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BookMooch -
Share, exchange books.

Share, exchange books.
Every time you give someone a book, you earn points and can get any book you want in BookMooch. After you have read the book, you can leave it to yourself or return it back to BookMooch for others.
In order to receive regularly, you need to give 2 books for one.

The site renders charitable help to organizations and you can Give your points to charity: children's hospitals (a sick child can get a free book), a library fund, an African literacy program. You can request books from other countries, and in other languages. You get 3 points when sending a book from your country, as compensation for a more expensive shipment.

Books and journalists.

The principle is to help save the forest. To less books bought through more effective use of existing.
If you read the book, you can change it for another or just give it.

Science Fiction Lab Journal
Literature by genre.

Search for literature by genre.

The base of literature - genre, author, year of publication, number of pages, format, circulation, ISBN, abstract, assessment ...

Writing together
Books and journalists.

Collective book runet. Everyone can write it.
You can write and add pictures.
Register and be a co-author.

Library of Congress -
Largest library in the world, with more than 162 million items.

America's oldest federal cultural institution, and it serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 162 million items. The collections include books, sound recordings, motion pictures, photographs...

Russian State Library -
The archives of libraries in the world.

Within the walls of the Russian State Library there is a unique collection of Russian and foreign documents in 247 languages ​​of the world; The volume of its fund exceeds 43 million units of storage. There are specialized collections of maps, music, sound recordings, rare books, dissertations, newspapers and other publications.

The library grants the right to use its reading rooms to all citizens Russia and other states that have reached the age of 18. Every day about 200 new readers are enrolled here. In the RSL every day comes almost 4 thousand people, and virtual reading rooms located in 80 cities Russia and near abroad daily serve more than 8 thousand visitors.

The funds of the Library have been used by various people for 140 years. Among them are world-famous scientists and students, practitioners and thinkers, our compatriots and foreigners.

2000 pieces of the school program in a summary.

2000 pieces of the school program in a summary. On average, the short contents of the book are read in 10-15 minutes.
Platform of mutually beneficial cooperation of authors, readers, publishers and advertisers.

Platform of mutually beneficial cooperation of authors, readers, publishers and advertisers.
Authoring an account, publishing, reprinting and posting articles for free.

Journalists posting articles creates a portfolio and earns a reputation.
Specialists from various fields (scientists, politicians, lawyers, economists, etc.) can share their discoveries, developments and ideas with a huge audience, all that is required is to place the articles in the appropriate section, and the recognition of a wide range of readers will not take long to wait.

Site owners publish articles to attract new visitors to their site.

Authors can create an account with information about themselves and provide feedback, receive orders, reviews, statistics of views and visits to their articles ...

The main condition for the publication of the article is uniqueness and the article should not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.

National Electronic Library -
Federal Public information system supporting the creation of a unified Russian electronic space knowledge.

The federal state information system that provides the creation of a unified Russian electronic knowledge space. The NEB unites the public libraries of Russia at the federal, regional, municipal levels, libraries of scientific and educational institutions, as well as copyright holders. There are both digitized books And a directory to find a specific printed book in the nearest library.


  1. books transferred to the public domain;
  2. Lessonbooks and scientific literature that have not been republished for the past 10 years;
  3. books, rights to which are obtained under contracts with rights holders;
  4. and others legally translated into digital form.


  1. Make available all the editions and scientific works of the collections of Russian libraries, both historical and modern;
  2. form a single electronic knowledge space;
  3. make available works of classical and contemporary fiction, children's literature in Russian and in the languages ​​of the peoples of Russia.

Google Play Books -
Google Play Books.

Buying books.
Pre-ordering books.
Adding books to your wish list.

Reading books online or offline.


  • Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Web browsers
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Other e-book reader
Purchased books appear in my li

Alexei Komarov online library
Works of Russian classics and modern works.

Works of Russian classics and modern works.

Works are carefully selected from reliable sources, primarily academic commentary publications. As far as possible careful alignment.

Priority is given to the most sought-after texts, possibly to the detriment of apparent logic and consistency.

It is planned to publish the complete works of Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Pushkin.

Unglue -
Copyright, redemption.

The site allows you to order to free the book from copyright by paying the whole world.
Negotiations with copyright holders are handled by the site itself.

PaperBackSwap -
Exchange books or buy at a good price.

Exchange books or buy at a good price.

Maxim Moshkova Library
Journal of non-professional literature.

Journal of non-professional literature.

Not sure if you came across? In Soviet times, there were books of self-publishing, that is, printed by hand.
An incredible amount of copies was used to print the maximum number of copies at a time.
The binding was made. Pretty clumsy, but strong. No cover.
Of all the technologies used only typewriter. In Soviet times, it was very technological.

Going to the site, we see that there is samizdat. Neither design nor style.

Here the author can post his work. The base is impressive - more than 100,000 authors, about one and a half million works.There are ratings, news, discussions.

Registration is required. But you can just read without registering, even write a review to the author.

Books and libraries.

Literature without a cover.
We want to read something, but we do not know what.
We go to the site, get a piece of the book, read it, if we do not like it, press F5 (refresh the page) and read an extract from another book.
Do you like it? - Click on I want to read this book and we will be offered stores where you can buy it online.

Read Сentral
Over 5,000 free books in English.

Over 5,000 free books in English.
Thousands of quotes and poems.
You can create a virtual bookshelf, take reading practice assignments, and track your progress.

Free English Reading Practice.

Free English Reading Practice.

Practice here and improve your overall reading ability in English! is a website run by an EFL instructor with over 15 years of experience in the field of language education.
Several years ago, he noticed that there were few sites on the web that freely provided a comprehensive graduated approach to English reading suited to different levels of English ability.
As a result, he decided to create his own website with freely available reading materials for all English language learners and teachers.

There is a huge amount of original content over a wide variety of topics on the site.
These materials have been developed with different criteria to suit EFL/ESL learners in their efforts to improve their overall English reading ability.
These criteria involve the use of reading ease tools, standardized vocabulary level markers, and feedback from learners.
The website is updated regularly with new content.

Leanpub -
A powerful platform for serious authors.

A powerful platform for serious authors. This platform is the combination of two things: a publishing workflow and a storefront. For bloggers, leanpub also has a feature to automatically create a book from your blog posts. Integrates with Dropbox.

All shorts
Instructions, educational.

Not everyone wants to immerse themselves in a classic novel and enjoy it. Someone just wants to know why Mumu drowned the dog :)
On this site you will find a lot of such information, cribs, essays, biographies.
Maybe you need to write an essay, but you do not understand it. The site helps you.

Selection of rhyme online.

The dictionary is made for poets, songwriters and literary men.
For the selection of rhymes and words in the preparation of advertising slogans and the invention of poems and songs.

There are about 1,600,000 words and letters, often the most unusual and strange ones.
The goal is not a ready-made tip, but helping the author at a difficult moment to move from the dead point by finding unexpected words and associations.

Free online library.

Free online library.
You can read, download books.
Requires registration.

According to several publishers and experts on the Internet, is one of the most popular book sites on the runet.

Literature -
Large collection of books by famous and lesser-known authors from all over the world .

A large collection of books from famous and not-so-famous authors from around the world — collaboratively published by amateur book authors and contributing editors.

Wattpad -
The world's largest community for readers and writers.

The world's largest community for readers and writers.

Creating a book in Ridero takes 5 minutes. The author downloads text and images and gets a finished book - paper and electronic.

Creating a book in Ridero takes 5 minutes. The author downloads text and images and gets a finished book - paper and electronic. You can free-copy your book, convert it to a convenient format for e-readers and put it on Ozon, Lilys, Amazon, Bookmate, Google Play ... for sale.

And of course you can publish a printed version and also sell through Ozon, Lilys, Amazon ... You determine the circulation yourself based on the budget and how much you value your work.

The copyright to the book remains with you.

In the process, you can order (paid):

  1. Personal Assistant - will prepare your book from the first to the last page,
  2. professional proofreader - errors and typos,
  3. cover designer,
  4. Illustrations in the book,
  5. voice acting, if you want to make an audiobook,
  6. editorial revision,
  7. video for promoting the book,
  8. ordering a book - it will be written for you in 12 weeks,
  9. legal adviser - questions Intellectual property,
  10. decrypt audio into text.

Blurb -
Internet technologies allow you to sell your own book.

Thanks to the service offered by one of the American Internet sites, anyone can publish their own book and offer it to potential readers almost without intermediaries, according to local media.

The technology developed by the site's organizers is simple: first the author places on the site his own created layout Works, choosing with the help of a special simple computer program the size of the book, its design and cover design. After that, visitors interested in the book leave the order for publication and make payment. Only after that, the publisher undertakes to print the print run - in accordance with the number of buyers. 'It's just an incredible feeling - to keep a book in hand,' says Catherine Dyer, a 49-year-old resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Together with her four sisters, she wrote a cookbook and found buyers on Internet. 'I knew that it would take a very long time to sign a contract with an ordinary publishing house, and when the order was published it was launched immediately, Dyer noted.

Sister Dyer ordered 100 copies of his book (cost $22.76) via Internet and distributes it independently - through local bookstores. They have extensive creative plans: 'Because I know that I can publish my work regardless of the opinion of the publishers,' Catherine emphasized. Since its founding in 2002, the 'website for graphomaniacs' has produced 236,000 volumes. The number of customers is constantly growing, in November last year it reached 14 745.

Last summer, one of the largest online auctions joined the 'samizdat' network project, and now not only writers will be able to publish and sell their works 'to order', But also musicians and amateur filmmakers.

Bob’s Books -
Site offers digital photographers the ability to create a photobook. Сайт предлагает сегодняшним цифровым фотографам, художникам и дизайнерам возможность создать индивидуально подобранную, красиво представленную фотокнигу.

offers today’s digital photographers, artists and designers the ability to create a personally-customised, beautifully-presented photobook.

A lot of biographies of writers, brief contents and full texts of literary works and hundreds of critical articles.

A lot of biographies of writers, brief contents and full texts of literary works and hundreds of critical articles.


Looks for books and saves in Dropbox.


Book Network.

143 bookstores in St. Petersburg and cities of the North-West region.

You can buy

  1. 200,000 books
  2. gifts and souvenirs,
  3. software and multimedia games,
  4. products for creativity and hobbies,
  5. stationery,
  6. drinks and sweets.
Through the application you can
  • use search and filters to quickly find products of interest,
  • find information about all the shops of the Bookvoed network, which are free pickup points,
  • place an order by choosing a convenient delivery method or pickup,
  • Find the contact information of the company Bookvoed.

  • Clever children's books
    Children's Publishing.

    Children's Publishing.

    Books come out collections, each of them has books and games, united by a common idea. From the books of any collection, each parent can create a set for harmonious development, recreation and entertainment, which is suitable for his child.

    Network of branded stores only in Moscow. The online store delivers orders both in Russia and in the CIS countries.

    In 2018, Clever opened a publishing house in the USA.

    Second-hand bookshop.

  • We find an interesting book
  • Contact the seller on the specified phone, Skype or write him a message from the site
  • Agree with him when and How to get the book
  • The right book for you, the seller is happy, you are happy, money is saved, the forest is saved!


    1. You read the book and you do not need it anymore
    2. Register on ABC
    3. Create an ad, specify your city, Skype and phone, briefly describe the book
    4. Share all the advertisers link to your ad and your profile
    5. You are contacted by a lucky buyer and takes your book from you, the money is received, the place in the apartment is free, the forest is saved!

  • GandicappFreakbook
    4 notes daily. Mentally. Clear. Without fanaticism.

    Bookstores online.

    There are a lot of bookstores on Internet, but perhaps I'll select one that I used more than once, because I found more books here and at reasonable prices.
    I must say that it is profitable to buy at least 3 books for an order.


    Alpina Book
    Publishing House.

    Publishing House.

    New items and bestsellers from the best publishers.

    2000 books on business, psychology, philosophy, history, natural and human sciences, personal effectiveness and education of children.


    1. Paper,
    2. e-books (go out simultaneously with paper books), there are free,
    3. Hybrid Books: Switch from e-book to audio at any time.


    1. Courier delivery in Moscow and Moscow region,
    2. Delivery by mail throughout Russia,
    3. Pickup by m. Belorusskaya (ring),
    4. Boxberry.

    Chain stores.

    Chain stores.

    A new format for bookstores, gifts and mood stores in Russia, distinguished by a verified assortment, modern design and unique atmosphere.

    32 stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg with a wide range of books, stationery, vinyl, art albums of the best European and American publishing houses, products for children, all kinds of gadgets, stylish decor items, bright dishes and amusing food.

    The largest bookselling and second-hand Internet fair.

    The largest bookselling and second-hand Internet fair.

    A store where you can not only buy, but also sell books, magazines or newspapers.

    Remember that this is not a store, but a platform where you buy from independent sellers (as in the market) that are not related to the site administration.

    How it works

    1. find a book, magazine, newspaper,
    2. make an order
    3. familiar with the working conditions of the seller from whom you are making a purchase,
    4. By sending a purchase order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which contains a link to the page with a description of the order,
    5. Wait for the seller to answer, he will contact you directly, after which you can ask him questions. Without an order to contact the seller is impossible.
    If you have registered, the information about you will be automatically sent to the seller.If you have not registered yet, you can try to order and without registration. But in this case, it should be remembered that not all sellers accept orders from anonymous buyers, in addition, some system capabilities will not be available.

    If possible, use the "Ask" button for more information from the seller, for example, about the status of the item being sold or the conditions of sale.

    If the book is not on the site

    If you have not found the book you are interested in or it is not on sale now, you can leave a request for it. To do this, you need to register and log in. Then select "Books" in the menu on the right and "I want to buy" in the menu on the left. Purchase requests are saved for as long as you wish, provided that you visit the site at least once a month and respond to incoming offers.


    Online store of books.

    Online bookstore and a network of modern universal bookstores throughout Russia.

    Fiction, educational literature, professional literature, stationery, products for artists, souvenirs, hobby goods, books for children.

    Online store publishing group Eksmo-Ast.

    Online store publishing group Eksmo-Ast.

    The official online store of publishing houses EKSMO, MYTH, Ventana-Graf, Bust and AST, as well as their imprints Like Book, fanzon, Grand Master, Hourglass, Corpus and ...
    What makes shopping profitable.

    Books of all genres and themes.
    Book format: paper, electronic or on cd-disks.

    Book Depository -
    World's most international online bookstore offering over 19 million books with free delivery worldwide.


    This is not the most famous bookstore, but I put it first because of the convenience of delivery.
    More than 200,000 titles daily and 1,000 new products every week!
    The fact is that a chain of 500 stores in 250 cities of Russia and you will get the book not through mail, but in your store, which is much cheaper. If on other services I paid for shipping more than 200 rubles (which makes ordering less than 3 books not cost-effective), then for the delivery through the store - 10 rubles per book.

    How we work

    1. We go to the site and choose books,
    2. you can register immediately, or you can choose after books,
    3. when you have selected books and registered, we make out an order. When registering, we indicate the form of dispatch: by mail or in the shop.
    4. We receive SMS that the book has come,
    5. go to the store, get and pay.
    And for shipping you pay a minimum of three times cheaper than by mail. If at ordering by mail it is profitable to order at least 3 books, then it is profitable to buy one book at delivery through the store.

    The site itself is decent and understandable. Large selection of books. If the book is not in stock, you will be notified by mail or via SMS. To do this, you do not need to register, you just need to press a button and enter the cell number or email.


    You can call the number 8-800-200-2665 or you can chat with a consultant for free.

    If you cancel the order, it's okay, the book just stays in the store and someone buys it.



    Design from the inside
    Design theory and practice.


    Encyclopedia of Aphorisms


    Encyclopedia of Numbers and Facts

    Encyclopedia of mathematical formulas for designers

    Encyclopedia of optical illusions



    Goodreads -
    Bibliophiles Network.

    Network of book lovers. Here you can find well-known books and learn about new ones. You start your own bookshelf, collect your books, if you want, write reviews about them. It's not difficult, if the book really liked, I want to share it.

    Thus, your preferences are formed and it is easier for you to find friends who understand you.

    You can see what your friends are reading, and they are what you read.

    LibraryThing -
    The community of book lovers.

    Book guide in the world of literature.

    Book guide in the world of literature.

    Non-commercial service of user recommendations and the exchange of publicly accessible literary and other texts that do not pursue profit.

    In order to write a review, registration is required. You can just read it like that.


    1. to offer personal recommendations in various fields of literature, technical and scientific texts;
    2. exchange evaluations of texts and find congenial readers;
    3. public information storage;
    4. Playground for publishing your own works. =

    Registration gives

    1. personal rating of texts and works;
    2. Notify you of updates from the group of your choice;
    3. allow you to postpone on the "shelf" what you would like to read later;
    4. a place to publish your reviews and reviews;
    5. keep a diary and reading history,
    6. will recommend that you might be interested to read more.

    BookCrossing -
    Sharing books is carried out as follows: someone leaves a book in a public place, to have it and read the others and then do the same. BookCrossing - the same process online.

    The exchange of books is as follows: someone leaves a book in a public place so that they can read it and read the others and then do the same. BookCrossing is the same online process.


    book Search
    The search engine of electronic books freely distributed on Internet.

    Google Books -
    Search from Google Books.

    Search for the full text of the books.


    Book search is the same as web search.
    Try searching on the Google Book Search or on the website.
    The results show links to books that match the search criteria.

    Browsing the books on Internet

    If the book is not copyrighted, and with the consent of the publisher, you can use the preview of the book, and in some cases, read all the text.
    If the book is freely available, you can download its PDF version.

    More in detail - quickly

    We have created reference pages for each book, which allows you to quickly find any necessary information: book reviews, links to web pages, maps and much more.


    Buy a book ... or take it to the library

    After finding the book you are interested in, click on the links 'Buy this book' and 'Take a book in the library' to see where you can buy it or take it.

    Where do books come from?

    At present, we provide books to readers in two ways: via Affiliate Program and Library Project.>




    Book stores online.

    The leading store Runet.
    Also, like Amazon, began with the sale of books, now the range has greatly expanded.

    Big number of goods, law price and fast delivery.
    All this puts the shop in first position.


    You can pay for the purchase almost all means of payments in the runet:
    1. cash on delivery,
    2. courier,
    3. cashless payment,
    4. postal order,
    5. bank transfer,
    6. with a plastic card,
    7. WebMoney, ЮMoney,
    8. QIWI terminal.