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Most popular, rapidly updated rocking.

The analogue of the toll Reget

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Universal Share Downloader

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Program for downloading files. Primarily optimized for downloading (including fully automatic) with the various file-sharing servers of the type rаpidshаrе.catfish, megаuplоad.catfish and other video sites,, RapidShare, Видео That Megaupload, and others.

You need to add the links, press start and it will download everything yourself.
You will not have to remember how many time again you can download from rapidshare how many more links left and in what folder to save it.

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An easy way to send photos, videos, music and documents from your smartphone.

How does it work?

  • Tap the screen to select the files you want to share.
  • Transfer the selected files to your Smash servers.
  • A link is created at the end of the transfer and an offer to share it by mail, SMS, social networks ... with whomever you want.


  • No registration.
  • No restrictions on file size.
  • No compression of your files.
  • Files are available for 7 days.


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