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The Human Clock - humanclock.com

The exact time, but it is not shown in the form of text, but pictures are shown where this time is present.
This can be a photo with a clock that shows our current time or house number corresponding to our current time.

What Happened In My Birth Year - whathappenedinmybirthyear.com
We set the year of our birth and the site gives out what happened in that year and what the world looked like back then.

Yandex.Calendar - calendar.yandex.com
The calendar.

The advantages of services on Yandex are stylish easy, clear design and integration into other Yandex services - Yandex.Teleprogram and Yandex.Afish.
That is, you can easily add a reminder of a movie or a broadcast, a concert by email or SMS to your m

The Jewish calendar.

The Jewish calendar and Halakhic time.

Choose the month and year (the current one by default) and get the month of the Gregorian calendar with the corresponding dates of the Jewish calendar.

In addition, there is a Halakhic clock, by default for your geographical location. But you can also specify a different geographical location.

Online Alarm Clock - onlineclock.net
All you might need in alarm clock, alots of options.

All you might need in alarm clock, alots of options.

Texts of congratulations.

Texts of congratulations for various holidays and occasions.
Voice cards: with a wedding day!
Mobile cards.

Kukuklok - kukuklok.com
Alarms online.

Perhaps the most visible and beautiful service.
We set the time. Yes it is rather a timer. Then choose the crow, that is, the sound.

Current time online

24 hour scale
www.zachleat.com/Projects/alarmd - 12 hour scale
onlineclock.net - 12 hour scale

Time.is - time.is
Exact time.

The service shows the exact time.
Shows the error of our system clock.
The most interesting is that it shows an approximate dissynchronization of your computer clock with international atomic time, also shows the time in 7 million places of the world and compares time in different places.

Additionally, there are a number of nice bonuses: a calendar with the week number and the day's ordinal number, a time reference for sunrises and sunsets for each locality, integration with Google Maps, widgets for third-party sites. There is even a special design for Fully Screen mode in the browser.
And note that the appearance of a new second on the Time.is server occurs just at the beginning of this second.
Some operating systems do not even know how to synchronize computer time with this accuracy.

Perm Territory:

The time that the builders are constantly spread of bars on a city street.

Time that builders constantly spread out of the bars on the city street.
Besides time, you can see morning, evening, day or night.

When Was I Conceived? - whenwasiconceived.com
What was going on in the world when I was Conceived?

What was going on in the world when I was born?

Specify our birthday and get the information:

  • a popular song for that day,
  • what was playing in movie theaters,
  • what famous people were born on that day.

    Programmer's Calendar
    Site allows you to customize the programmer's calendar

    Site allows you to customize the programmer's calendar (such as the picture below), customize the style, select year ... and load in the formats of your choice:

    1. PNG in high resolution,
    2. in vector SVG,
    3. in PDF format.
    Choose the format:
    1. Hexadecimal
    2. Decimal
    3. Nine-league (sim.)
    4. Octal
    5. Trinity (sim.)
    6. Binary

    Time Calculator - grun1.com/utils/timeCalc.html
    Simple and just time calculator.

    WildFlower - wildflower.resn.co.nz
    Texts of congratulations.

    Site congratulations.
    We write from whom and to whom and will be a 3D flower as alive.
    I did not like, we update the page and get another one.

    Time and Date AS - timeanddate.com
    Calculation tied to any date.

    Calculation tied to any date.

    Once you need to calculate when the next payment, what day of the week it will be.
    Or in 90 days, which is when?
    The result will be to the minute.

    24timezones - 24timezones.com/#/map
    Directory of time zones and hours of world time.

    Directory of time zones and hours of world time.
    Exact time for time zones on a map or list. A valid database with a simple interface.

    Simple timer, nothing else.

    Simple timer, nothing else.
    Let's go in and count down, nothing to do.If you need to change the time, just click on the desired time from the list.
    If you don't have the time you need, you can edit the list for yourself.


    At the end of the bell will ring, the sound can be selected from a drop-down list.The sound works through Adobe Flash, so you need to enable for this site.


    The header time counter, so you can go to another site and still follow the countdown.

    Alarm, timer, stopwatch and exact time online.

    Alarm, timer, stopwatch and exact time online.

    All of these can be used on the site or take the code and place it on your site.

    You can pick up a color background. Pretty convenient, simple.
    Just set the time for the timer or time zone for the exact time.

    Time clock, stopwatch, alarm or timer will appear in the title of the site. So we'll see it even when we leave the site.

    Russia Events - rusevents.info
    Information on all holidays and memorable days of Russia.

    Information on all holidays and memorable days of Russia.
    Navigation is simple and convenient: today, tomorrow, coming holidays, calendar (menu).
    There are tags, popular holidays.
    For each holiday there is a description, a story ... and this information is updated.

    Suncalc - suncalc.net
    Time Zones.

    Solar calculator.
    Shows the trajectory of the movement of the sun and the phase of illumination during the day (and a couple of pleasant little things) on the map for the selected place and date.

    Converter dates
    The exact time, date converter.

    Exact time, date converter.
    You can translate time from different calendars (Gregorian, Julian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Maya, Unix time) ...

    Yandex.Time - yandex.com/time
    Informer time on its website.

    An informer of time on his website.

    Time in different cities

    The service helps to keep track of time in four cities at once. By default, this is the city where the user is located, and the three largest exchange capitals - London, New York and Tokyo.
    If desired, the user can choose any city and keep the current time in front of his eyes in the most important places for him.
    Two designs of dials - day and night (the night proceeds from 10 evenings till 6 mornings). In addition to time, the dials show the weather.

    Time difference

    To find the difference in time between two cities, you need to enter their names in the search lines.
    Cyrillic and Latin are acceptable.
    As the name is entered, suitable cities are offered in the drop-down list.
    On it you can move the cursor, the choice is confirmed by the Enter key.

    Holiday Calendar

    Leading website of RuNet on calendars and holidays.

    • International holidays,
    • Professional holidays,
    • Religious holidays,
    • Holidays of countries.

    Perpetual calendar online
    Long-term "eternal" calendar.

    Long-term 'eternal' calendar.

    A set of necessary calendars: industrial, holiday, perennial, Chinese and Oriental, the calendars of the phases of the moon and the signs of the zodiac.

    A calendar and holidays are offered for the current year, but you can choose the nearest past and future years.

    There is a date calculator (how much is left).

    Who was born
    Which famous person was born on this day?

    Which famous person was born on this day?

    We go to the site and get a list with small photos of the most famous people who were born today.

    You can choose the day yourself, you can look at the year.

    Poodwaddle - poodwaddle.com/alarm
    Alarms online.

    A solid site with time and statistics of the world population in real time.
    There is a good alarm clock. Set the time and go straightaway.


    Texts of congratulations.

    Texts of congratulations, scenarios of holidays.
    Named congratulations - poems with your name.

    World Time Buddy - worldtimebuddy.com
    Time zones.

    Tracking time zones.
    For example, by the nature of the work, you need to contact clients or employees from around the world who are in different time zones.
    Here you can get confused and call at an unsuccessful time.
    and this timeline immediately shows whether the time for the call is convenient, the inconvenient time is highlighted in color, very graphically.

    Song on the Day You Were Born - playback.fm/birthday-song
    What was the most popular song at the time you were born?

    What was the most popular song at the time you were born?

    How it works

    1. Specify the month, day, and year you were born,
    2. get a result - what song and by which artist was number one on that day.
    3. here you can listen to it and see it in the YouTube video offered (not all songs are offered).This can also be applied to a wedding day or the date of another interesting event.

    Google - google.com
    Simply enter in the search box 'Time + City' and get time for this city.

    Just enter in the search form "time+city" and get time for this city.

    KeepMeOut - keepmeout.com
    We enter the address of the site and specify the maximum time that we can afford to stay on this site.

    We enter the address of the site and specify the maximum time that we can afford to stay on this site.
    We will tell or say we have come on VK and have not noticed, how has flown by 4 hours. Everything would be fine, only we have many important things to do, for which there is no time left. And what did we do on VK? - Yes, but nothing special, so, time was killed.

    Do not go at all - not the case, but to limit yourself to 1 hour, after which it will work reminded.
    If there's something important, I can always stay, but there's a chance and do something else.

    Another amusing detail, if you ask your relatives to remind you, then we will start to take offense, they will get annoyed, but here I remind myself, there are no offenses. :)

    A number of popular sites. If our there, and enter nothing, just choose.
    The action reminders can be limited to say only weekdays, and on weekends it is possible and to come off.
    You can limit and by the time, say up to 12 restrictions apply, and even if you've spent too much time in the middle of the night, there's nothing to be done, it's still not a time for other things.

    Wakie - wakie.com
    Alarms online.

    A social alarm clock is free.
    Here you can customize the alarm clock for yourself - then at the right time you will be telephoned and wish good morning,

  • act as an alarm clock, ringing and waking up the phone A stranger to you at the appointed time. No one will recognize your phone, they will call through the automatic telephone exchange of the project.
    If no one volunteered to call you? - Then you will be called from the service - the robot will call.

    Do not forget to say THANK YOU when they call you.

  • Moon phase online calendar
    Calendar moon phases.

    The site itself is not very, it's astrological. But the calendar is intuitive.

    Google Calendar - google.com/calendar
    The calendar.

    You can put the schedules of friends and family members next to yours and easily add activities saved in other calendar applications, as well as other interesting events found on Internet.


    • Adding events using the form
    • Importing events from other calendar programs, for example from Yahoo! Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
    • Send invitations - just add its email address to the "Guests" section of this event.
    • Guest replies to email invitations, regardless of whether they use Google Calendar or not.
    • Guest comments - all invited guests can see.
    • Reminders - via email, in pop-up windows or on a mobile phone.
    • Creating multiple calendars - you can create different calendars for different areas of activity and hobbies, for example, create a special calendar for games and football training.
    • Subscribe to other calendars to view your friends calendars and automatically add non-working days.
    • Show or hide calendars or events.
    • Changing the color of calendars
    • You can also change.
    • Settings for public calendar access - give other people access to all calendar information. This function is useful in case a group of people participates in a number of activities, for example, in games and training of the football championship.

    You're getting old! - you.regettingold.com
    Age, so it called site. Enter your date of birth and get all sorts of statistics.

    We grow old, this is the name of the site. Enter your date of birth and get all kinds of statistics:

    1. how many days,
    2. how many times we breathed in,
    3. how many heartbeats were in our life,
    4. how many moons you lived,
    5. What happened when you were born and what events in the world are according to your age.
    A lot of interesting information.

    The site is in English, but on the video a person used a translator built into the browser.

    Microsoft Live Calendar - outlook.live.com/calendar
    The calendar.

    A new service from Microsoft, which combines mail, calendar, file storage, MS Messanger, social network ...

    Mycount - mycount.org/en/?wm=3&inv=5&fid=1

    The seconds counter.
    Sometimes it's just interesting, but how old are I, days, hours, minutes or seconds?
    Set any date and get the result in seconds that continue to run. You can choose minutes, months, years ...
    You can take a reference to us on the selected date.

    Textpad - textpad.surge.sh
    The text editor online.

    Very simple text editor.
    Post text. From the formatting only:

    1. font size,
    2. tab,
    3. line height.

    Research Institute of the nature of time - chronos.msu.ru

    Official site.

    Configurable timer generator.

    Configurable timer generator.
    Set the starting point, time zone, style.
    Choose from the offered and we can change the color, the size of the fragments ...
    We take the code and use it.

    E.gg Timer - e.ggtimer.com
    The name suggests that this site was originally made as an egg timer and that it is in English.

    The name says that this site was originally made as a timer for cooking eggs.
    The site is simple, we set the deadline in English and get a timer for anything.
    You can specify a few seconds, And it can be several years.
    Nothing superfluous, just a timer, a timer for everything.

    Calendar of events.

    Calendar of events.
    About who was born or died today, and who was born when ...

    Stories of people who changed this world and people who changed themselves.

    News and events that are happening now and that have already happened since 1001.


    SigFig - sigfig.com
    Adding components to Google Calendar.

    Adding components to Google Calendar.


    Every Time Zone - everytimezone.com
    A less intricate view of the world of time zones.
    Time all the time zones on one page, you can move the scale and see the correspondence.

    A less intricate view of the world of time zones.
    Time all the time zones on one page, you can move the scale and see the correspondence.


    Exact Time Service