Finance weight measures

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Finance weight measures


גרה the ger is a grain of wheat. 0.43 g  

The standard of our metric system is the meter. It is based on all our meters, liters and kilograms. How to find the standard of jewelry weight in the absence of electronics today? How to accurately weigh the diamond? - in carats. Carat is translated as a grain (carob grain). The standard of the weight of Israel is a ger (wheat grain). We have a standard - the meridian somewhere in France, which no one has seen. In Israel every mistress always has a standard at hand.


Israeli currency

שקל shekel - weight. שקל jackal - hanging (silver). 8.6 g 20 ger

This measure was applied when high-precision calculations ("as in a pharmacy", "as in a bank") were needed: it was used in the recipe for the sacred world (Exo 30:23-25 ​​) and as a currency. And this accuracy is guaranteed by the weight of 20 wheat grains. Shekel was the basic monetary unit of Israel, mine and talent were not coins, but a weight unit. Polshekel, 1/3 shekel, 1/4 shekel and the hero were exchangeable coins. That is, the shekel from Israel was like a ruble with us.


coin purse

הנמ mana - part, share, count; from the word coin.
MONETA - lat. Expert Advisor.
in the OT 600 g
In the NC 430 g
100 denarius

This is not a coin, but a weight, a later coin purse, something like a bundle of money.

Lk 19:12-26 The parable of the mines.

When we find out what the mine means (after all, Jesus uses a specific amount for this parable, and not money at all), we will understand the very spirit of the parable. Mina=100 denarii, that is, the salary for 100 working days. That is, for 4 month. So, the gentleman gave a round sum of money and called it small (in small you were true). He called the great power over people. That is, it is impossible to be a good businessman and unable to get along with people. The master chose his servants, who will be baptized about his people.


maximum human load

5007 ταλαντον - scales.
ככר Kehar - talent, area, circle, valley.
in the OT 36 kg
In the NC 26 kg
60 min

It's a salary for ~ 24 year. On what the family could live life.

The maximum amount a person could make at a time. This is a salary of ~ 24 years. On what a person could live life and maintain a family.

2Kin 5 Healing of Naaman.

10 talents - this is 10 times more than there is a family's need for life, that is, it's not just a simple existence but a good life. Plus gold shekels. Usual 6000 shekels would have made up 2 talents, while the gold ones were twice heavier and the gold shekel was 25 ordinary. That is, the amount of gold was equal to 50 talents of silver. So, here we are talking about a sum that exceeds the necessary minimum for life 60 times! That is, 20 denarii per day. This is 5 times the salary of the general.

What Geezia received (2 talents of silver) provided him with a good life. But Elisha said that now is not the time to take. Why? Because in the next chapter (2Kin 6:25) the donkey head cost 80 shekels or a salary for 160 working days (6 and a half months of work), and 250 g of pigeon litter for heating cost 5 shekels or 10 days Work, that is ~ 2 working weeks. Who could pay such crazy money? At this time, Geesias lower their state. And in the next chapter there was a time to take.

2Kin 7:9 And Hazael went to meet him (Elisha), and took a gift in his hand and all the best in Damascus, how many can carry 40 camels ...

What Naaman brought was only two donkeys. That brought Hazael, carried 40 (!!!) camels. Naaman brought only 10 clothes changes, that is, a bazaar tent, and a scanty one, Hazael is the whole oriental bazaar of the best in Damascus. Unable to count, we could not compare, and so and did not understand what it means to "take time?".


currency of Rome, fee to a day-laborer

DENARIUS - lat. denarius, letters in each of 10 asses, from deni - 10. Hence our money. 4.55 g 10 Assets

The denarius was equal to the drachma or half-shekel and was the wages of the day-laborer.


Greek currency

1406 δραχμη - a handful. 4.36 g daily fee

The subsistence level of the family was 1/3 of the drachma per day.
The Greek coin was equal to the denarius. The most common coin in Greece was didrahm (2 drachmas).



4715 στατηρ - installed weight 4.36 g 4 drachmas

The most common coin in Greece.