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Soviet filmstrips with voice acting
About 500 filmstrips in YouTube videos with voice acting.

About 500 filmstrips in YouTube videos with voice acting.
And the voice acting is not artisanal, but artistic.
I think it will be interesting to look at those who have never lived in the times of the film-films.

NaturalReader - naturalreaders.com/online/
Text To Speec‪h‬.

An online text-to-speech app using our high-quality, natural-sounding voices.
Over 50 voices in more than 20 languages.
Reads English the most correctly.
Reads only Latin.

There are paid packages, but the free one is enough for the average person.

Voice search Yandex
Yandex allows you to specify a search query by voice.

Yandex allows you to specify a search query by voice.

Just like on Google, Yandex allows you to specify a search query by voice.

You must have a microphone. If you use Skype, then you have one. It's built into almost every webcam.

How does it work

  1. Go to the main Yandex page.
  2. In the form field there will be light gray microphone and keyboard icons. If there is no microphone icon, it means you have no microphone or it is not active.
  3. Press the icon and say the text.
  4. The first time you ask your browser for permission to use a microphone on this site.
  5. Permission granted.
  6. A long pause will be taken as the end of the request. We receive the result of the request.
Unlike Google, on Yandex you can make requests in Russian or English regardless of the keyboard layout. Google will only recognize Russian speech if you have selected the Russian alphabet on your keyboard, or English if you have switched your keyboard to Latin.

Online Speech Recognition - textfromtospeech.com/en/voice-to-tex
Speech Recognition Tool.

Speech Recognition Tool.
You can just dictate the text. We say the program writes.

т.The words DOT, COMMA translate into punctuation marks. The whole text except the very first letter is in lowercase.

Доступные языки

When you select a language, the interface changes to the selected language.

Voice notebook
Voice typing.

We dictate the text by voice, the program translates it into typed text.

Here you can type in the text and save it. Built-in keyboard, HTM tags ...
There are extra features that few people will need, but better than something missing.


There is a choice - to replace punctuation words or not. That is, we say DOT, COMMA and get the punctuation mark or word DOT, COMMA.
After a period, the sentence starts with a capital letter, unlike other services I've tried. However, you can cancel this service as well.

BTVA - behindthevoiceactors.com
Behind The Voice Actors

Behind The Voice Actors is a visual and sound guide for the actors and characters they play in TV shows, movies, video games, short films, commercials and attractions.

The site has existed since 2009, and from the very beginning, it strived to become the ideal universal informational and discussion repertoire for voice actors and their fans.

Each voice actor, character, game, show, and film is accompanied by images, many also with carefully selected and edited audio samples of dubbing.

Vocaroo - vocaroo.com
Record your voice with a click.

Service for sending voice messages across the interwebs.

How it works

  1. Record a voice message using a microphone (usually it is in a webcam),
  2. listen to make sure that everything is written down articulately,
  3. choose the result:
    • just a link that we can send ourselves,
    • download in a format convenient for us (P3, Ogg, FLAC, or WAV),
    • We take a QR code,
    • immediately we send by email.
It's still under development though, so problems may occur.

Voice cards.

Original greetings, which are delivered in the form of a call to a mobile or city phone.

The services of postcards are becoming less and less in demand. But here's something new, fundamentally new.
After all, the main thing in congratulation is freshness and originality.

You can try.
For convenience, there is a calendar with holidays and events.
You can add Background music with special effects or upload your own, but not more than 10MB.

Text To Speech - text-to-speech.imtranslator.net
Toon read our text.

We choose a language, including Russian, a speaker and give the text. A toon is reading it.

Google - google.com/search/about
Voice Search.

Search for Google using Voice Search instead of typing requests.
For many Android phones, for the iPhone and Nokia S60, this feature is included in the Google Mobile App.

Voice search is not available in all languages ​​and Not for all mobile phones.

Previously, voice search for Google Chrome did not work with the Russian, now it works.
You will need a microphone. If you use Skype, then you already have it.
If not, buy a webcam with a built-in microphone.

Dictor Mail.ru
Let's hear the text.

Let's hear the text.
Initially, the service is designed to visually sound news.

How it works

  • Choose an announcer from the offered ones,
  • we can connect the credits,
  • add background music.
We get the video where the announcer reads our news.

However, you can voice any text. You can make news, create an interesting video for presentation or diversify the materials of your article.

You can save any video on your computer or share it on social networks.


Acapela Box - acapela-box.com
The slider to increase or decrease the speed of reading and reading voice.

Choose a language, including Russian and give the text. A slider can increase or decrease the reading speed and timbre of the reader.