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Search a cheap taxi. Looking for the taxi aggregators: Uber, Yandex.Taxi, Gettaxi and others, including local.
While only the largest cities, promise to add more.
But something in addition to regional centers, I would n waited, because that's what they have on the map.

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Inexpensive cab.
Unlike BlaBlaCar, here you can specify the route and cost, and expect to provide service.
It is clear that if it is too cheap, there is no one willing to let you down.

You can order a trip around the city, long-distance and cargo transportation.

The drivers put the application and receive notification of the incoming order.
So it is possible to order at the last moment.
Works in Moscow and more than 300 cities in 31 countries.

Choose a driver from several
In inDriver you can choose a driver from those who responded to the cab order based on the speed of delivery, the price offered by the driver and more information. Passengers can choose the driver with the highest rating or a large number of trips in the service, make a choice by car model or delivery time.


And if you are a driver, you have the opportunity to work. You see all the applications and can offer your services.

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Category: Transport / Taxi

Tags: Taxi Transport