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Google Workspace -
Paid mail on your domain from Google.

More and more people are registering on Gmail, but where do you get a good name?
On you can get an address of your choice:
So what should we do - should we follow the example of
Google was the first to provide mail in their domain. That is, if you have a website and a domain name, you have the opportunity to get mail on Gmail with your address. For example we can get, etc.
And even for free. Now it's already been shut down and you have to pay to have Google mail on your domain.
But if someone has already started mail on their domain for free, it remains free.

Set up MX records for email

Time to Live
(Время жизни) (TTL*)
Record Type
(Тип записи)
Пусто или @3600MX1ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
Пусто или @3600MX10ALT3.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
Пусто или @3600MX10ALT4.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

Slack -
Corporate messenger.

Online service for internal correspondence within the organization.
It's like private Skype. Closer integration of dialogues with other applications.
Free for an unlimited number of users with multiple disabilities. -
Fast coded message.

Fast coded message. Link with a password.

How it works?

  1. Entering the link,
  2. Entering the password,
  3. Entering the correct answer, you can still the correct answer,
  4. You are given a generated link, which without a password is not o

Cisco Webex Meetings -

This is more a tool for conducting online seminars - webinars.
There is a presenter who can connect or disconnect all of the sound from everyone, leaving only at home, and at the end turn it on to listen to a response or applause.

Very convenient. You can see up to 6 participants. You can turn on your webcam to see the rest of you, or turn off.
You can send a text message to everyone, or someone to one.


The ability to use the presentation. There will be excellent quality even at low Internet speeds.


  • MS PowerPoint,
  • Macromedia Flash,
  • any other formats (video, audio, images, documents).
Allows you to easily solve various tasks:
  • to edit documents together;
  • Translate the actions performed on your computer to other participants (very useful in cases where it is important to show the work of an application or a sequence of actions and result);
  • To discuss separate fragments both in chat mode and with the help of voice functions;
  • Broadcast video and sound.
At any time during the presentation, WebEx allows you to find out who is connected to the presentation at the moment, and the controls allow the organizer to transfer control of the presentation to the one whose active participation is needed at the moment.
In addition, at any time part of the presentation or all of it can be completely recorded as separate snapshots or fragments of video on the hard disk of any of the participants.
Any applications or files can be added to the presentation in order for any participant to be free to participate in the overall work.

Of the minuses, I note pay and not always able to configure a good sound.

Zoom -
Video conferencing platform, popular in the USA (more than 500 000 organizations).

Video conferencing platform, popular in the USA (more than 500 000 organizations).
Keeps in touch with a large number of participants.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • Up to 100 participants.
  • Conference duration: up to 40 minutes.
  • Sharing photos and files from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.Send text, images and audio from mobile and desktop.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording.
  • File sending function: is.
  • Support service.

UberConference -
Conference call.

Conference call.

For most people, audio conferencing starts with the awkward process of searching and entering incoming numbers and pin codes. UberConference rethinks the conference with web and smartphone interfaces, which make it very easy to have a productive meeting.

The application makes it easy to start a conference call.
One-click calls and schedule calls by simply selecting contacts and time.
No PIN code for the organizer.
I know who's on call and who's talking.
Participant controls: mute, hangs.
Watch LinkedIn, Facebook profiles of the contestants.

  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.
  • About 10 participants.
  • Length: up to 45 minutes.
  • Screenshow.
  • Conference recording: audio.
  • No sending files.
  • Support service.
  • No sending files.

FindBigMail -
Here you will be helped to find the biggest letters and you can effectively clean the box.

You are full of Google mail and you do not understand what?
Here you will be helped to find the biggest letters and you can effectively clean the mailbox.

We go to the site, click START. We are invited to use our Google account and we receive a letter with a report to our address.

FreeСonference -
Conference call, there's a free version.

Conference call, there's a free version.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • To 5 participants.
  • Conference duration: up to 12 hours.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording is not supported.
  • Support service is available.

Jitsi -
Internet telephony and chat.

Internet telephony and chat.
The project is executed in Java with open source code.

The program also allows making video calls and provides file transfer. There is a possibility to transfer images from the screen.

  • Platforms: web, Android, iOS.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • The number of participants is limited only by server and line load.
  • Conference recording.
  • Function of sending files: no.
  • Support service.

ezTalks -
Conference communication with exchange of documents, video, audio and ...

Conference communication with exchange of documents, video, audio and ...

  • Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.
  • To 100 participants.
  • Conference duration: up to 40 minutes.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Record conversation locally on device.
  • Send files only on mobile devices.
  • Support service.

Discord -
Free messenger with VoIP and video conferencing support.

Free messenger with VoIP and video conferencing support.

The application can organize voice conferences with channel settings and work on the principle of push-to-talk, create public and private chats to exchange text messages.
The program has a browser version, the difference from the desktop version is that the push-to-talk mode works only if the tab with the application is active in the browser.

When the Streamer mode is enabled, all personal information is hidden, sounds and notifications to the desktop are muted.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • Down to 10 participants.
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording is not supported.
  • File sending function.
  • Support service

Facebook Messenger -
Messaging, voice and video calls, group video chats, voice and video messages.

Messaging, voice and video calls, group video chats, voice and video messages.
Free of charge and without restrictions.

Send messages to your friends on Facebook, wherever they are, without sharing phone numbers in advance.
Chat and exchange voice messages with great sound quality on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, Android, iOS.
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording is not supported.
  • File sending function.
  • Support service: no.

The right to be forgotten.

The right to be forgotten.

How it works

  1. Delete the account on the required site;
  2. if not successful, contact the site owner with a request to delete your account;
  3. if you were ignored or refused, we turn to Roskomnadzor. Log in with a public services account. Roskomnadzor will require you to delete your information;
  4. if the site ignores the requirement of Roskomnadzor, it will be blocked in Russia.

VK WorkMail
Mail on your own domain.

For those who like the mail interface, you can create mail on your domain.

Free up to 5000 mailboxes is created, the size of one box is unlimited.

Domain free

If you do not have a domain, you can get it for free. But ...
But in this case only mail will be on this domain, you can not use it for the website address.
Free of charge it will only be the first year, in the future it will cost 450 rubles. in year. So it's better to buy it yourself and bind it.
You can get it for free and then buy it, it can be done within the first 11 months.

Your domain

If you already have a domain, you can attach it to the mail. In this case, you can use your domain for the site and for mail.

The procedure for creating mail on your domain

  1. Sign up with

  2. Visit

  3. Connect the domain or buy.

  4. Confirm your domain name.

  5. If you have a hosting:

    In the control panel of the site's mail, we change MX records (details):

    • MX record
    • Priority - 10
  6. We are waiting for the settings to work, it will happen within 48 hours exactly (most likely within 1-2 hours).

Mail setup:

Name Subdomain name Record type Data Priority @ MX 10 TXT v=spf1

Configuring MX records - there may be instructions for configuring specific hosting. If your on the list, use. For the rest, use the table above.

Account access
Here you can create new email addresses and it's very important: you can change the password of your users.
You can not look at their mail, but I can change the password.
How many times I've seen people lose their password to their mail, or they cracked it and they were horrified for a long time and persistently tried to restore it. And all accounts are tied to the mail in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc.

In this case, my users just call me and I ask them a new password. Do not hack anything. By the way, people often forget their passwords more often.

Access to mail

Go to and enter your login and password.

Or to the main page
As the login you need to enter the full email. For example,

Setting up mobile mail

Incoming IMAP mail

mail server address -;
secure connection - STARTTLS, SSL or TLS;
port - 143 (if used encryption STARTTLS) and 993 (using SSL/TLS encryption);

Outgoing SMTP mail

mail server address -;
port - 465 (with encryption);

If you do not have a simple description, look at the official help

Free calls from your smartphone and browser.

Free calls from your smartphone and in your browser.

Create a video call and send the participants an invitation link.

  • Create call.
  • Schedule.
  • Free.
  • Participation without registration.
  • Sign in via link.
  • Up to 100 participants.
  • Without installing the app.
  • No time constraints.
  • Screen Show.
  • Integrate with Mail and Calendar.

Create a Call Link

Click Create call", check that you can be heard and seen.

Send the link to your conversation partners

Throw it in a messenger or send it by mail.

Wait for contacts

The call will start when you and your interlocutors click on the link.
Call everyone here and now from your browser or smartphone.

Pushed call

Send the invitation now and call when convenient.

Call from Mail

Organize the conversation directly from the letter without distracting from work.

Call from Calendar

Schedule a call together in Calendar and immediately create an appointment with an invitation link - ideal for recurring meetings.

Any user can create a video call.
Invited participants do not need to register and install additional applications.

Skype for TV -
Skype invited users to communicate sitting on their sofas at home in front of TVs.

Skype invited users to communicate sitting on their sofas at home in front of TV sets, which this year and will try to solve with the help of its partners LG and Panasonic, which in turn will put on HDTV cameras. Most of all pleases in this situation personally I support HD webcams for ordinary computer users.

Hotline -
Hot line within the framework of the project 'Friendly Runet'.

Hot line within the project "Friendly Runet."
Financial support of the resource is carried out by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.


Paltalk -
Video chat.

A global community of video chats created by users.
Do you want to live anonymously in a policy chat room (are you Trump or Biden's team?)?
About sports, lifestyle, health, singing karaoke or just relaxing.
Get rid of boredom, make new friends from around the world.
Make strangers your new friend, safe from your home.

Where and how to find Esperantists?

Koresponda servo -
Koresponda Servo Universala.


Create bots on Telegram -


Classmates -
School, university, army, work - generally classmates.

A social network that connects classmates ... well, you can co-workers and colleagues. This is not for Russia, not only because there is no Russian here, but because we already have our Classmates and everything is there, but ours are not here.

For models, stylists, fashion lovers. News about fashion, a lot of blogs, photos of participants.

Dating for marriage.

Dating for marriage, serious acquaintance.
Paid service. For $5 per month you get a quality tool to find your life partner.
The absence of outside people and unwanted contacts will save your time.
A modern website with a clear design.

  • Register,
  • the system selects the partner for you.

Social network with the ability to search for classmates, co-workers and loving.

Social Network - Dating Club, video, blogs, humor, entertainment, flea market, kiberdisk, blogs and many other interesting topics.

Social network - dating club, video, blogs, humor, entertainment, flea market, cyberdisc, diaries and many other interesting sections.

With friends
Social network.
Dating profiles. The opportunity to participate in a beauty contest, with the rating.

Hey -
Search neighbors interests.

WorldFriends -

World is me -
Network for a comfortable communicating with intense communication and user-friendly controls.

Folkdirect -

Taringa! -

Flirchi -
Social network for active communication.

Social network.

Multifunctional service for communication.

A site about people and their interests, a social network for communication and finding friends.

  • Blogs.
  • Ads.
  • Photos - video.
  • Communities.
  • Classmates.
  • Tags and ...

InterNations -
Targeting international. -
Something like a loudspeaker, in which you can scream all you want, including pictures, videos and messages.

Kiwibox -

Twoo -
Social platform local dating.

Social dating platform.
There is support for the Russian language.

The site takes 6th place among dating sites.

MEETin -
Social network.
Create a page on Internet, to make friends.

Meetup -
Social network.

HR - eychary -
Social network.

Fruhstuckstreff -
Non-political, non-profit, non-religious, without membership in the group organization.

My love
Russian social network of acquaintances. -

Social network.


Automatically forward your Gmail messages to another account -
In Gmail, you can set up automatic forwarding of all or some incoming messages to a different address.

Sending emails with mail Yandex

Setting mail forwarding with

Online service for organizing fast online meetings.

Audio and video conferences by phone or via the Internet (VoIP).
Share your screen with participants, while using audio and video.
You can zoom in and see the details of each discussion - even on the phone.

You can join a meeting, call or video conference instantly from anywhere in the world. Just enter the meeting code and you will be on the same page, even if you are hundreds of miles away.


  1. Chatting with all participants simultaneously or individually
  2. Increase and decrease the overall screen,
  3. See who visits
  4. Meeting lock for added security
  5. Meeting schedule right from the app.


The social network of friends.

People have forgotten how to communicate.

Have you ever had to face an old friend on the street? Did you think that the love of your life can live in the next doorway? And how many times have you or your friends said with surprise: SMALL WORLD! (in Russian MIR TESEN)

Blog to your home

The basic idea of ​​the service is simple: every house now has a blog! Find the house where you live, study or work, and see what the tenants are saying. How to spend a fast and inexpensive Internet, is there a good hairdresser next to it, when will stop switching off hot water - a lot of questions can be solved simply by talking with a neighbor. Blog at home - this is the place where to solve all problems or just have a nice time really easy!

Friends near

You're a big fan of football, but can not you build a team for playing in the yard? Do not know who to ride rollerblades with? All the girls who love jazz as much as you do live on the far end of the earth and there is no way to meet? Now everything will be different. Just go to, point out where you live and what you love - and sooner or later you will be convinced, the world is really TENS!


Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications

Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation