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If you are within 2 months, you pay a fine, you pay only half.
Unfortunately, happiness letter comes to us is not very fast, then you need to go to the bank to pay.
As proposed in a letter form the full amount available, and we have to pay only half. That such complexity.
Not every bank after payment of a hurry to inform the traffic police.
This application promptly informs us of the presence of a fine by SMS, and clicking on the link we can quickly pay for Yandex Money.
Yandex.Money - friendly service, and he knows that we can only pay half immediately and offers it to us (unless we tighten ourselves, then he will offer the full amount).
Member State services can be found on the traffic police fines for our souls as well.
So I made the request after payment of fines on public services (site of the State) and the same day they reported that shraf paid.

Category: Transport / Fines

Tags: Auto SDA

Car accident. Europrotocol


The application helps to ensure recording and transfer of accident data to AIS MTPL for the purpose of the victim's application to the insurance company in the event of a traffic accident without the participation of authorized police officers in cases where the parties to a traffic accident have disagreements about the accident (in this case, the maximum payment of 100 thousand rubles), or when there are no disagreements and the participants form the so-called "unlimited Europrotocol" (detailed conditions at PCA website).
After installing this application on a smartphone or tablet computer equipped with a camera, it is necessary to perform authorization through the "Gosudoslugi" portal (a confirmed account is required). Then you can take photos of vehicles and their damages at the scene of the accident, record the coordinates of the accident site and time of the accident based on the use of signals from global satellite navigation systems or cellular base stations and transfer the received photos with additional information about the accident via the Internet to AIS OSAGO, from which they can be obtained by the insurers to consider the application of the victim for insurance compensation in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Without authorization through the State Services portal, the application provides an opportunity to check the MTPL insurance policy by scanning the QR code, as well as by manually entering the number and series of the policy.

Category: Transport / Fines

Tags: Auto SDA