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DeepL -
Machine translator online.

Online machine translator.

An online translator that surpasses Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
That's how it's represented by a number of media outlets. I will neither deny it nor claim it.
I don't find DeepL's version of translation to be the best every time.

I'm sure someone would prefer to use this system.
Just try it.

It is possible to translate both by inserting text into a form - up to 500 characters, and document Word or PowerPoint.

Languages are supported

  • Russian,
  • English,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Italian,
  • Dutch,
  • Polish.
There's an autodetection of the language.

Russian names in Japanese characters.

Translator in Gmail -
This translator is built into Google mail.

This translator is built into Google mail.
If you receive a letter in an incomprehensible language, you can translate it right away or let it always translate.
It's very simple when the email arrives at A foreign language, a line will appear - Translate a message and suggest which language and which one is rarely mistaken, so just click on the link and read the translation.

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Spreadthesign -
An online sign language word translator.

An online sign language word translator.

Here is a collection of sign language variants from various sign languages around the world.
Just use the search box and enter the word you would like to search for.
And you will be offered a short video of this gesture in the selected country, you can see how gestures show this word in other countries.

The site is run by the European Sign Language Center, a non-profit association, and this project is constantly evolving.
More than 400,000 gestures have already been collected, but the work is actively continuing.

Yandex.Mail -
Translation of letters in the mail.

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Translate letters in Yandex.Mail.

If the language of the message is not the language of your system, you will be prompted to translate the letter.

In case the system recognized the language incorrectly, you can correct it.

Opentran -
Free online translator (dictionary). Almost 90 languages.

Free online translator (dictionary). About 90 languages. The choice of languages is not convenient, it is not clear.

There is an opportunity to put the form on the site, translate the site and check the spelling.

Translator in Google Chrome -
This translator is built into the Google Chrome browser.

This translator is built into the Google Chrome browser.

You can also configure it here to automatically translate pages in an incomprehensible language.

If the translation is not offered automatically, go to Options/Advanced/Translate
Check the box on suggest translating pages if I do not know the language they are written in.

Now, if the site is not in Russian, then at the top there will be a panel that defines the language And suggests translating the page. You can change the language if the program was wrong.
On the right in Settings you can specify that this language is always translated.

Google Translators Community -
Translation of the whole world.

Google came up with the principle of translation from the "Internet base", but it's not all good either, because I decided to add the user's ability to correct this translation and created a Google Translate Community

Here everything is simple and understandable. If you have a Google account, you do not need to register. And if you do not have a Google account, you'll need to register an account.
We go in, choose the languages ​​we own (by the way, I somewhere in the account indicated, so in my case he issued a list and asked me how it matches

Next, choose a pair of languages ​​and TRANSLATION or CHECK.I like the second one more when there are several variants of translation, and I note successful and unsuccessful ones.

Google Translator -
Translation of sites, words and texts, search with translation.

Translation of sites, words and texts, search with translation.
The greatest number of translated languages ​​is more than 100.
Rare languages ​​will translate correctly only simple texts of general themes, narrowly-directed translations will have many mistakes or many untranslated words. By the way, it was originally in all languages. The most common languages ​​today are translated very correctly, much better than other translators.

By the way, Google came up with the principle of translation from the "Internet base", but it's not all good either, because I decided to add the ability of users to correct this translation and created Google Translate Community


When translating individual words, you can listen to how they sound.
You can enter the word

Yandex Translator -
Translation site from Yandex.

Specify the site URL and forward.
Translator Yandex works with almost a hundred languages, the author's recognition of languages.
You can watch the site translated, but you can watch the translated and the original in parallel frames.

Online Translator PROMT
A free online translator of texts, web pages and email in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Thematic dictionaries. Cyrillic texts converter.

A leading translator was made by an online translator.
You can translate a site by entering a url.
Or put yourself a form of translating your site.

Interpreters on site.

Translatedby you! -
Translation of the whole world.

Here there is a collective translation of texts. The bottom line is that people help each other translate interesting texts in foreign languages ​​found on the "vast expanses of the worldwide network." It can be articles from blogs and magazines, or stories posted by the authors in public.

Some call it collaborative editing, others - crowdsourcing.

You can translate it openly or closed. Closed text and translation will be visible only to you and your group.

Free online context translator.

Free online translator.
Translation of texts, documents, websites, e-mail. Mail.
Limit - 500 words.


  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Hungarian
  5. Dutch
  6. Greek
  7. Danish
  8. Hebrew
  9. Spanish
  10. Italian
  11. Chinese Traditional
  12. Chinese simplified
  13. Korean
  14. German
  15. Norwegian
  16. Polish
  17. Portuguese
  18. Pashto
  19. Romanian
  20. Russian
  21. Serbian
  22. Tai
  23. Turkish
  24. Urdu
  25. Farsi
  26. Finnish
  27. French
  28. House - Nigeria
  29. Hindi
  30. Czech
  31. Swedish
  32. Japanese

Glosbe -
The multilingual online dictionary.

Glosbe is a multilingual dictionary. It covers ALL languages and is developed by the community, just like wikipedia. And works both online and offline!

Glosbe will give you not only translations, but also thousands of examples, pronunciations and images to help you to find a correct translation.

No matter if you need

  1. Albanian,
  2. Afrikaans,
  3. Arabic,
  4. Armenian,
  5. Azerbaijani,
  6. Belarusian,
  7. Bulgarian,
  8. Bengali,
  9. Catalan,
  10. Chinese,
  11. Croatian,
  12. Czech,
  13. Welsh,
  14. Danish,
  15. German,
  16. Greek,
  17. English,
  18. Spanish,
  19. Estonian,
  20. Basque,
  21. Persian,
  22. Finnish,
  23. French,
  24. Irish,
  25. Galician,
  26. Gujarati,
  27. Hebrew,
  28. Hindi,
  29. Haitian,
  30. Hungarian,
  31. Indonesian,
  32. Icelandic,
  33. Italian,
  34. Japanese,
  35. Georgian,
  36. Kannada,
  37. Korean,
  38. Latin,
  39. Lithuanian,
  40. Latvian,
  41. Macedonian,
  42. Malay,
  43. Maltese,
  44. Dutch,
  45. Norwegian,
  46. Polish,
  47. Portuguese,
  48. Romanian,
  49. Russian,
  50. Slovak,
  51. Slovenian,
  52. Serbian,
  53. Swedish,
  54. Swahili,
  55. Tamil,
  56. Telugu,
  57. Thai,
  58. Tagalog,
  59. Turkish,
  60. Ukrainian,
  61. Urdu,
  62. Vietnamese
  63. or Yiddish.
You’ll find dictionaries for ALL of them. And many, many more.

HiNative -
We study foreign languages for free.

We learn foreign languages for free.

It is possible to send the text of your translation to a native speaker for verification.
When it may be important, especially if you need to write an important letter.

For example, you may ask, "How do I pronounce it in English? "What is the difference between these two words? "Do I have the correct pronunciation?"

You have to do something for others, look at and correct the text written by a foreigner in Russian.
And also help in the same way?

Tatoeba -
Translation of the whole world.

It's a collection of offers and translations.
It's a collaborative, open, free and even addictive project.
This service can be used to learn a language by specifying one or another phrase and if you translate say something from the English interface Into Russian etc.
Leading email service you'll ever need.

Register mail

Box size: 10 Gb, but you can increase it by 2 Gb an unlimited number of times.

Maximum size of incoming/outgoing mail: 30 Mb - regular mail.
and up to 20 files with a total volume of 20 Gb using file hosting. - Files are uploaded to the cloud. Links to them will appear in the email automatically.
Works only through the web interface.


Account activity: If not used within 9 months will be deleted.

When you receive an account, you have:

  • Diary,
  • Photo, Video Hosting,
  • Blogs.


  • Laconic name,
  • Spell check,
  • Work with mail via WAP,
  • Mobile notifications,
  • Promising service, Now they are spinning their monetary system, which should be more convenient than existing ones.

Mail Agent
displays notifications containing the name of the sender, the subject of the message and the time it was received.

By the way, you can get free mail and on

Reverso Context -
Free Online Translator.

Free online translator allows you to translate words, texts, phrases, idioms and expressions from English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese.

It is not always necessary to translate a word, it is more useful to translate it in a context or translate a certain phrase.
This site is a real find.

How it works

  1. enter the phrase in the query form,
  2. we get a whole group of examples, as it is translated in various texts,
  3. choose the one that suits us.
There are words that I could not translate into a Google translator, and here there were variants in the text.

Bing Microsoft Translator -
Very decent interpreter from Microsoft.

A very decent interpreter from Microsoft.
We enter text or a link, define the language, or leave the autodetection.

During the text translation occurs, you can immediately see and correct your text if you make a mistake.
The proposed translation can be assessed: like - do not like it.

Dozens of translation languages ​​in both directions.

Neuronal translation

Microsoft is working on creating a neural translator that Can translate no worse than a person. By the way, it is stated that today the system for translating voice into text works more correctly than a person.
Microsoft decided to develop this kind of success and is working on an interpreter. They created a site where we can set the translation and see how the standard translator translates and how it's neural.

I tried and can Assert that it translates in different ways and with varying success. Let's see it while the experiment.

Reverso -
Free Online Translator.


  1. English,
  2. Hebrew,
  3. Italian,
  4. Spanish,
  5. German,
  6. Russian,
  7. French,
  8. Japanese.

Translation of the whole world.

Free online translation service.
The site has a Russian interface.

Cucumis is a community of translators who share linguistic knowledge with each other and help each other on Internet.

You need a translation, and Google translator does not Suitable for your situation, then you can turn to this community for help.

The truth is not so simple, you first need to participate and score points that you can spend on translation.
Or you just would like to help someone, but time and energy is not unlimited, so do not undertake to charge Yourself all cargo ... and as a consequence, you do not help anyone.
It's fashionable to participate and help others as much as you can afford when you are comfortable.

Collective farm. But no service without control and regulation is qualitative. And what's the use of referring to manual work, which will be done anyhow or in general - nahuliganyat.
Moreover, not knowing the language and not checking.

There are administrators and experts in the community who evaluate the translation.

Outlook -
Letter translation.

Letter translation.
Outlook allows you to set the parameters of automatic translation of emails.

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the language in which the letters should be translated.
  • Select languages that you do not need to translate (if you speak other languages).

Microsoft Translator -
We translate conversations in real time from chat rooms to large group discussions.

We translate conversations in real time from chat rooms to large group discussions.

How it works

  1. Click "Start conversation", enter the system, enter your name and select the language.
  2. Share the conversation with other participants who can join using the Translator application or website.
  3. We speak or chat in our language, and other participants will see your messages in their own language.

Linguee -
English-Russian dictionary and contextual translation search system.

English-Russian dictionary and contextual translation search system.

Today the site translates between dozens of languages. Not everyone with each, let's say Japanese is only translated into English. But the service is developing.

Supported Translation Languages ​​

  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Chinese
  6. Russian
  7. Japanese
  8. Portuguese
  9. Italian
  10. Dutch
  11. Polish
  12. Swedish
  13. Danish
  14. Finnish
  15. Greek
  16. Czech
  17. Romanian
  18. Hungarian
  19. Slovak
  20. Bulgarian
  21. Slovenian
  22. Lithuanian
  23. Latvian
  24. Estonian
  25. Maltese

How it works

We put a word or phrase in the form and get a list of phrases where it is used and a number of translations of these phrases.
So you can more accurately choose the right translation for our case.


I Love Translation -
40 languages.

The translation tool support:

  1. Afrikaans,
  2. Albanian,
  3. Arabic,
  4. Armenian,
  5. Azerbaijani,
  6. Basque,
  7. Belarusian,
  8. Bengali,
  9. Bosnian,
  10. Bulgarian,
  11. Catalan,
  12. Cebuano,
  13. Chichewa,
  14. Chinese,
  15. Chinese Traditional,
  16. Croatian,
  17. Czech,
  18. Danish,
  19. Detect language,
  20. Dutch,
  21. English,
  22. Esperanto,
  23. Estonian,
  24. Filipino,
  25. Finnish,
  26. French,
  27. Galician,
  28. Georgian,
  29. German,
  30. Greek,
  31. Gujarati,
  32. Haitian Creole,
  33. Hausa,
  34. Hebrew,
  35. Hindi,
  36. Hmong,
  37. Hungarian,
  38. Icelandic,
  39. Igbo,
  40. Indonesian,
  41. Irish,
  42. Italian,
  43. Japanese,
  44. Javanese,
  45. Kannada,
  46. Kazakh,
  47. Khmer,
  48. Klingon,
  49. Klingon (pIqaD),
  50. Korean,
  51. Lao,
  52. Latin,
  53. Latvian,
  54. Lithuanian,
  55. Macedonian,
  56. Malagasy,
  57. Malay,
  58. Malayalam,
  59. Maltese,
  60. Maori,
  61. Marathi,
  62. Mongolian,
  63. Nepali,
  64. Norwegian,
  65. Persian,
  66. Polish,
  67. Portuguese,
  68. Punjabi,
  69. Romanian,
  70. Russian,
  71. Serbian,
  72. Sesotho,
  73. Slovak,
  74. Slovenian,
  75. Spanish,
  76. Sundanese,
  77. Swahili,
  78. Swedish,
  79. Tamil,
  80. Telugu,
  81. Thai,
  82. Turkish,
  83. Ukrainian,
  84. Urdu,
  85. Uzbek,
  86. Vietnamese,
  87. Welsh,
  88. Yiddish,
  89. Yoruba,
  90. Zulu.


TranslatorsCafé -
Translation portal.

The site of translators and translation agencies.

Chat with translators from different countries. Offer your services to registered translation agencies. Use useful linguistic resources.

Discuss the problems of the translation industry with other translators.


Translation from English into Russian without additional action on your part.