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Russian Olympic Committee
Sports Calendar.

Calendar of sporting events.
On the official website of the Russian Olympic Committee.

Yandex.Calendar -
The calendar.

The advantages of services on Yandex are stylish easy, clear design and integration into other Yandex services - Yandex.Teleprogram and Yandex.Afish.
That is, you can easily add a reminder of a movie or a broadcast, a concert by email or SMS to your m

The Jewish calendar.

The Jewish calendar and Halakhic time.

Choose the month and year (the current one by default) and get the month of the Gregorian calendar with the corresponding dates of the Jewish calendar.

In addition, there is a Halakhic clock, by default for your geographical location. But you can also specify a different geographical location.

When Was I Conceived? -
What was going on in the world when I was Conceived?

What was going on in the world when I was born?

Specify our birthday and get the information:

  • a popular song for that day,
  • what was playing in movie theaters,
  • what famous people were born on that day.

    Programmer's Calendar
    Site allows you to customize the programmer's calendar

    Site allows you to customize the programmer's calendar (such as the picture below), customize the style, select year ... and load in the formats of your choice:

    1. PNG in high resolution,
    2. in vector SVG,
    3. in PDF format.
    Choose the format:
    1. Hexadecimal
    2. Decimal
    3. Nine-league (sim.)
    4. Octal
    5. Trinity (sim.)
    6. Binary

    Time and Date AS -
    Calculation tied to any date.

    Calculation tied to any date.

    Once you need to calculate when the next payment, what day of the week it will be.
    Or in 90 days, which is when?
    The result will be to the minute.

    Perpetual calendar online
    Long-term "eternal" calendar.

    Long-term 'eternal' calendar.

    A set of necessary calendars: industrial, holiday, perennial, Chinese and Oriental, the calendars of the phases of the moon and the signs of the zodiac.

    A calendar and holidays are offered for the current year, but you can choose the nearest past and future years.

    There is a date calculator (how much is left).

    WebCalendar -
    Very powerful web-scheduler: calendar, organizer.

    Very powerful web-scheduler: calendar, organizer.

    Moon phase online calendar
    Calendar moon phases.

    The site itself is not very, it's astrological. But the calendar is intuitive.

    Google Calendar -
    The calendar.

    You can put the schedules of friends and family members next to yours and easily add activities saved in other calendar applications, as well as other interesting events found on Internet.


    • Adding events using the form
    • Importing events from other calendar programs, for example from Yahoo! Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
    • Send invitations - just add its email address to the "Guests" section of this event.
    • Guest replies to email invitations, regardless of whether they use Google Calendar or not.
    • Guest comments - all invited guests can see.
    • Reminders - via email, in pop-up windows or on a mobile phone.
    • Creating multiple calendars - you can create different calendars for different areas of activity and hobbies, for example, create a special calendar for games and football training.
    • Subscribe to other calendars to view your friends calendars and automatically add non-working days.
    • Show or hide calendars or events.
    • Changing the color of calendars
    • You can also change.
    • Settings for public calendar access - give other people access to all calendar information. This function is useful in case a group of people participates in a number of activities, for example, in games and training of the football championship.

    You're getting old! -
    Age, so it called site. Enter your date of birth and get all sorts of statistics.

    We grow old, this is the name of the site. Enter your date of birth and get all kinds of statistics:

    1. how many days,
    2. how many times we breathed in,
    3. how many heartbeats were in our life,
    4. how many moons you lived,
    5. What happened when you were born and what events in the world are according to your age.
    A lot of interesting information.

    The site is in English, but on the video a person used a translator built into the browser.

    Microsoft Live Calendar -
    The calendar.

    A new service from Microsoft, which combines mail, calendar, file storage, MS Messanger, social network ...

    Calendar of events.

    Calendar of events.
    About who was born or died today, and who was born when ...

    Stories of people who changed this world and people who changed themselves.

    News and events that are happening now and that have already happened since 1001.


    Zimbra -
    According to the idea of ​​the authors, the most powerful corporate online organizer of calendar-contacts-mail. Open Source.


    Editorial Calendar -
    Display your posts in the calendar.


    SigFig -
    Adding components to Google Calendar.

    Adding components to Google Calendar.