Ph4 / USA / Portland

Ph4 / USA / Portland

Lumen Learning (formerly Boundless) -
address: 600 NW 14th Ave, Suite 200, OR 97209
tel.: +1 (971) 808-16-37
Easy to access, affordable, adaptable open learning materials.


Easy to access, affordable, adaptable open learning materials.

GetRichSlowly -
address: PO Box 508, OR 97068
Personal finance tips.


Personal advice on finance.

Befunky -
Editors photos online.


Very professional photo editor.
Everything is convenient and understandable from the very beginning. First of all, when I open the editor, I was asked to choose the Russian language. The truth is not all translated.

There are many required functions and even more.
Immediately surprised that the editor does not just pull up and crop the photo, it works with layers.
I uploaded a photo, it can be dragged by a mouse to resize. I recommend.

GigaPan -
Dozens of cities gigapixel photos, attractions, places, for example. south pole or the bottom of the sea.


Dozens of gigapixel photos of cities, places of interest, places, eg. South Pole or the bottom of the sea.

GigaPan Systems was founded in 2008 as a collaborative project between Carnegie Mellon University and NASA’s Ames Research Center with support from Google.
The original GigaPan robotic hardware and related software were devised for NASA's Mars Spirit and Opportunity Rovers, to capture high-definition panoramas of Mars.
The development team was led by Randy Sargent, a senior systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon West and the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., and Illah Nourbakhsh, associate professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

The project has since grown into an independent company offering solutions for capturing gigapixel images.

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  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • Frankfurt, Germany,
  • Shanghai, China,
  • Pittsburgh, USA,
  • Kachani, Macedonia,
  • South Pole,
  • . ..
You can add links to the photo's places so that you can immediately go there.
Take a snapshot of the viewed area, see the pictures you took.
View the most popular.
The ability to comment. The location from which the survey was taken is indicated on the Google maps.

To participate, of course, registration is required. Design and navigation in my opinion are inconvenient, it would be good to bring it to mind.
Another site informs how to make such pictures, offering to buy equipment. Let not many buy, but the number of pictures will increase.

University of Portland -

Printable Paper -
address: PO Box 19483, OR, 97280-0483
You needed a note-book or in a box ... print it out.


You needed a note-book or in a box, in a strip ...
And maybe you did not need a notebook, but only one sheet.
And maybe they do not already produce or produce from us, or produce, but do not buy.

Good to load, choose and print almost any. You can simply print it.

In addition, it is in PDF format. So you can also impose your text, download and do what is required.

Twuffer -
Twitter in the future.


A simple and intuitive interface.
Tweets are planned for the day ahead with a range per hour, which is not quite convenient.
View the scheduled and sent tweets, as well as their contents.

Registration is not required, we go using the login And password of your Twitter, because the service should be connected to it, so why register something else?

Auto Europe -
address: 43 Northport Drive, 04103
tel.: +1 (888) 223-5555, 1 (207) 842-2000
Large car rental wholesale company, working with approximately 24,000 car rental locations in 180 countries.


Large car rental wholesale company, working with approximately 24,000 car rental locations in 180 countries.

  • Car Hire
  • European Car Leasing
  • Motorhome Rental
  • Luxury Car Hire
  • Travel Industry Awards

The Human Clock -


The exact time, but it is not shown in the form of text, but pictures are shown where this time is present.
This can be a photo with a clock that shows our current time or house number corresponding to our current time.

More than 2080 free website templates.


World Voice -
address: Radio Golos Mira, 223 NE 157th Ave, OR 97230
tel.: +1 (503) 257-21-93
Radio Bible 24 hours.

Radio LIGHT - Portland Christian Radio -
address: 5110 SE Stark St, OR 97215
tel.: +1 (503) 972-1130

LibraryThing -
address: LibraryThing, 286 Spring Street, ME 04102
The community of book lovers.

Voice of the World -
address: Radio Golos Mira, 223 NE 157th Ave, OR 97230
tel.: +1 (712) 775-81-04
Sermons and talks of the MSCE ECB ministers, records of liturgical meetings, conferences, seminars, word analyzes, children's radio programs and reading of Christian literature for adults.