The length of the measure

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The length of the measure

Also do not need an accurate measurement, everyone has a finger, palm, elbow. The finger is an obsolete word meaning "finger", the palm is equal to the 4th finger (not the thickness of the palm), the elbow was measured to the end of the hand, and the span is the maximum grip with the fingers (the distance between the thumb and the little finger protruding).

Calculator measures

finger (1) 6 seed 2,01 cm
unit (6) 4 fingers 8,05 cm
span (6) 3 units 24,19 cm
ell (255) 6 units 48,4 cm
fathom (2) 6 ells 1,85 m
reed (10) 2,9 m
royal ell 52,35 cm
* Red color indicates approximately how many times this word is used in the Bible.


distance between arms outstretched

  185 cm  

It occurs only once in the Bible.

Act 27:28 And, having measured the depth, we found 20 sazhen (37 meters); Then, after a small spacing, having measured again, we found 15 sazhen (28 meters).

Here, in fact, the depth is not so important, but the fact that the bottom was not only reachable, but also the depth rapidly declined. Keyword: "AT SMALL DISTANCE".

We do not meet more in the Bible.


from the elbow to the fingertips

אמה ama - thumb. 48.4 cm 6 units

This measure of length is much more common in the Bible than all the others combined, so it's nice to know that it's a little less than half a meter. 10 cubits - a little less than 5 meters, and we have an idea. If you want to know for sure, take a calculator and count, but in most cases it is not necessary.


Maximum finger grip

זרת zeret - little finger; span (measure of length). 24 cm 3 units

This measure of length is found in the Old Testament.