Ancient economy

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Ancient economy

 a daya year
Vicegerent of Asia and Africa 700250 000
procurator 40-20015-75 000
general 41460
officer 2730
soldier 1365
sailor 0,5-0,7182-255
living standard of the family 1/3 Drachmas


Roman army Ration
850 g of wheat, fat and salt, sometimes meat and vegetables.<

Daily fee

1 denarius

The Bible indicates this payment. But this is payment for one-time services, seasonal work, because the payment was above average.
Not every day the mercenaries found work. For example, in the parable of the workers in the vineyard (Mt 20:1-16)
Jesus paid the same and those who worked in the morning, and those who worked only the last hour. For that the first murmured.
Jesus paid everyone a full price.

The fact is that usually people came to the market and stood there waiting to be hired. Carpenters came with their tools, etc. It was not always possible to find a job. But in this situation, those people did not disperse when the work day was almost over. Jesus rewarded them for their perseverance. Also perhaps the reason for their zeal was a great need and Jesus rewarded them.