with the help of free tuition, internal programs on online teaching methods, free speaking clubs with native speakers.

If you have any technical difficulties, our support team will always be able to help you.


Rakuten Kobo -
Canadian-Japanese company. It is of high quality, because they are popular.


Canadian-Japanese company. In addition to books, they also created a device for their electronic reading. It is of high quality, because they are popular.

500px -
address: 20 Duncan St, ON M5H 3G8
Watch previews of beautiful pictures, if liked - Downloading.


Quite a simple site. We look at the thumbnails of beautiful pictures, if you like, click on, go to the page with this big picture, if you like - download.

AllYouCanRead -
Largest database of magazines and newspapers on the Internet, with listings for about 25,000 magazines, newspapers and top news sites from all over the world.

Looka -
tel.: +1 (888) 966-0917
Ideas for your logo.


Ideas for your logo.

We indicate the site that we have, a restaurant, photo studio, fitness ...

We specify the name, and the neural network offers logo design ideas for our business.

If you are very interested, you can order a logo or corporate identity directly from them.

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.


Siiimple -
Minimalist CSS-gallery. Manually selected collection of the most beautiful sites from Internet.


Minimalist CSS-gallery. Manually selected collection of the most beautiful sites from Internet.

TinyCert -
Free SSL certificates for your startup.


Behind The Voice Actors


Behind The Voice Actors is a visual and sound guide for the actors and characters they play in TV shows, movies, video games, short films, commercials and attractions.

The site has existed since 2009, and from the very beginning, it strived to become the ideal universal informational and discussion repertoire for voice actors and their fans.

Each voice actor, character, game, show, and film is accompanied by images, many also with carefully selected and edited audio samples of dubbing.

New York

Soda PDF -
address: 215 Park Ave S Fl 3, NY 10003
Unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want.


We can declutter your inbox by unsubscribing from unwanted emails and consolidating important but incessant emails into a daily digest.

Unroll.Me currently supports Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and accounts.


Morning -
address: 119072, Берсеневский пер., д. 2, стр. 1
tel.: +7 (495) 531-21-21
Popular Russian online newspaper.


A popular Russian online newspaper., and other consonant websites have nothing to do with "".

Wave-Life -
Home Tips.


Home Tips.

Interior and design, cottage and garden, household appliances, do-it-yourself, feng shui, health.

Judging by the sections, here we are talking not only about repair, but also about comfort, comfort in the house.

OnlineTimer -
Simple timer, nothing else.


Simple timer, nothing else.
Let's go in and count down, nothing to do.If you need to change the time, just click on the desired time from the list.
If you don't have the time you need, you can edit the list for yourself.


At the end of the bell will ring, the sound can be selected from a drop-down list.The sound works through Adobe Flash, so you need to enable for this site.


The header time counter, so you can go to another site and still follow the countdown.


Japan -
address: Kyobashi PO Box 6, 104-8601

San Francisco

Zoosk -
address: 1 New Montgomery St, CA 94105
The leading online dating service in 25 languages in more than 80 countries.


The leading online dating service in 25 languages in more than 80 countries (not Russia).
The service is free of charge with paid features.

There is a desktop chat client.

Zoosk uses big data technology and algorithmic recommendations to help users find partners.
Its patented behavioral match search engine" learns by clicking, exchanging messages and other user actions to help make more accurate matches.
The idea is that the more data Zoosk gets from its users, the more accurate its recommendations can be.
There is a photo check that does not allow publishing photos when people were 10 years younger or 10 kg lighter.
To check a photo, users are asked to make video selfies to capture their appearance from different angles.
Zoosk moderators then determine whether the photo profile of the user and the video match.


Evo Car Share -
address: Unit 205-332 Water St., BC V6B 1B6
tel.: +1 (604) 268-5594
Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, YVR, UBC, SFU

GTMetrics -
We test the site for performance. We'll have to wait until the process passes. The result can be downloaded in PDF format.

LingQ -
address: Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 1K4
Social Network is designed for people with any level of proficiency. The emphasis is not on grammar, and vocabulary and free communication.


Network of learners.
The teacher guides you, but other students can participate.

Available languages

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish and Japanese.

In group discussions, up to 4 pupils can participate with 1 teacher. You can also subscribe to the discussions at 1 to 1.

Discussions can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of participants. For example, 1 for 1 discussion lasts 15 minutes; And 2 for 1 - 30 minutes; And 3 for 1 - 45 minutes, etc. It is also possible to create a long discussion 1 to 1 to 1 hour or longer.


Free, $10, $39 or $79 per month, depending on the complexity of the selected course.

1001FreeDownloads -
address: 3381 Cambie Street, Suite 314, BC, V5Z 4R3
Photos, wallpapers, brushes, backgrounds and many, many more. All material in free download.


Photos, wallpapers, brushes, backgrounds and many, many more. All material in free download.

Modo (car co-op) -
address: Suite 200 – 470 Granville Street, BC, V6C 1V5
tel.: +1 (604) 685-1395
Greater Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna


Ube College -


ZaBelarus -
The resuscitation package of reforms for Belarus.


The resuscitation package of reforms for Belarus is an operational platform and the result of joint work of political organizations and independent experts of Belarus


Skyvector -
address: Suite 925, 500 Union St, WA 98101
tel.: +1 (206) 388-5252


The site has a good section on airports. The site is worthy of attention.
Search is not difficult, a simple list and search form.
As a result, there will be no links to hotels, etc., but there will be 3 maps to choose from, and in addition to detailed information about the airport, there will be a brief information To neighboring airports.


University of Vermont -


Nibbledish -
address: Canada Inc., 150 Caroline St. #406, Ontario, N2L 0A5
tel.: +1 (866) 669-9320
Recipes international.


Recipes, pictures of food and discussions.
Detailed texts of culinary recipes with photos. One of the leading sites about cooking.

Australian Ice Hockey League.


University of Windsor -


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee -


University of Massachusetts, Amherst -


Acadia University -

Audio Bible Online -
The text of the Synodal Bible is read by the studio "Light in the East".


The text of the Synodal Bible is read by the studio "Light in the East".

On the site you can listen to the Bible online, as the name implies.
Keep track of the text in parallel.
Download Audio Bible - entirely, OT, NT, by books, by chapters.