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How to download videos

About torrent

How to download a big movie

How it works:
  1. you put in your computer a small program, for example utorrent,
  2. Then register to the site, for example (Chrome extention),
  3. Actually choose the movie that we want to download,
  4. the matter of technology, simply follow the instructions, everything is simple.
But everything does not end there. Do not rush off this program, now you are distributing what you downloaded. You must give at least a third of what you downloaded. Otherwise, you may be banned.

If there is something to the site, but you have it, you can start distributing it yourself. It's easy to do with the program. The site also has a forum, so all questions are simply solved.


To use the peer Torrent network, you will need a torrent client and some kind of tracker.

How to download a video from YouTube, RuTube ...

Most of the videos you can just watch from the site and there is no way to download them. If you do not have traffic problems, then you do not need to overload your computer. In addition, you can register and add to your account the videos you like.

If you still want to download the video, then for this there are small programs.



| home page |

Owner: BitTorrent , reliable site.


Protected messenger from BitTorrent.
Supports text correspondence and phone calls.


Come up with a nickname and all.
Email and phone number are not required.
Email and mobile phone needs only to your friends faster than you found it.
But you can just share with your friends your key and you will be added to them, and they to you.

How does it work?

  1. without the servers, according to the scheme peer-2-peer (directly from user to user). (From person to person), keep in mind the principle of Torrent?
  2. If the connection is broken with someone, failure and mistakes will not be, as a link will appear again, the message will runaway. The same principle of Torrent client.
  3. Encryption takes place on the basis of end-to-end, encryption keys are stored only on your phone.
  4. have the ability to delete messages after reading.
Protecting greatly complicates the work of the program, because the application is very gluttonous to traffic and to the battery.
So called - look at the charge, maybe it's time to recharge.
A call for better WiFi.

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Category: Contacts / Messenger

Tags: Messengers Chats Phone Torrent


| 10.5 Mb | home page | download | download here |



A good free editor 3D graphics. The interface at first seems strange but is very handy when you will understand.

The analogue of the toll 3D Studio MAX

Category: Graphics / 3D

Tags: Graphics 3D Editors Graphics editor

SIV (System Information Viewer)

| 2.56 Mb | home page | download here |


Provides the user with detailed information about the operating system, network, and hardware: CPU, PCI, and USB devices, sensors etc.

Category: System / Testing

Tags: System utilities Testing


| 15.2 Mb | download | download here |


Program to read aloud text files. To play sounds the human voice can use any speech synthesizers installed on the computer. Voice playback can be controlled with standard buttons, such as those that are present in any multimedia program (play/pause/stop'). The program can read aloud the contents of the clipboard, display the text contained in the file format AZW, CHM, DjVu, DOC, EPUB, FB2, HTML, LIT, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PRC and RTF, to change the font settings and color, manage reading process from the system tray (notification area) or using global keyboard shortcuts to pronounce typed on the keyboard text, check spelling, divide text file into several smaller files, search homographs. 'Chatterbox' provides the ability to delete from the text all the hyphens at the ends of rows. this will avoid stammering when reading words.

the Text can be saved as an audio file (WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG, and WMA). The program can work with various versions of speech-enabled Microsoft Speech API (SAPI). It allows you to change the speed and tone of speech.

the Program converts can also save text, readable computer voice files LRC or ID3 tags inside the audio files of the MP3 format. When playing such a sound file in the media player text is displayed synchronously (as well as lyrics in music files).

Category: Work with text / Text recognising

Tags: Scanning Voice

Bible Dictionaries

| 200 Mb | home page | download |


Biblical and other dictionaries.
a Program to search for biblical dictionaries. This program was created because most existing programs, working with dictionaries, is not quite correct working, including a quote from the Bible.
shell Itself is slightly bigger than a megabyte, it is possible to download dictionaries. We link the assembled program with all of the dictionaries. Download and use it.

Bible dictionaries: the

  • Brockhaus Bible dictionary
  • the Russian Synodal Bible
  • Biblical names
  • biblical theological dictionary
  • a Brief Church Slavonic dictionary
  • the Quadrans Bible dictionary
  • Collier's encyclopedia
  • Bible dictionary
  • A. I bibliological dictionary
  • Nicephorus Bible encyclopedia
  • E. Nystrem Bible dictionary
  • RBO Bible encyclopedia
  • Religions and peoples encyclopedia
  • Dictionary main themes of the Bible
  • Vikhlyantseva Bible dictionary
  • Vikhlyantseva Bible thesaurus
  • Zondervan Bible thesaurus
  • Dictionary terms Bogoslovskiy
  • Ceremonies and ordinances
Explanatory dictionaries of the Russian language:
  • ASIS thesaurus
  • Abramov's dictionary of synonyms
  • Ushakov's explanatory dictionary
  • Dahl explanatory dictionary of the
  • Ozhegov explanatory dictionary
  • Ephraim dictionary
  • the Explanatory dictionary of foreign words
Separately, you can download and find at Eschatos.

Category: Christian software / Biblical software

Tags: Christian Dictionary


| download |

Owner: Yandex , reliable site.


Allocated in the text the name of the movie and the icon will show the rating of this film on IMDb. Click on the icon and there is all information about the film.

Category: Internet / Browser extensions

Tags: Chrome Movie

Torrent terkkery

  1. - LostFilm.TV - Tracker, specializing in serials. Premieres are published daily. High quality, incl. HDTV.
  2. - Lifecity.TV - Christian torrent tracker.

reliable site
address: Russia

address: Russia


Very good torrent tracker.
Here first of all cinema, appears perhaps earlier, than somewhere.
But new movies often come with a terrible advertisement, which is much louder than the movie and yells in a number of places.


The largest database, quickly updated, there were always enough distributors. Well and free.

If you are going to download something, next will be a list of other hands of the same movie or ... and you can choose a better, better quality …

address: Russia


The largest Russian-language torrent tracker. Registered more than one million users. Download free movies, music, books, programs ...
The main rule - you will be allowed to download three times more than you gave. So it's necessary to give.
If you screwed up and you were closed, just register again, but now comply with the rules. So it will be easier and more convenient.

Downloading files

Please note that the video shows the old, inactive address, the new one is (Chrome extension

address: Russia


Free online library.
You can read, download books.
Requires registration.

According to several publishers and experts on the Internet, is one of the most popular book sites on the runet.

address: Russia


Intelligent torrent tracker of Russia.

Many merged paid courses and training videos.
Programming lessons, cutting and sewing.
And much more: movies, programs on your computer and smartphone, games, music.

address: Russia

address: Russia


A young, rapidly gaining popularity torrent tracker.
Advantage - a modern interface. Classic torrent trackers are designed as a forum, which makes them not quite convenient for new users. Everything here is clear to a new user.

address: Russia

God loves you

Children's Christian Torrent Tracker.
Christian films, music, video and audio sermons, software, programs, books, games, drawings.