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Tickets SDA. The best program to prepare for the exam in the traffic police. Pictures are the same and the order of the questions is the same as in the official tickets.
in Addition here are the rules and information.

Category: Transport / SDA

Tags: Auto SDA

Checking cars on the basis of the traffic police on VIN and Number


You are going to buy a car and want to make sure that everything is in order with it.

Enter VIN or License plate and get information:

  • general information and history of the target (make, model, color, year, power, engine size, auto code, av100 equipment),
  • history of ownership (individual / legal entity, period of ownership),
  • accident information (including damage and repair details),
  • Title Check,
  • registration restrictions / arrest / hijacking,
  • Bank deposit / loan / leasing (based on the Federal Notary Chamber, register of mortgage security bonds),
  • the presence of insurance of the MTPL / CASCO policy,
  • taxi use,
  • search for TO maps (inspection) and mileage for wines,
  • recycling and court orders for cars,
  • availability by the automaker.

Category: Transport / SDA

Tags: Auto SDA