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Krama helps not to make an unconscious mistake - to buy goods from a manufacturer that violates the rights of workers or finances repression.
So far, only in Belarus.

Point the phone camera at the bar code of the goods and find out who will get the money:

  1. producer enriches its own inner circle and/or finances repressions.
  2. or vice versa, the product is recommended for purchase because the owner is loyal to the protests.

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Delivery of food to the train car.
Over 78 cities and 175+ restaurants, cafes and stores.

You can eat on the train: in the dining car, buy at the station or take it with you.
But in the dining car is expensive, no choice and of questionable quality.
At the station can offer, but there is no choice and not every station.
Usually people take it with them, you don't always have time, it may not be enough, it may go bad.

If only it were possible to order, at reasonable prices, so that something could be chosen and cooked not on the train.

More than 25,000 dishes: sushi, pizza, rolls, kebabs, burgers ....


You can pre-order up to 7 days before your trip.

Order History

In the App you can always view information about current and completed orders.

And if you like it, you can also place orders at home.

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Category: Shopping / Goods

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